HoldMyPhone — Accessory Review

There's a plethora of mobile accessories out there nowadays. As you'd expect with an industry as huge as mobile telecommunications, the accessories range from the cheap and nasty, to "budget concious", high quality, impact protection, style/professionalism to the completely ridiculous! You've also got to contend with branches of accessories for devices, not getting accessories if you purchase a device that's too "budget concious" to start with as well as the potential of getting caught out with some poor customer experiences. The increased awareness of mobile technologies by authorities is making it increasingly risky to use your device while driving, but... Continue reading

OnePlus announces their next big thing – StyleSwap Covers

In the world of Never Settle, we're seeing a lot of new things, but so far that's all been about specs, but design is also important and OnePlus has their eye on that side of things as well announcing that they'll be releasing StyleSwap Covers to fit the OnePlus One and they'll be available in a variety of materials. The OnePlus will have a non-removeable back, but the covers will slip right on the device and OnePlus want you to use them to personalise your phone while giving you the chance to protect it if you need to. The StyleSwap... Continue reading

Google adds Nexus Charging Accessory and Nexus 7 Case to Google Play

All the Nexus Accessories!! Google has updated the Devices section of Google Play this morning with more accessories for their line of Nexus devices. The two new additions include a 'Nexus Charging Accessory' (read: Charger) and the Nexus 7 Case. The Nexus 7 Case is a stylish looking flip cover, the new case is a much more quality case than the travel cover that was released initially. The new Nexus 7 cover is also an update on the 'Premium Case' which Asus sell online in their Australian Accessory store. With its foldable cover, the Nexus 7 cover can act... Continue reading

Flip cover for the All New One shown off on Twitter

The All New HTC One. We've seen it in Silver, Black and of course Gold and we've even seen what's supposed to be an official Bumper case for it but that could only be the first case, with @EvLeaks releasing a pic of yet another case, this time what appears to be a flip cover. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/442320196418539520 As you can see the design appears to use a dot pattern, which could effectively be a partially active e-ink display, showing you relevant information like weather, time and even basic notifications without actually waking your device. An interesting concept. Also from the... Continue reading

Google Glass team forgoes monthly updates, focuses for bigger changes like Kit Kat

If you're a Glass explorer or have been following the development of the Glass platform then you may have noticed a lack of updates for the platform since the XE12 update rolled out back in December. While the lack of advancement hasn't hurt the platform, there was a promise from the Glass team for monthly updates when Glass launched and the team has taken to Google Glass Forum to address the lack of updates. Essentially the Google Glass Team have decided to scrap its monthly update - for now at least - to focus on a fairly large update. The... Continue reading

Chromecast: State of Play

The road to general availability of Google's Chromecast has been long and bumpy, but we've seen a promising sign this week with the release of the SDK and now rumours pointing towards an international release. A History Lesson Google's first attempt at TV, the 2010 Google TV, was based around Android and paired with wildly complicated remote control units to better deal with translating the touchscreen OS to a non-touch "big screen" (your TV). It hit roadblocks almost immediately, with a number of content providers blocking users of the devices from accessing their content. The platform didn't... Continue reading

Tracking your valuables with TinyFinder — Accessory Review

Much of the evolution of Bluetooth devices in recent years can be traced to the BLE standard ("Bluetooth Low Energy"). Where before your it was fine for your phone to connect to a headset to make/receive calls, these days your device must now be capable of connecting to your fitness tracker, keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones and home automation systems. TinyFinder, a small tracking device available from Expansys in a twin pack or a four-pack, adds another responsibility to this already impressive slate - your device is also now responsible for tracking your stuff, and perhaps even telling you... Continue reading

Alldock smashes it’s Kickstarter Goal

The Alldock - a somewhat ambitious Kickstarter project we reported about at the end of December - is a device aimed at a relatively low percentage of the Geeky population which will allow all of your mobile devices to be charged in 1 place has not only beaten but smashed it's Kickstarter goal of US $40,000.00. The Kickstarter campaing has been finalised with the project ending with it reaching nearly 250% of their goal, the final tally; US$97,479.00 From these results, it seems that there's a lot of people out there with a lot of messy cabling they would like... Continue reading

Pebble Steel smartwatch starts shipping from the US today

The team behind the Pebble Smartwatch which launched to much fanfare made a bit of noise before CES 2014, and as it happens they announced a premium upgrade to their line of smartwatches, with the advent of the Pebble Steel. Available in matte black and brushed stainless steel, the new variety of Pebble Smartwatch certainly has a premium feel to it, and has the price-tag to match. While the original, plastic-body Pebble remains available for $150 USD, the newer version is $249 USD, including free shipping (or express shipping available for a small amount extra). The Pebble Steel is... Continue reading

Screen Protector, Travel and Premium cases for Nexus 7(2013) now available from Asus

The Nexus 7(2013) is a fantastic tablet, and finding official accessories for the device is always great, we've seen the official folio case and the neoprene sleeve made available through Google Play but it looks like Asus Australia themselves are now selling accessories for the tablet - offering the Travel Case as well as a more Premuim case as well as a screen protector through the accessory store on their Australian website. Nexus 7 (2013) Travel Cover Last year, the original Nexus 7 only saw rubberised travel case released for the Nexus 7 and this year they've once again... Continue reading

Samsung appears to have started blocking some third party accessories

A couple of months ago, we heard rumours that Samsung was pondering a plan to block third party accessories from some of its devices, like cases, chargers, car kits and the like, especially where those accessories mimicked functionality offered by Samsung-branded accessories. It seems that these rumours might be a step closer to reality today, with reports that the Android 4.4.2 update for the popular Galaxy Note 3 handset is blocking third-party S-View cases from functioning. The Spigen S-View case (pictured above) lacks the small identification chip of the official S-View case from Samsung, and thus while it still... Continue reading

Samsung launches ArtCover service in Australia – and we’ve got two to give away!

Samsung this week opened ArtCover in Australia, a service that allows you to create custom back covers for your Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Note 3 handsets from your own artwork (or someone else's, if you're so inclined). Be sure to read to the end of the article for your chance to win an ArtCover! The service appears to be a collaboration between the Korean giant and Singapore-based iPortal Asia, which explains the apparant soft-launch of the service in the latter throes of 2013 around south-east Asia. The ArtCover website allows... Continue reading

Get 25% off selected Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 accessories

For those of you who've previously told us that you thought Nexus accessories from the Play Store were a little bit too expensive, two things: firstly, we agree. Second, a range of Nexus accessories are now on sale at 25% off on the Play Store, and these deals are available here in Australia too. The following products are on sale: Nexus 7 Sleeve: $26.20 Nexus 7 2013 Folio / Bumper: $41.20 Nexus 5 Bumper: $29.95 Nexus 5 QuickCover: $41.20 You can find all the discounted accessories on the Play Store Device Accessories page. Will you be buying any at this discounted price? Continue reading