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Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet available in Australia from April 29, starting at $599

Here's some news to excite people that are looking for a high-end 10" tablet: Sony's Xperia Z2 Tablet is now available for pre-order in Australia and set to be released on April 29. We've known the specs of Sony's new tablet for a while, and the manuals leaked online in late March, but it's taken until today's press release to get pricing and availability. With the Z2 Tablet hitting our shelves now, hopefully Sony's Z2 phone won't be far behind. The Z2 Tablet will be available in 3 SKUs - Sony's standard 16/32GB Wi-fi models,... Continue reading

Office Online available in the Chrome Web Store

It was just shy of 2 weeks ago when we posted that Microsoft made Office Mobile free for all to use(so long as you're not on an Android tablet), and it appears now that Microsoft are targeting Google Apps in their own playground; The Chrome Web Store. Microsoft have added Word Online, Excel Online, One Note Online (a worthy competitor to the very popular Evernote) and Powerpoint Online to the Chrome Web Store. While some users may query the function for this when Office Online as a suite of web apps already works... Continue reading

Samsung anti-theft, exclusive to US Cellular and Verizon

Samsung have introduced two new anti-theft features for the US Cellular and Verizon versions of their latest flagship the Galaxy S5. The features follow in a long line of security apps including Cerberus Anti-Theft and Google's own Android Device Manager. Find my mobile touts the ability to locate a lost or stolen device or remotely lock it, rendering the device useless to potential profiteering thieves. The other new feature is known as reactivation lock which; as the name suggests, prevents anyone but the owner from resetting the device. Of course, someone will find a way around these features but... Continue reading

Facebook to remove messaging from its app, forcing users to install Messenger

While it's only very small scale at this point in time, some Facebook users in Europe have begun receiving notifications that they'll no longer be able to use in-app messaging. The only real alternative is to install the Facebook Messenger app to maintain that messaging capability with Facebook contacts. It's another step for Facebook to show that they are pushing forward with their messaging platform after forking out a whopping US$19 billion for WhatsApp. For some users this may be a blessing in disguise, for others it's just another reason to use Google+ more. Regardless of what you... Continue reading

OK Google, Where did I leave my car?

In the slow march to add new features to Google Now, we've recently seen changes which will allow us to be reminded what bills are due and when. In an APK teardown published at Android Police, it looks as if we may have another function just around the corner -- one to allow Google Now to remember where you parked your car. This isn't just a hopeful guess at what Google may be working on; they've found evidence in the APK showing that there's already code in place to handle this function, possibly already gathering data to help... Continue reading

Samsung continues mocking iPad in their latest ad

In late March Samsung began an advertising campaign for their new Galaxy Tab Pro series of tablets that, while amusing, took a very obvious swipe at all of their competitors. The latest in this series is another swipe directly at the Apple iPad. This time around, Samsung shows off the simple yet extremely useful function of separate logins and profiles for multiple users on a single device. Is this type of advertising clever, amusing or just plain juvenile? Share your thoughts with us. Continue reading

30 Seconds to change your attitude about texting while driving

Personally I know I've harped on it before, but it's something that is quite near to my heart as an emergency services worker. I've been to too many fatal crashes, a significant percentage of which are caused by inattentive driving. Whether that be mobile phone related or not, some distractions in your vehicle can be controlled like having the self restraint to either pull over when you get a message or wait until you arrive at your destination before checking it; The results can be catastrophic if you don't. Will advertising like this hit the target market hard... Continue reading

Google offer refuge to XP users

Samsung Chromebook 2 - 13.3" Luminous Titan Gray They're small, they're light, they've got great battery life and now (when people realise that their PC/Laptop is no longer supported by any security updates) they've got nearly 30% of the desktop PC market open to conquer. April 8th marked the final day of commercial support for Windows XP; no more security updates, no more support from Microsoft for odd things that happen with your PC and generally no more peace of mind that you, your data or your kids are safe online. In an Enterprise Blog Post,... Continue reading

The Walking Dead, now on Play Store

The Walking Dead is one of the more popular shows on television at the moment. The post apocalyptic series follows the lives of a small number of survivors in a world where most of the population have become "walkers". Zombies! Like many popular shows that have come before it, The Walking Dead has made its way to game media and now it's available on mobile platform. Beware this is no lightweight download, you're looking at about 1.1GB download for the initial install and additional files for the game. The other catch is... Continue reading

Unlock your HTC One (M8) in moments with S Off from Firewater

This will come as a surprise to no one... HTC lock their devices to prevent users who don't know what they're doing from messing with the system and doing silly things that could lead to bricked devices. On an HTC device, there's two kinds of lock these days. First is the locked bootloader. In a nutshell, this ensures that the phone only boots a signed version of the operating system. Unlocking the bootloader is widely considered necessary to obtain root access, and is definitely required to load up a custom recovery. For many, an unlocked bootloader is all that's... Continue reading

Rumour: HTC M8 Ace

Blurrycam strikes again! The team over at evleaks have their hands on another image of a potential new device coming from HTC, the M8 Ace. Pretty much nothing is known about this device other than the blurry render you see in the tweet below. What do you think the Ace will be, share your theory with us Continue reading

HTC Marketing the One (M8)

It looks like HTC are starting to understand the market. You don't just need to have a great product, you need to market your great product for it to sell well. Enter Iron Man Robert Downey Jr! The video below doesn't tell you heaps about the HTC One M8, but it's clear that Robert loves it and it's got some awards to be extremely proud of at MWC, Best Design and Best Build. It's one of those videos that will lay the seed for more (lets hope) to come from a marketing standpoint from HTC. Is... Continue reading

Good Deal: Moto G $238 at Officeworks

The Moto G is a great phone, in fact; in our review Chris said that if he didn't have a Nexus 5 it's the phone he'd buy. A pretty solid wrap from someone who is quite firm in his standpoint on what a phone should and should not be. It's a very good phone for sub $300, but for $238 which is the current price outright for the Moto G at Officeworks; it's a steal. If you're looking for a new phone and can't afford a flagship, or you're looking to get your Mum a new smartphone... Continue reading