CommBank Tap & Pay not working for many users updating their Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4

Many Samsung Galaxy S4 users of the Commonwealth's CommBank app are facing a problem of the app's Tap & Pay feature, which utilises NFC for touch payments, no longer working after updating their devices to Android 4.4.x. Having personally come in contact (haha, puns) with the issue, I can confirm that regardless of the firmware's region, if you update to Android 4.4.x and have to re-install the app, you are likely to face errors each and every time you try to set up Tap & Pay once again. There are many posts on the Commonwealth Bank's community support... Continue reading

Australian puzzle game puts #cityrail10 on your phone

If you're constantly seeing patterns in numbers around you, then Australian developer Andrew Sario (the maker of IN 5 Browser) has a new puzzle game you might like to try. 10Up has hit the Play store this week, offering you some maths-based distraction on your way to work - and elsewhere. 10Up is based on an informal game often played by public transport users in Sydney (and maybe elsewhere) that asks you to take four digits and find a way to add, subtract, multiply and divide them to end up with a result of 10. Exactly how... Continue reading

Three more games added to the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9

The Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 has expanded overnight, adding three more games to their offer - Shivah, Savant, Syder. The games are only available if you pay above the average, which at the moment sits at US$3.86. This brings the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 up to a total of 9 games. You can pay what you want to receive: Broken Sword 2:The Smoking Mirror, Bridge Constructor, Type:Rider and Ravensword:Shadowlands but if you pay above the average, as well as the three games added this morning, you'll receive: Kingdom Rush and Knights of Pen & Paper +1... Continue reading

YouTube Live Streaming now available to Chromecast

Google is adding more features to YouTube streaming through the Chromecast, with the added ability to stream private videos and also live streams appearing in a newly released update. However it would seem that the users wishing to watch live streaming videos on their Chromecast are only able to initiate the live streaming videos through Chromecast via Chrome for desktop browser, as the YouTube for Android app is still reporting at this stage an incompatibility with live streams. Google have yet to update its support page, which will remove this limitation like it did for private videos and there is... Continue reading

Rdio and Crackle add more content for you to Chromecast

Once the Google Chromecast Developer SDK was finally released for official builds, there has been a pretty constant stream (see what I did there?) of new content that you can play through your Chromecast. Now Rdio, Vudu and Crackle are adding the the ever growing list of content providers with their streaming services. Each of the mentioned services have published updates for their apps (both Android and iOS versions) that now have support for Chromecast streaming. For services that have a web platform, you're able to push content easily to... Continue reading

VLC Beta gets an update

VLC is one of the most popular, open source media players across popular platforms including Windows, Linux as well as Mobile OS'. The Beta for Android has received a UI update that is moving towards the trend in Android design as well as being a very capable network streaming app now (previous versions were choppy and a little unreliable). The developers do note that as this is an early BETA version, a lot of things are not finished, but will change for the final release: The basic User Interface will change again Performance improvements are missing Hardware decoding works only with a... Continue reading

PayPal Here brings new Chip & PIN card reader to Australia

PayPal Australia has launched the next generation of PayPal Here, an app and bluetooth device combination that enables Australian business signed up to PayPal Here to take transactions from Chip & PIN enabled credit and debit cards, wherever their business might take them. The new PayPal Here Chip & PIN card reader wireless connects to any Android or iOS devices through the Bluetooth technology in (basically) all mobile and tablet devices. The reader has been specifically designed for Australia, where chip and PIN has been widely adopted and will soon be mandated across ATMs, cards, and payments terminals. Andrew Rechtman, senior... Continue reading

Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android appears, but it’s in private beta

Google is continuing to push its Chrome browser into new areas, and this week it's started privately testing an Android client for Chrome Remote Desktop (aka "Chromoting"), making good on a promise from nearly a year ago. You can use Chrome Remote Desktop already to connect desktop computers running a Chrome browser with the Chrome extension. The new Android app - currently in invite-only private beta - will allow you to establish connections to these computers from your Android device. Screenshots of the app taken from the beta Play store listing, provided to Droid Life... Continue reading

Google Play gets more social, incorporates My Play Activites and recommendations from friends form Google+

My Play Activities has arrived on the Play Store, it's a one stop shop for you to see all of the items that you've given a +1, review or shared to G+. There's also a new section in the Google Play App on your Android device which sums up all the +1 recommendations from people in your Google+ circles. It looks great and gives you an opportunity to go back over old reviews and revise them, particularly if; like me you're a tad scathing when apps don't work as expected or advertised and a new revision is out that... Continue reading

Facebook updates its Messenger service for Android – lets users pin chats right to their home screen

Facebook has unleashed an update to its Messenger service for Android users which allow users to 'pin' their chats right to their home screen. The update, bringing the app to version 4.0, brings it into line with the recent iOS update pushed out to those users last week. The new Messenger app brings one of biggest new features, enabling users to create groups of their friends and then pin these gatherings to a dedicated Groups tab, making it easier to chat altogether without having multiple chat screens open. However, unlike our iOS counterparts, Android users can now also add a shortcut... Continue reading

Vine now allows users to chat and message friends

Vine — the service for sharing short videos — has announced overnight that it has added a new feature to the service, enabling users to message and chat with friends and followers. The Twitter-owned service has begun the rollout for the new feature, that lets users contact friends through either videos or text messages. The new feature is something that has been a long time coming, however it is very limited given there is no group chat availability. On the flip side, users can send videos to anyone in the users smartphone's contacts, whether or not they are a current... Continue reading

ChatON updated with new languages and functions

Samsung's own answer to Whatsapp, ChatON has been updated and posted to the Google Play Store and the Samsung App Store. Adding a handful of new features, some minor bug fixes and improvements to existing functions; the app is quite useful when your friends are on it. The latest version brings an increase in the size of large files you can transfer to a whopping 1GB, you can now have up to 1001 people in a group chat (that would have to be total chaos?) and a handful of new translation features with the addition of Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and... Continue reading

Google updates Play Newsstand, Movies & TV along with Google Keep apps for Android with new features

Google has begun to push out a updates for Google Play NewsStand, Movies & TV following the update to Google Keep. The updates bring a few new features and minor changes within the each of the apps -- let's take a look. Google Play Newsstand update brings New tabs on the "Read now" menu which provide instant access to sections like business, entertainment and sports, while the My News and My Magazines pages have been combined to form a 2-in-1 destination called My Library. The update has in particular, has... Continue reading