Saturday , June 24 2017

Google Hangouts gets its own home on the web

In another post on Google Plus this morning, and hot off the heels of another recent Hangout related announcement,  Googler Jordanna Chord announced that the Hangouts team “were launching another way to use Google Hangouts”. In addition to the Hangouts interface for mobile, tablets, Chrome and within Google + you …

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M is for Marshmallow

The next version of Android, Android 6.0 has been officially announced by Google today as Marshmallow. The announcement came along with the final developer preview for Marshmallow as well as an update to the official SDK for Android Developers. You can be sure that we will be installing the new Developer …

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Stagefright: Two weeks later

It’s been a little over two weeks since Android’s Stagefright vulnerability came to light. In that time, a number of OEMs have announced or released patches for some of their devices. Zimperium Mobile Security, the company behind the original discovery of the problem released, and then updated, an app to tell …

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