Wednesday , April 26 2017

Is Huawei Manufacturing the 2015 Nexus 7?

In the past years Google has shared around the manufacturing of the Nexus devices with nearly all major OEMs. Now with Chinese manufacturers starting to release decent high end Android phones 2015 could be the year that Google teams with a Chinese manufacturer for one of its Nexus devices. Yesterday …

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Review: Tenergy USB Adaptive Fast Charger

By now we all know that the Nexus 6 shipped in Australia minus the turbo charger that accompanied it elsewhere in the world. We were told by Motorola that it would be delivered to customers mid Q1, 2015, ie. last week. A couple of weeks ago those purchasing a Nexus …

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OnePlus Introduces OxygenOS

After the very public stoush between Cyanogen Inc and OnePlus and given rumours that Microsoft was considering investing in Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus yesterday announced that they will be introducing their own OS on February 12th. According to OnePlus the new OS, OxygenOS, will be “free from any bloatware or unnecessary …

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