CES 2014 — ZTE announces a Hotspot that is also a 1080P Android Powered Projector

ZTE yesterday announced a new 4G/LTE Hotspot (WiFi device) that is also an Android powered full HD 1080p projector that also packs a 4" screen onto it. The "Projector Hotspot" — which ZTE is calling the device — can connect up to eight users at anytime, and while being able to access 4G/LTE services it also projects up to 120-inch images and video from a variety of convenient inputs. The full list of specs include: 4.0” Capacitive touch 800x480 WVGA Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n HDMI Port Bluetooth 5000mAh battery Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ZTE is touting the device as the "world’s first all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and portable projector." Mr.... Continue reading

CES 2014 – Sony cradle incorporates your smartphone into their in-car entertainment systems

Sony debuted a new cradle at CES that allows your phone to be incorporated into their in-car entertainment systems. The XSP-N1BT is a cradle / double DIN receiver for your smartphone, allowing you to control your in-car entertainment experience with a touchscreen interface. Bluetooth connectivity means you have full control over the functions of your head unit, including the source (USB, CD, Aux input or radio), Volume, Balance and Equalizer settings. As with many of Sony's recent mobile products, it's nice to see that they're not practicing ecosystem lock-in - the cradle will work with Sony's own,... Continue reading

FitBit now supports 17 popular Android devices

As you may well be aware, a few of us at Ausdroid (and indeed, many of you, too) are users of FitBit devices, and until fairly recently, you'd have noticed what we have: support for the fitness tracker is kind of limited in Android (at least, officially). Initially compatible with a very limited range, primarily of Samsung devices, the fitness tracker is now compatible with many more. Back in December, FitBit added compatibility for a range of semi-common devices, including some Motorola handsets at most of the Nexus range. However, there were some notable exceptions, which FitBit has... Continue reading

CES 2014 — LG announces Heart Rate Monitor Earphones

Following on from their announcement this afternoon of their entry into the fitness gadget market with the LG Lifeband Touch LG continued this morning at their CES 2014 event by re-confirming the Lifeband and introducing a companion device the Heart Rate Monitor earphones. This device is designed to work in conjunction with the Lifeband Touch, displaying your heartrate on the Lifeband via bluetooth; but it can also send the information to your smartphone. The Heart Rate Monitor Earphones feature PerformTek® sensor technology and measures the blood flow from the external part of the ear called the auricle. This allows... Continue reading

CES 2014 — Belkin adds smart lightbulbs and a crockpot to WeMo family

Look, we'll come out and say it — if controlling your crockpot via your smartphone from wherever you happen to be was on your to-do list for 2014, you needn't wait anymore. Belkin, makers of the WeMo family of remotely controlled light switches, power points and the like, have announced new products at CES 2014, a WeMo-powered crock-pot / slow cooker, WeMo LED lightbulbs, and a DIY kit to add WeMo controls to anything. I, for one, love a good slow-cooked meal, and anyone who shares this passion will know just how nerve wracking it can be... Continue reading

CES 2014 — LG announces Lifeband Touch fitness tracker

It's tough competition at the top, and LG doesn't want to be left behind. While it's probably not in any danger of actually being left behind, it's important to try and keep up anyway, and LG is doing just this with its announcement of the Lifeband Touch fitness tracker. As you can see adorning the wrists of the two lovely ladies above, the water resistant Lifeband Touch keeps track of calories burned during daily activities, steps you've walked and other fitness stats. An OLED touchscreen display acts as a watch and shows the wearer notifications, as well as allowing... Continue reading

Check out LifeLink – the world’s thinnest ultra-portable cable

Battery life is definitely one of the biggest issues facing mobile devices at this time, with most requiring a top-up charge at some stage during the day, but how do you achieve this? Lug around your charger, carry a microUSB cable? The team at PlusUs seem to think their LifeLink ultra-portable charging cable could solve this conundrum. PlusUs is a team of three Australians from Perth, who have pooled their experience to create what they feel is a durable and convenient way to charge any mobile device. The LifeLink is at its heart a charging cable, it's compatible with most... Continue reading

Kickstarter: Alldock – charge all your toys in once place

The Alldock is a new kickstarter project that's designed to allow you to charge multiple devices at once. There's several slots that can mount your tablet, phones, iPod and the All-Dock will be compatible with the most common standard connectors like Lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB, etc. All of which can be attached to the 4x or 6xUSB hub in the All-Dock. Promising "blazingly fast" charging with a 2400mA output on the USB ports most smart phones or tablets will be charged to greater than 80% in less than 1 hour connected to the charging dock. Cosmetically you've got several... Continue reading

Galaxy Note 3: Wireless Charging S-View Cover

Making news all over Android circles over the Christmas break is the Samsung official Wireless Charging S-View Cover for the Galaxy Note 3. I don't know of anyone who has gone back from wireless charging to a wired option by choice, the convenience of wireless is truly wonderful. Once you've had it wireless is a must have accessory for any new phone. So the hugely popular S-View covers from Samsung with the addition of Wireless Charging to the Galaxy Note 3 version will only add further hype to their accessory sales, except for 1 fairly... Continue reading

i-Blason Nexus 5 Battery Case available from Amazon

If the battery life in the Nexus 5 isn't quite what you were after then this battery case from i-Blason may be just the thing you're after. The case adds a 2,500mAh external battery built into a slim slider designed case, which gives full access to all the ports and also includes a kickstand. The external battery will output 5V/500mA and is equivalent to at least a full charge for the 2,300 mAH battery included inside the Nexus 5. The battery case comes with 4 indicator LEDs which will show the drops in power in 25% increments. The case is... Continue reading

Geeky Christmas Giveaway: Winners Announced

Merry Christmas everyone! As promised, we've conducted the draw for our Geeky Christmas competition, and it's time to bring you the results, and what better day to do it than Christmas day! We'd like to thank the team at Gadgets 4 Geeks for the awesome giveaways and discount they offer the Ausdroid Community. Head on over to Gadgets 4 Geeks to pick up your mobile accessories. Now, without further ado, here are the winners of our Geek Christmas Giveaway: 1st Prize: Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Nexus 7 (2013) Congratulations -... Continue reading

Fitbit App now supports selected Nexus and Motorola devices

Fitbit has just announced to it's Beta tester group that the App available through the Google Play store is now supporting Sync support for selected Nexus and Motorola devices. The v1.8.4 of the Fitbit App from Google Play will support Sync on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 v2 as well as the Moto X - all US Variants - as well as the Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR handsets (RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR HD MAXX) providing they have received the November 2013 firmware update which resolves BLE support. They have also advised that the Verizon Droid... Continue reading

IndieGoGO introduces the Telltale Scoop

The wearable technology market is growing rapidly, with the Pebble leading the way from other technology such as the Galaxy Gear and soon to come to retail launch; Google Glass But what about those of us who often work in dangerous environments for electronics? Water, dust and high risk of impact to smart watches and other wearable technology makes it risky to take your toys out and about. What about those who don’t necessarily want to see text messages on their watch? A new IndieGoGo project by Australian distributor and wholesaler, PC Range addresses a... Continue reading