VSCO Cam update brings UI tweaks and enables ability to import larger images and more

VSCO Cam has pushed out an update for their app today, which has brought not only minor UI tweaks, but other added features as well. Once the update goes through to your device, you can finally import larger images for editing. Also as part of the update, VSCO's privacy and location settings received updates, allowing for photos to be tagged at places (just like with Instagram) the photo was taken at. The development team at VSCO said that the app also received a few performance enhancements which should help boost the app’s processing speeds. Here is the full rundown of changes... Continue reading

Google Drive update brings new 1×1 Quick Scan widget

Google has released an update to the Google Drive app for Android which brings some small improvements, but a cool new shortcut to its document scanning function. Google Drive 1.2.536.27 has been pushed out to the Play Store overnight and should be hitting your device soon, and while it includes the obligatory bug-fixes, it also includes an update for animated GIF support, and a shortcut which you can place on your home-screen which directly launches Google Drive's Document Scanner. With the scanner, you can scan a receipt, invoice, or whatever you like and instantly upload it to Google Drive to deal... Continue reading

Path update finally brings video sharing

Path, the journal app which is intended to be a more personal social network has finally brought video sharing capabilities to Android users. While iOS users have been able to use this part of the service for around three years, Path has brought the feature in the latest update to the Path app (version 3.4) in the Google Play Store. Users can record up to 30 second movies, apply a range of filters and share to their private timeline alongside text, photo, location and other updates. While we may look upon the update with some scorn because of the 3... Continue reading

Koush adding Chromecast support back into AllCast after release of SDK

Well known developer Koush, who made one of the first media streamers for local content for the Chromecast, famously had to remove the functionality after Google changed their Beta SDK back in the early days of the software release. At the time it appeared that Koush was done with Chromecast, but with the release of the SDK this morning it appears that it could be back into his media streaming App - Allcast. In a Google+ post earlier, Koush advised he was approached by John Affaki, Engineering Manager - Chromecast at Google who advised that he should be able... Continue reading

Pebble announces App store for Android Beta

If you're jealously looking on at the iOS users all accessing the new Pebble App Store today, Pebble has just announced that if you're willing to update to the Developer track on your Android then you too can partake in the App store goodness. https://twitter.com/PebbleDev/status/430509568305532928 The steps to updating are pretty simple : Head over to the Pebble Devloper site. Sign in and go to the latest blog post announcement and download the new App and install it to your Android. (This does require side-loading so make sure you have ticked that setting in Security). Download the latest firmware for your Pebble :... Continue reading

Google opens Chromecast SDK up to all developers

Good news this morning if you own a Chromecast, with Google finally opening up the SDK to all developers. This release will finally enable all developers to build Chromecast support for the dongle into their Android iOS and Chrome Apps. While, 10 developers got access to the SDK in early December allowing them to release updates for their Apps, there is still a need for more Apps to increase the popularity of the device. There's also a need to extend availability of the actual hardware, with sales still restricted to the US Google Play store, as well as... Continue reading

Network Ten launch their own Sochi 2014 app for Android and iOS devices

Network Ten have launched their own official Sochi 2014 App, which seems to be taking on Samsung's own app called Samsung WOW (Wireless Olympic Works). Network Ten Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne has stated that: "Our strategy is to bring Network Ten’s content to people anywhere, any time and on any device, and the XXII Olympic Winter Games is no exception." Continuing on, Horne said: “Through our digital platforms, we will be able to offer Australians a viewing and engagement experience like no other. Users will be able to access exclusive and engaging content and watch live coverage on the go, never... Continue reading

Gong Hei Fat Choi; Happy Chinese New Year

A warm happy Chinese new year to all! As we now enter the year of the horse, Google seems to be getting in on the spirit of the lunar new year with a couple of specials on the Google Play Store. Admittedly, some of these offers are a little corny, but some of them may be quite useful. Included in the mix are: Heroes of Order & Chaos Learn Chinese Mandarin English Chinese Dictionary Check out the full collection (there's only six titles) on the Play Store, but importantly, may the new year be prosperous for all.   Continue reading

Google Play Books updated; allows PDF uploads from Android devices

Google's online book service, Google Play Books, has been updated today to allow users of the service to upload their own PDF books to the Google cloud, allowing those books to be accessed on any compatible device. Back in December, Google originally rolled out this feature which allows users to upload EPUB and PDF documents directly from their Android devices, without needing a computer in between. However, just a week later, the PDF ability was removed, leaving only the EPUB format as a direct-from-device option. It seems that at the time, the PDF support was experimental only, and shouldn't have been... Continue reading

Android Device Manager updated with Password prompt

Android Device Manager the Google device security App designed to help you find or wipe a lost Android device has been updated over night to add a new feature which has been a little bit lacking since its introduction - security within the App. Previously when loading Android Device Manager there was very little in the way of security when loading the App, meaning that anyone in possession of your Android Device could track, remotely call or wipe any of the devices associated with your account. But now a new feature adds a password prompt at the launch of the... Continue reading

Google convinces Samsung to drop own App suite and tweaks to Android

The Touchwiz or Nature UX designed software on Samsung's line of devices has been getting demonstrably worse as years go by, departing from the look and feel of stock Android by a large margin and the latest Magazine UX release on the Note and Tab Pro line launched at CES seems to have started talks between Google and Samsung which may lead to the brokering of a deal which will see Samsung to drop its own suite of competing Apps and tweaks to Android, at least according to a report from Re/Code. While the companies have declined to comment, sources... Continue reading

Blackberry looking to bring BBM to Android Gingerbread users in February

Late last year Blackberry brought BBM for Android, albeit late, to devices running Android 4.0 and later, but with around 20% of Android users still running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) left out of the party, Blackberry has decided to let them in as well. Blackberry have announced via their blog that they will be bringing BBM to Android devices running Gingerbread versions 2.3.3 upwards from February, although no date - just like the hugely delayed initial launch of BBM on Android and iOS - was specifically given. The company also announced that they will be moving to an external beta... Continue reading

Developers can now bring Chrome apps to Android, easily

Google has been hard at work on a not-very-secret project which would allow developers of Chrome apps (you know, the ones for Chrome OS and in the Chrome browser on other platforms) to readily bring their apps across to mobile platforms like Android and iOS. This new developer tool, based on Apache Cordova, allows developers to do just this. Google has released the new toolset today, albeit in the form of an early developer preview, which means that developers can get started to bring their apps across and submit them to either the Google Play Store or the Apple... Continue reading