Matt has been around since the earliest days of Ausdroid, and in May 2011, we welcomed him on board as our newest staff author.

Matt is keen on Android (obviously), and has been since the days of the HTC Hero. Elsewhere on the web, Matt’s a section moderator on the popular Whirlpool forums, and he’s very interested in the modding side of Android.

Current Phone: Galaxy Nexus
Current Tablet: Nexus 7

Matt has posted 49 articles and reviews on Ausdroid.

Twitter: @mcbooth


Samsung Galaxy Gear — Review

How does Samsung's smart watch stack up? The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first entry into the smart watch, or "wearables", market. It joins the Pebble and Sony's Sony’s Smartwatch 2 in what seems to be a developing market. It's arguable whether there is a need for this new generation of wearable technology - there is in fact no real ‘need’ for a watch at all these days, so a "smart" watch which tells the time and performs a few other functions really is a product that's trying to find a market. The Galaxy Gear isn't an... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Review

Is Samsung's third entry in the series still one to take Note of? The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s third iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series, which started with a phone that, on release, was considered "niche" because of its supersized dimensions and S Pen stylus input. That initial ambivalence has given way to acceptance and excitement around the device's now annual revision cycle, after the "niche" device went on to sell over 38 million units over two releases. Updates to the Galaxy Note series are now met with as much anticipation as... Continue reading

Download: Hangouts with SMS Integration

In the first of what is likely to be many 'unofficial' app updates today, the Hangouts with SMS integration APK has been pulled from the Nexus 5 factory image and made available. You can download the APK from here and install directly, just make sure you have 'Unknown Sources' enabled in your phone settings. A few of us have been trying the new APK out, and while it works, and the SMS/MMS integration is definitely there, there are a few things, however, that aren't. Video calls don't appear to work in this build (tested between HTC One... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z Ultra — Review

Sony's 6.4" phablet dwarfs the competition, but is bigger really better? Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is an impressive phone - in physical size, style and technical specifications. On paper the phone looks fantastic and has probably attracted the interest of anyone who likes a large phone. But how big is too big? People scoffed at the Galaxy Note when it was released, but it spawned one of Samsung's - and the industry as a whole's - most popular line of phones. Can the Xperia Z Ultra help Sony pull off the same trick? When I first laid eyes... Continue reading

Ausdroid attends the Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra launch

Earlier this evening Jason and I attended the Sony Mobile event in Sydney and spent some hands-on time with some of Sony's new smartphones and accessories. On show were the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Smartwatch 2, the QX10 lens-camera plus other accessories and gadgets. The Xperia Z1 is intended to 'create' media with its 1/2.3-inch lens camera and the Z Ultra to 'consume' media with its gorgeous 6.44" display. As we reported previously the Xperia Z1 will be available from Optus, Virgin and Telstra while the Xperia Z Ultra will be available through Optus only. Aside... Continue reading

Galaxy Note 3 sim restriction – Asia and Australia stock

Earlier today we confirmed that Galaxy Note 3 stock sourced from Europe and the Americas are only able to be used with a sim card from their respective regions. While this does limit our options for purchasing a grey import, the greatest impact for Australian users will be if Asia Pacific handsets are subject to the same regional sim card restrictions, forcing owners to pay expensive global roaming rates when traveling to other regions rather than a cheaper local sim. The Note 3 is not released in Australia until 3 October so we were unable to confirm... Continue reading

European Galaxy Note 3 locked to European SIM cards

Popular online UK phone retailers Clove and Handtec are reporting some unusual and surprising news this morning - Galaxy Note 3 phones purchased in Europe are only compatible with European sim cards. The European version is the same one that will be sold here in Australia and many other locations around the world, the SM-N9005 with Snapdragon 800. For Europeans it means that they will be unable to use local sim cards when traveling outside of Europe making mobile use much more expensive, and for us here in Australia it removes the option of importing the phone... Continue reading

Kogan Mobile increasing their prices

Earlier this year we reviewed Kogan Mobile and found it to be reasonably good value for money. That becomes a little less so from the 1st of August, as Kogan Mobile plan to implement a price increase, the new pricing table can be found here. The 2GB per 30 days data only plan will see a price increase of 50% from $9.99 per month up to $14.99 per month. Access 30 is increasing by 34% to $39 per month, Access 90 by 25% to $99 and the Access 365 by 10% to $329. You can take advantage... Continue reading

How to use Foxtel Go on any device, even if you’re rooted

After a few false starts the Foxtel Go app was released today for Android; but sadly not for all Android devices - only for 2 Samsung devices (Galaxy S III and Note II), and only if they're not rooted. Lucky for you we've consolidated information from a number of sources which will have you watching Foxtel Go on any Android device, rooted or not. It is worth noting that you still need a Foxtel or Austar subscription, this guide just allows you to use Foxtel Go on any Android device even if you're rooted. What you will need:... Continue reading

Is this the Sony Xperia Togari?

A picture of what could be the rumoured Sony Xperia Togari (or L4) has shown up on French Blog Nokia Day. The picture was originally posted to show the Nokia Lumia 1030, but Xperia Blog noticed it has also uncovered a large Sony device similar to the Xperia Z but with a different camera placement and what appears to be a larger screen. The Sony Xperia Togari will be Sony's answer to the Galaxy Note range, with a rumoured 6.4" display, Snapdragon 600 or 800 CPU, 13 megapixel camera using an Exymor RS sensor, as well... Continue reading

App Review: Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security promises a lot on the packet; so many features that it concerned me how it could achieve this without impacting system performance and battery life. The Lite version of Norton Mobile Security is free and packs a decent set of features. The Pro version will set you back a $29.99 annual subscription for some additional features. The subscription can be shared across multiple Android phones and tablets,which goes some way to justifying the cost. To be honest, I've never seen the need for anti-virus/malware apps on Android, however, malware on Android does receive some... Continue reading

Telstra’s Note II 4G available from Boxing Day

When Samsung launched the Note II 4G in Australia on 14 November many people were disappointed that Telstra delayed their launch until 'early 2013'. Perhaps in response to the negative feedback they received on their blog, Telstra today announced that they were able to 'accelerate development' and the Note II 4G will be available from Telstra stores commencing Boxing Day (26 December). The Note II 4G has been available from grey importers for a while now, and from Optus and Vodafone for the past few weeks, but many people have been holding out to pick one up... Continue reading

Sony Mobile announce Australian release of Xperia TX

Sony Mobile today announced the release of the Xperia TX - the official smartphone of the James Bond movie Skyfall - from 28 November. The Xperia TX will be available on Vodafone's $50 plan and outright from Sony Centres for $629. The Xperia TX is a quad-band HSPA phone (no LTE) with a 4.6" 720p display, 16GB onboard memory with microSD slot, 1.5GHz Dual Core Krait processor, 13MP camera and launches with Android 4.0 (ICS). Not exactly a flagship device, but well-priced and will gain some great publicity through its association with the new Bond film. Continue reading