Saturday , May 7 2016

Home security for less than $1.00 per day.

Cammy Wireless Camera Offer

How would you like to watch over your home, family, pets and possessions at any time from anywhere, right from your Android device? Cammy lets you do this, and it's easy to set up. Sign up today, and receive a FREE Wi-Fi camera on your new subscription.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Review


The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s third iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series, which started with a phone that, on release, was considered “niche” because of its supersized dimensions and S Pen stylus input. That initial ambivalence has given way to acceptance and excitement around the device’s now annual …

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Download: Hangouts with SMS Integration

In the first of what is likely to be many ‘unofficial’ app updates today, the Hangouts with SMS integration APK has been pulled from the Nexus 5 factory image and made available. You can download the APK from here and install directly, just make sure you have ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled …

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra — Review


Sony‘s Xperia Z Ultra is an impressive phone – in physical size, style and technical specifications. On paper the phone looks fantastic and has probably attracted the interest of anyone who likes a large phone. But how big is too big? People scoffed at the Galaxy Note when it was …

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European Galaxy Note 3 locked to European SIM cards

Popular online UK phone retailers Clove and Handtec are reporting some unusual and surprising news this morning – Galaxy Note 3 phones purchased in Europe are only compatible with European sim cards. The European version is the same one that will be sold here in Australia and many other locations …

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