James recently graduated law in Melbourne, and decided to run away to London to avoid getting a real job. In between long walks on the beach and eating by candlelight, he enjoys boring people with rants about technology. He has been interested in Android since he bought an HTC Magic back in 2010.

He can often be found surrounded by broken gadgets; his catch phrase is ‘this should not have been removed’.

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Sense 6 ported to Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is easily one of the most moddable mobile devices out there. Everything can be unlocked with minimal fuss, and there are more custom ROMs than you could count. Most of the ROMs that are available though, are based off AOSP or one of its derivatives. OEM-specific ROMs are usually pretty-well locked to the handsets made by that OEM. For example, you don't see Touchwiz ROMs for HTC phones, or vice-versa. It's interesting then to see this morning that some enterprising developer has managed to get a Sense 6 ROM up-and-running on a Nexus 5.... Continue reading

New Android gaming console, Equiso Play, launches on Kickstarter

Ouya kicked off the Android-based game console space in 2012 with their Tegra 3-powered disappointment factory, and since that time a number of other entrants, including NVidia and Mad Catz, have tried to compete for a slice of a market that frankly, I'm not sure exists. That's not stopping Equiso from throwing themselves into the ring though with their two consoles that have just shown up on Kickstarter. The Equiso Play is the base model and features Android 4.4 running on the following hardware: 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex A9 r-4 CPU 8-core Mali 450 GPU, clocked at 600MHz 2 USB... Continue reading

PSA: If your HTC One (2013) takes photos like this, it might be a hardware fault

After all the leaks leading up to this morning's launch event, the all new HTC One is finally here officially. Considering the effort HTC have put into the new One's camera, I think we're all a little eager to see how well it performs. Last year's One was lauded for its stellar low-light performance, but if you are like me, the low-light performance of the One's camera seemed to get steadily worse over time until the point where it... Continue reading

New ‘Australian Made’ category appears in Play Store

This morning, I noticed that the Play Store had a new featured category-'Australian Made', which showcases some of the cool apps made right here in Australia. As you'd expect, it features some of our own favourite local developers, such as Shifty Jelly (Pocket Casts, Pocket Weather) and Chris Lacey (Action Launcher, Link Bubble), as well as some applications for local sports teams and media outlets. It's great that Google are taking this step to promote Australian developers. There... Continue reading

Update: Telstra, too! Optus and Vodafone to roll out Kit Kat update to HTC One in mid-March

Anyone looking at buying an All New One, will likely consider how HTC handles updates for older phones. Historically, the short answer is 'not well'. Owners of the HTC One X likely still feel the pain of being told that 4.2.2 was the last version of Android the 2012 flagship would ever receive. HTC have committed to at least two years of updates with 2013's phones though, but although Ones throughout the... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] HTC ‘Power to Give’ lets you use your phone’s idle CPU time for good

Distributed computing projects are nothing new, but so far none have leveraged the ubiquity of the modern smartphone. During their press conference at MWC this morning, HTC announced the 'Power to Give' programme, which will initially target unused CPU cycles on the latest HTC phones, but will eventually expand to all Android devices. Distributed computing projects involve breaking large calculations or analytical processes down into small pieces, which are each performed on separate devices, reducing the need to rely on expensive supercomputers. Participants will download some software to their computer, which when not in active use, starts crunching... Continue reading

HTC takes on Samsung in snarky tweet, look foolish

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 5 at Mobile World Congress earlier this morning, and HTC's social media team immediately took to Twitter to cash in on the buzz for Samsung's new device with the (admittedly pretty funny) image above. Nokia pulled a similar trick last year when Apple announced the iPhone 5c, which gave us all a few laughs, but it definitely paid off for them. Nokia's 'Thanks, Apple' tweet amassed a whopping 40,000 retweets and was lauded as one of the... Continue reading

HTC to launch new One on March 25

HTC have announced that they will hold press events on 25 March in London and New York for the release of their 2014 flagship. Obviously, we don't have any solid facts about the new One, or M8, but what we do have are a lot of rumours. Leaks show that the One 2 will be basically a beefed-up One, with the following specs - 5-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution, offering a pixel density of 440ppi Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3GHz Adreno 330 GPU 2GB RAM 16GB on-board storage Android 4.4 (KitKat) If what we've seen so far is true, the One 2 will share... Continue reading

Telstra reportedly in talks to bring Chromecast to Australia

Google's super-cheap media streaming dongle, the Chromecast, has been incredibly popular in the United States, but it has yet to be officially sold anywhere else. In the UK, retailer Curry's has announced that they'll be selling the Chromecast as of March 1, and even though you can get it in Australia, it's a bit of a hassle. Business Spectator are reporting that Telstra - who are no stranger to new technologies, and who actually have a multimedia ecosystem of their own - are in talks with Google to bring Chromecast to Australia. The Chromecast sells for... Continue reading

HTC M8 alleged to have on-screen navigation keys

We're starting to get a few leaks about HTC's upcoming successor to their 2013 flagship, which at this stage is only known by its internal name, the M8. One of the more interesting points is that the M8 would have no capacitive buttons, and notorious tech leakster @evleaks has backed up this rumour in a tweet this morning. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/427783956495609856 One of the few criticisms that we had of the HTC One was the odd-button layout, and that HTC persisted in using capacitive buttons, which added to the already large bezel size of the device. If @evleaks'... Continue reading

Paranoid Android and AOKP release first Kit Kat builds

As a big Christmas present to the custom ROMmers out there, Paranoid Android and AOKP have released their first Kit Kat builds for supported devices. Neither ROM has all the features we've grown to love just yet, but they are still very much at early stages yet. Paranoid Android doesn't have the Hybrid Engine, HALO, or PIE just yet, but they are expected to be added in shortly down the track. Devices currently supported are Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), Nexus 10, and Galaxy Nexus. The Oppo Find 5 and N1 will be... Continue reading

Google updates ‘Beautiful Design’ Play Store collection for winter 2013

There are a (finally) a lot of very pretty Android applications available in the Play Store now, and Google are doing their part to promote good design by creating a collection to showcase a few apps that they feel exemplify good design. The 'Beautiful Design' collection on the Play Store was published earlier this year, and Google have gone ahead and released an updated version for Christmas. The Android Developers Blog states that the goal of the collection is to highlight beautiful apps with masterfully crafted design details such as beautiful presentation of photos, crisp and meaningful layout and typography,... Continue reading

Beautiful Android # 6

Welcome to the November edition of our Beautiful Android series, in which we highlight some of the most beautiful and useful applications available for the Android platform. As you'll see below, Android has truly come a long way since Google began its focus on design with Ice Cream Sandwich, and these days, it seems like more applications are making use of the Android Design Guidelines than not. Below are five applications that we feel exemplify the three overarching goals of Android design - enchant me, simplify my life and make me amazing. As always, you can see... Continue reading