ABC investigating Chromecast capability for iview app

With the announcement by Google of Chromecast a number of developers have begun looking at adding the function into their apps. As there was a pretty good reception towards the news that the ABC was actively developing an iview App for Android, we asked the ABC if they too intended to add the functionality into the iview App. Sally O’Donoghue, Manager of iView and Internet Broadcasting, advised they were aware of Chromecast and investigating the possibility of adding it to the ABC iview Android App : Our main objective for now is to provide a great experience when watching iview... Continue reading

Samsung Music Hub Australia — Service Review

As a big listener of music and a big lover of tech, I've found that unlimited music streaming services suit me over buying songs and/or albums individually. With a streaming service I can search for the artist, song, or album I like, then listen to it instantly without having to fork over more money. It sounds 'cheap', however, its ease of use makes it very appealing. A good music streaming service also allows you to play back your tunes on different devices -- Rdio, Grooveshark, Spotify, and more, all do this. So as a big user of Grooveshark for... Continue reading

Android 4.3 code reveals optional App permissions coming soon

The latest Android update has been with us officially for only a few days now, so there's still bits and pieces being discovered but a couple of cool piece of code points towards optional App permissions and 4K compatability coming to Android in the near future. First up, Android permissions have always been a slightly controversial topic, they're presented to users front and centre when you install Apps from Google Play but in reality most people ignore the screen and click next to get the App installing as quickly as possible. The controversy can be warranted when some apps request... Continue reading

Shifty Jelly looking at implementing Chromecast capability in Pocket Casts

Everyones favourite Android podcasting App - Pocket Casts - could soon have Chromecast capability built-in at least according to a tweet sent out from their twitter feed this morning. There's not much more to say at this stage, Russell from Shifty Jelly advised that they have a few Chromecast dongles on the way from the US and they'll be looking through the APIs and Chromecast SDK when they get here to see what they can do. We're a long way from actually getting it implemented at this stage but so it seems is a release of Chromecast dongles here in... Continue reading

Konami Code is alive and well in Google Play Games

Looks like the inate sense of humour is still present with the techos at Google, with a new Easter Egg being found inside the latest Google release - Google Play Games. The easter egg involves you entering the so called 'Konami Code' or 'Contra Code' after the game it was first seen in, in a wider US release. The code is essentially Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,B,A,Start - to activate in Google Play games you use swipe gestures for the first part and then a panel appears with three buttons - B, A and Start. Hit them in the correct order and you... Continue reading

Google releases Chromecast Android App to help setup your Chromecast devices

It's not even available outside the US yet, and is sold out just about everywhere in bricks and mortar retailers and online, even the Google Play store is advising 3-4 weeks for shipping now, but the Chromecast HDMI key is probably the most popular and intriguing of devices we've seen for some time. To help all the possibly thousands of new users setup their new Chromecast, Google has released the Chromecast App for Android. The app is at this stage pretty limited, although most of your Chromecasting will be done from the individual apps, but this app appears to be... Continue reading

Google Play Games and Google Play Textbooks announced

There were a couple of new announcements made with regards to Google Play this morning, Ellie Powers, Product Manager, Google Play spoke about the new features announcing two major new additions in Google Play - Google Play Games and Google Play Text Books. Google Play Games - is a gaming hub, that is run from an app that can be downloaded from Google Play. The app allows you to discover new games and track all your high scores as well as the social aspect of being able to compare your progress both with friends in your Google+ circles as... Continue reading

T9 dialler finally added to AOSP with Android 4.3

Normally, one small feature of a new version of Android wouldn't deserve a post of its own, but this has been a huge issue that many people have had with AOSP for a long time. In fact, while there are other benefits to custom ROMs, the lack of a T9 dialler in AOSP builds is the single factor, for me, that necessitates the use of CyanogenMod (or equivalent). The only Android phones that don't ship with a T9 predictive dialler are Google's Nexus devices. As custom and OEM ROMs have had this ability since the dawn of time, I... Continue reading

Gameloft announces Thor: The Dark World movie tie-in game is coming

With two Marvel movie tie-in games - Spiderman and Ironman - under their belt already, Gameloft has announced that they will be releasing the official movie tie-in game for the next Marvel movie to be released Thor: The Dark World. The overarching story for the game has been written by Marvel Writer Christopher Yost - who also is credited as a screenwriter for the Thor: The Dark World film - is an original tale that will see Thor restoring order to the Nine Worlds. As Thor you will lead Asgards forces through 100 missions against Marauders and Dark Elves. The... Continue reading

Swiftkey offering online backup and more with Swiftkey Cloud

Swiftkey has announced a brand new beta version of their popular keyboard alternative called Swiftkey Cloud, that offers some fantastic new features which some users will recognise as coming straight from top of their want lists. Swiftkey Cloud is offering both Tablet and Phone versions of the new beta, both of which are available to download from their website, all you need to do is download the APKs for the new Swiftkey 4.2 and you're able to take advantage of the new features as well as existing once such as Swiftkey Flow. Swiftkey Cloud offers three main new features... Continue reading

Emergency ID app saves your ICE information to your lockscreen

Emergency ID Australia, the current leader in Medical Jewellery and Emergency ID products has designed and released a new App which displays your In Case of Emergency(ICE) information as a background wallpaper on your phones lockscreen. The new app which costs $2.99 is available in Google Play and allows users who could possibly require medical assistance due to a allergies or pre-existing medical conditions, to input data that could potentially be helpful to people or emergency services staff trying to assist them. Nicole Graham, Director of Emergency ID Australia started designing the app after a career in Emergency Services: When I... Continue reading

Samsung ditches media and music hubs, combines them all into one App

If you have ever owned a Samsung device, you would have been familiar (or not) with Samsung's own marketplace app, affectionately called Samsung Apps and it's own music hub (aka Samsung Music Hub) which were separate from each other, but Android police are reporting that Samsung has combined these apps into one huge app called Samsung Hub. Whilst the combined Samsung Hub was first brought out under the Galaxy S4, it now also brings video to the store, which seems quite odd given that Samsung are trying to take on Google Play Store directly through its own major app. Whats... Continue reading

Optus Now app will now collect anonymous data to help improve the network

If you have an Android phone from Optus, then you´re most likely one of the 300,000+ users who have installed the Optus Now App from Google Play. The app has up till now been delivering news, weather, games and sport, but since an update to the app on the 10th of July, it has also been capturing network information such as signal strength and sending it back to Optus for evaluation. The information collected is described by Optus as 'high-level network data' and the data sent remains anonymous. At this stage there is no way to provide users with... Continue reading