ChatON updated with new languages and functions

Samsung's own answer to Whatsapp, ChatON has been updated and posted to the Google Play Store and the Samsung App Store. Adding a handful of new features, some minor bug fixes and improvements to existing functions; the app is quite useful when your friends are on it. The latest version brings an increase in the size of large files you can transfer to a whopping 1GB, you can now have up to 1001 people in a group chat (that would have to be total chaos?) and a handful of new translation features with the addition of Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and... Continue reading

Google updates Play Newsstand, Movies & TV along with Google Keep apps for Android with new features

Google has begun to push out a updates for Google Play NewsStand, Movies & TV following the update to Google Keep. The updates bring a few new features and minor changes within the each of the apps -- let's take a look. Google Play Newsstand update brings New tabs on the "Read now" menu which provide instant access to sections like business, entertainment and sports, while the My News and My Magazines pages have been combined to form a 2-in-1 destination called My Library. The update has in particular, has... Continue reading

Google Opinion Rewards now available in Australia

If you're willing to fill in a survey or two in exchange for credit in Google Play, then Google Opinion Rewards is for you. The app is now available in Australia, as well as Canada and the UK. It's a fairly simple process, download the App and sign-in using your Google account. You're taken through an initial setup process and sample survey to get you started. Once Google has a survey to send to you, you will receive a notification in your Notification Pane and you simply tap on it to start the process. If you haven't got any surveys to... Continue reading

Blackberry updates its BBM app – Brings new features to users

Blackberry has announced that an upgrade to its BBM messaging service app which brings a whole new raft of features users have been wanting the Canadian company to bring. BlackBerry has launched stickers for its messaging app, similar to what is currently available through some other messaging apps for a while now. The Canadian company is also opening a new BBM Shop where users can pick up a variety of sticker packs (most containing 20-25 icons each) now for $1.99 or less, with more expected to come on a regular basis. The update also brings the ability to share photos... Continue reading

Google testing new Gmail app

It looks like Google are testing a new Gmail app for Android and from what I can tell there are some nice changes heading our way. As with most Google updates these days this one is bringing with it a new user interface which includes a coloured Action Bar as seen on several of Google’s other apps including the recently updated Google Keep. It’s not just about the interface though with a few useful features added into the mix as well. There are a few new tabs including Travel, Purchases... Continue reading

Google Keep updated with new interface and searchable images

Today is Google’s regular day for updates and there are a few headed our way. One of those is for Google Keep which has a few nice little changes, nothing ground breaking, but nice all the same. The change you will probably notice straight away is the new user interface. Although this is mostly just a few minor tweaks, with the exception of a new yellow Action Bar, I really like the direction Google is heading with the UI. The other changes being made is the ability to search text within images, new list settings that control where new and... Continue reading

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 – Games and Soundtracks for cheap

The Humble Bundle is back. This time it's offering PC compatible games as well as Android versions, not a bad deal for the gamer who likes to play across platforms. The games are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android and you also get soundtracks for your favourites. There's currently six games on offer, with four available at whatever price you want to pay : Broken Sword 2:The Smoking Mirror Bridge Constructor Type:Rider Ravensword:Shadowlands And two games available if you pay above the average, which at this stage stands at US$3.69 (about AUD$3.99) : Kingdom Rush Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition There's also the promise... Continue reading

Cut the Rope 2 on Google Play Store

I'm almost ashamed to say that I lost many hours of my life to the endlessly frustrating, yet painfully addictive, Cut the Rope. Unfortunately for me, there's a new version out and you'll find it just as addictive getting the candy to Om Nom as you might have the first time around. Full disclosure to readers here, while the app is free to install there are in-app purchases and I'll be surprised if you can get 15 minutes into the game without being prompted to buy something. The game links to Facebook if you're that way inclined, or Google... Continue reading

Google cleans up the Play Store, no more naughty bits

In an update to their developer policies, Google have (amongst other things) clamped down on "sexually explicit material" which means if you're looking for naughty bits you'll have to head over to the Amazon Appstore to find them, because Google don't want it. The updated policies, which were emailed to developers and are available here if you're interested, include a few minor changes and a few major ones. The bit I really hope they enforce is the inappropriate and deceptive promotion of apps that a few sources have engaged in over the past year or so, but particularly... Continue reading

Rumour: OK Google, what bills are due?

Ahh Google Now, how I love the; let me count the ways. Android Police have a cracker of a rumour that there's a reasonable amount of evidence to support. Google now will soon(ish) have cards in place to remind you to pay your bills. Everything from your power bill, the dreaded credit card, mobile phone as a starting point. These days with most large companies offering API interfaces into billing systems (even if it's read only) there's a seemingly endless list of possibilities here. At this time, the evidence in the APK teardown conducted by AP suggests... Continue reading

Cerberus Antitheft servers compromised – Reset your password

The anti-theft/phone location app Cerberus has recently suffered a malicious attack on their servers. In a statement issued by the developers on Google+ they acknowledge the breach and state that just shy of 97,000 account usernames and encrypted passwords have been compromised. They also detail how the penetration occurred, and then go on to advise that they have addressed the flaw in security (accessing log files) which led to the hack, and that they're working towards a new encryption method for usernames and passwords. This may come as a surprise to some Cerberus users who were blissfully... Continue reading

Captain America: The Winter Soldier now available for download

The kings of Movie tie-in games are back, Gameloft has released the tie-in game for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which slides into theatres in Australia on Thursday next week, and it looks as interesting as hell. The Captain America game has gone a different route from their usual fare of beautifully rendered 3D gaming, offering a cel-shaded style of graphics for their official launch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The game comes with the first two levels free to play as a demo-like arrangement and then will unlock the full version via an in-app purchase of $2.99. Check out... Continue reading

Office Mobile now free for all to use

At last, they've seen the light...after launching Office Mobile tied into their Office 365 subscription service Microsoft has finally relented and released Office Mobile as a free to use application for all users across both the Android and iOS platforms. Unlike when the app was first launched, you needed to have an Office 365 account for it to be anything useful; you can now view, create and edit existing office documents on your phone. That's right, Phone. The caveat is that just as when it launched, Office is still only available for Phones. There's nary a... Continue reading