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The Future Of Motorola

When Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google earlier this year there was some scepticism about what would happen to Motorola's line of Android devices. Anyone who has seen a Moto G or a Moto X knows that Motorola have a close to pure stock Android experience. The UI is stock Android in its design but Motorola have added some excellent features to it without ruining the user experience (*cough TouchWiz*). Today Motorola VP of software, Punit Soni, took to a Google Hangout to answer questions from Joe Public regarding Motorola and their vision for the future. Punit stated that Motorola... Continue reading

The OnePlus One Lives

With about 90 minutes still left on the countdown clock on the OnePlus landing page the announcement of one of the most hyped phones in a long long time was presented to the world. And barely a ripple was caused. The hype surrounding this phone was built up over the past few months saying that they had managed to put a 5.5" screen into a 5" body, it would fit underneath a Sony Xperia Z1, it would sport the best specs available, and it would be a stunningly beautiful device. The countdown on the landing... Continue reading

The OnePlus One and Why It Needs to Succeed — Opinion

In case you have had your head buried in the sand for the past couple of months there will be a phone officially announced by a new startup company at 6pm today (AEST). The level of interest in this phone, the OnePlus One, is unprecedented considering the company has never produced a device of any sort before and very few people have seen the actual phone. There have been leaks galore, but the only leaks that seem anywhere close to real are those that have been carefully released by OnePlus itself. OnePlus is a company started by Pete... Continue reading

LG Shows Off Their Smartwatch in Champagne Gold

When Google launched Android Wear, their initial launch partners were Motorola - who managed to corner most of the press with their circular Moto 360 - and LG, who showed off a not very visible 'G Watch' in a render. LG has since been playing catch-up. We got a slightly better look at the watch thanks to their Facebook page and Pocket-Lint got an even closer look last month and today via their Facebook page LG have shown off the LG/Google designed smartwatch, based on Google Now information, in a champagne white colour. Apparently due to... Continue reading

OnePlus One Photos Leaked- Fake?

The OnePlus One leaks are coming fast and strong in the last few days. Some have been perpetuated by OnePlus with them announcing things such as the invite system for purchasing and some are just plain leaks/rumours. The recent ones I am going to place in both baskets. Overnight there have a been leaks of both apparent press images of the phone as well as images of the back plates that are meant to be coming. The back covers I am going to call real from OnePlus but the press images I am going to call fake. The StyleSwap... Continue reading

OnePlus Does A Willy Wonka

I know that I have already written one piece today on the OnePlus One but I thought I would further disappoint everyone just a little bit more. First it was the lack of availability to Australia but for those who really want this phone that was a mere speed bump in the road to geek heaven (a new tech toy). All we would do is logon to the OnePlus website and buy it, ship it to the US mail forwarder and all is good right? Unfortunately not. OnePlus early on said that they will have a... Continue reading

OnePlus One Countdown Starts

OnePlus have been slowly teasing us with leaks and hints of the upcoming release of their first phone, the OnePlus One. Finally it seems that they have told us all they are going to before release and have started the countdown to the release date. Just hours after announcing Canada and the USA as the final two release countries OnePlus changed the landing page of OnePlus website to show a countdown which demonstrates that the OnePlus will be announced on Wednesday 23rd April at 4pm AEST. They then proceeded to post on their forums (how they do... Continue reading

Review: Not Just Another Car Dock Charger

One of the best things about modern phones in my opinion is the wireless charging via the Qi standard. The ability to easily just place a phone onto a pad and have it charge and then be able to pick it up quickly without being constrained by an attached USB cable or having to disconnect this cable before using the phone is an amazing convenience. Slowly there have been more and more Chinese suppliers coming out with Qi chargers suitable for charging our devices. Way back at the beginning of December last year I reviewed a Car Dock... Continue reading

LG G3 Specs and UI leaked

LG are set to join the party of flagship releases in 2014. So far we have seen the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. The LG 2014 sequel to their 2013 G2, is rumoured to be announced on May 17 and while we have seen a few rumours regarding its specs the details are few and far between, with the main one being that it totes a QHD display of 2560×1440 resolution. In the past few days we have seen some more details surface. MyLGPhones have unearthed... Continue reading

One Plus One Photo Samples Leak and More

Here at Ausdroid we have been covering the leaks by startup company OnePlus regarding their upcoming release of their first ever phone offering, the OnePlus One. Each day it seems that OnePlus are leaking tidbits about the phone, usually using official social media channels. Today what appears to be samples of photos taken by the OnePlus One with its 13MP camera toting a Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens sensor have leaked, unofficially. The photos appear to have excellent colour reproduction and the macro and depth of field photos are also excellent. While the photos are compressed so it is... Continue reading

Possible list of Android 4.4.3 changes leaked

As Android enthusiasts, we often start wondering what changes will arrive in the next version of the OS once the current version is released. While Android 4.4.2 has been around for a while, a number of bugs remain, leaving us to wonder when the next version would arrive and hoping it would fix each little annoyance. Now, it seems that the release of Android 4.4.3 is imminent. The folks at the Chromium bug tracker noticed a build KTU83. Decoding this as per other Android build numbers reveals that the K represents KtiKat, the T Testing, and the... Continue reading

OnePlus One Slowly Materialising

For those who follow the Android developer community the name Cyanogenmod would be well known. Most likely you would have also heard about how Cyanogen himself, Steve Kondik has turned a hobby into a business by incorporating Cyanogenmod, creating Cyanogen Inc. Cyanogen Inc. is a team of developers (former hackers from the developer community) who make custom software version of Android (ROMs) for manufacturers. Late last year they teamed up with Oppo to produce a ROM for the Oppo N1. Around that time the VP of Oppo, Peter Lau, left Oppo to start his... Continue reading

OnePlus Hits Out

The new company of Pete Lau, former Oppo VP, and new home of Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus has started its campaign for its upcoming phone. The first offering from OnePlus, the OnePlus One, which is due to arrive in the next few months, promises to be an enthusiasts phone, built by enthusiasts just for enthusiasts. OnePlus seem to have taken the route of promotion by attempting to ridicule the opposition. This may seem a bit of a stretch at this point considering they haven't offered up anything themselves. On the other hand the fact... Continue reading