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Samsung Galaxy K (Galaxy S5 Zoom) pictured

The Galaxy S5 Zoom is now being called the Samsung Galaxy K, or at least it will be when it launches on the 29th of April at an event in Singapore. The phone-camera or camera-phone whichever way you look at it, has appeared in leaks in the past, but it's been shown off again overnight. Unfortunately there's no rear shots, but that zoom lens is going to be the main focus of interest for most people. As you can see it looks pretty well designed, with the Zoom fairly prominent and bulging out the front of the... Continue reading

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 adds three more games if you pay above the average

Launched a week ago, the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 was already good value, but today you can get even more for your money with three more games being added to the list. But they're premium so you're going to have to pay above the average price to get them. At this stage you can still grab all nine games from the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 for under US$6, with the average price still at just US$5.23. The games added today are Paper Monsters, R-Type, and Enviro-Bear 2010. As usual, your money is split between the Humble Bundle website, the... Continue reading

The LG G3 is getting leaky – UI and more specs leaked

The upcoming, unannounced LG G3 is getting leakier by the day. There's been two leaks regarding the LG G3 overnight, the first of which shows off the new LG UI and the second is from a User Agent Profile (UAProf) for a version of the LG G3 destined for US Carrier Sprint. The Leaked UI screenshots shows off a very welcome change to what has been described as a very 'cartoony' looking interface. The new design direction that LG appears to have adopted with the LG G3 is flatter and very much in line with where software UI design has... Continue reading

Google shows off a new dialler app design with updated coloured action bar

Google is consistently working on updating their core Android apps, that's a fact, they're also constantly testing those apps by giving them to staff to 'Dogfood' them before going public, and it's this process that slipped someone in Google's social media teams mind this morning when they showed off a new dialler app with an updated coloured action bar. Nothing earth shattering here, but it shows the way that Google may be going with their design. The design has up till now been fairly drab with the grey theme. Google IO is only a short time away and... Continue reading

Google adding merged conversation and SMS view and Homescreen Widget to Hangouts in latest update

Since the integration of SMS into Google Hangouts, there has been some confusion with the conversation history with people in your feeds. Now Google is attempting to fix that in the latest update to their unified messaging client with their latest update rolling out to Hangouts users over the next week. The merged conversation view will integrate SMS messages into your current stream with SMS messages showing up as a white message, while Hangouts messages will be a coloured with a green hue. You'll be able to control whether you send a message as an SMS or a traditional Hangouts... Continue reading

Take the Vodafone network for a spin when you buy a $2 SIM card from Coles

It's been a pretty dark time for Vodafone over the last few years, the network lost a steady stream of customers over consecutive years, over frustrations experienced with their network coverage. But after investing Billions of dollars over the last four years into their existing 3G and burgeoning 4G network, Vodafones outlook is looking a lot rosier. The outflow of customers appears to be stemmed, and they can proudly claim over 1 million customers are now enjoying the fastest 4G network in Australia. Now Vodafone is looking to invite some of their former customers back to the network... Continue reading

Nexus 8 rumours persist with latest speculation pointing to a HTC built tablet

Rumours surrounding a HTC built Nexus 8 being released this year in place of a third generation Nexus 7 are continuing to mount, with Digitimes reporting that Google has approached the Taiwanese manufacturer to build an 8" tablet to be released in the coming months. The report suggests that HTC, rather than Asus will be making the tablet, as Google looks to revamp the design of the tablet. Google was apparently looking to involve HTC in the development of the original Nexus 7 tablet, but HTC was too mired in their own efforts to promote their flagging smartphone business... Continue reading

Big W adds the water and dust resistant Aspera R3 to their unlocked phone range

Big W has added the Aspera R3 smartphone to their range of unlocked phones available to purchase outright. What makes this phone different from other lower end offerings? It's got an IP67 certification, making it ideal for those of you looking for a budget smartphone capable of taking those little knocks that happen in life. While it's not going to win awards for speed with its 1GHz processor backed with a mere 512MB RAM, the Aspera R3 offers an affordable phone which includes IP67 certification. But it's a pretty funky looking phone, despite its lower specs, with an industrial look,... Continue reading

New update for Glass adds SMS function for iPhone and Agenda view for all

Google Glass has seen a lot of activity recently, just last week Google resumed updates for their most prominent wearable, and they extended the opportunity to purchase it to anyone within the US, now just a mere week later, they're again updating Glass, this time giving iPhone users SMS and adding a calendar agenda view for all Glass users. iPhone using Glass owners have up till now been hamstrung by a lack of SMS on their glass, but now will be able to start receiving texts on their Glass display. Unfortunately due to limitations on iOS they... Continue reading

Asus C200 and C300 Chromebook specs and pricing leaked

Asus has entered the ChromeOS market with a series of Chromeboxes, but a pair of Chromebooks, with model numbers C200 and C300 will soon be entering the market and now their specs and pricing has apparently been leaked. Both the C200 and C300 will run on the Intel Bay Trail based Dual-Core Celeron N2830 CPU clocked at 2.16GHz, but will come with different specs other than that. The C300 will apparently appear in the US this month, while the C200 is due out in May. We've already seen the C200 in a leak earlier this month but according to... Continue reading

Rumour: MediaTek based sub-US$100 Nexus phone being worked on

It's that time of year, now is generally when rumours surrounding the next Nexus smartphone, which is generally released every year in October/November each year, start heating up. This years rumour has already seen a hint that LG will be tipped to make the Nexus phone for the third year in a row, but now a new rumour out of China is saying that Google is looking to bring a sub-US$100 Nexus phone to market. While the Nexus line of phones is considered cheap, while still including fairly high-end hardware, apparently Google is going to look at a completely budget... Continue reading

HTC One (M8) — Review

Is the HTC One (M8) your new Mate? HTC has a long and proud history in the mobile industry. From their early years as an ODM (original design manufacturer) making phones and mobile devices to be branded as HP and Palm, HTC have grown through leaps and bounds to their current standing as one of the leaders in design and mobile innovation. There’s been some trying financial times of late, and last years HTC One was described as their last ditch effort to save the company. But that wasn’t the case. The One wasn't as successful as... Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Gameloft swings into Google Play

With the Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting cinemas in Australia yesterday, the movie tie-in game from Gameloft has also made an appearance. Swinging into Google Play at $5.49, Gameloft has also included a few In-App Purchases as well - Spidey needs new outfits. When not fighting henchmen or major villains such as Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro, and more in the game, you'll be swinging through a digitally rendered New York City, interacting with other Marvel characters like Black Cat and Screwball. While not all the villains and characters listed make an appearance in the movie, Gameloft are quick to... Continue reading