Monday , January 16 2017

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[MWC 2014] Sony unveil their new Xperia Z2 flagship

The Sony Xperia Z2 has just been unveiled by Kunimasa Suzuki, the CEO and President of Sony Mobile Communications. The new bigger brother to the Xperia Z1 doesn’t have a large hardware improvement over its predecessor, although there are a few noticeable differences to refresh our thoughts on what a …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo specs leak

Late last year we mentioned that Samsung have been rumoured to be working on a lower-powered follow-up to the Galaxy Note 3. According to the leaked specifications at the time, the Note 3 Lite (now known as the Note 3 Neo), would be the lower powered brother to the Galaxy …

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Oppo teases Find 7 on social media

Back in June we posted on a rumour that the Oppo Find 7 would possibly arrive sometime in September. It’s now December and we haven’t seen definite proof detailing the final specs of the Find 7 , although recently Oppo have hinted that the device is still coming and will …

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VSCO Cam is now available for Android

VSCO ended months of speculation today with its release of the Android version of its VSCO Cam photography app in Google Play. If you’re like me, you may not know a lot about photography but would like to enhance your everyday photos a bit. VSCO Cam is a simple enough …

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