Captain America: The Winter Soldier now available for download

The kings of Movie tie-in games are back, Gameloft has released the tie-in game for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which slides into theatres in Australia on Thursday next week, and it looks as interesting as hell. The Captain America game has gone a different route from their usual fare of beautifully rendered 3D gaming, offering a cel-shaded style of graphics for their official launch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The game comes with the first two levels free to play as a demo-like arrangement and then will unlock the full version via an in-app purchase of $2.99. Check out... Continue reading

Office Mobile now free for all to use

At last, they've seen the light...after launching Office Mobile tied into their Office 365 subscription service Microsoft has finally relented and released Office Mobile as a free to use application for all users across both the Android and iOS platforms. Unlike when the app was first launched, you needed to have an Office 365 account for it to be anything useful; you can now view, create and edit existing office documents on your phone. That's right, Phone. The caveat is that just as when it launched, Office is still only available for Phones. There's nary a... Continue reading

HTC Blinkfeed and Zoe Apps will become available to other Android devices ‘soon’

Prior to the launch of the All New HTC One (M8) a few Apps made their way into Google Play, one of which was Blinkfeed. The App was not installable by any device associated with Google Play, including the original Blinkfeed carrier - the HTC One (2013). But it appears that Blinkfeed has been popular with HTC advising it will roll out to other Android devices soon, and not just Blinkfeed, HTC will also release their popular Zoe camera App as well. Android Central first made the discovery regarding Blinkfeed being released to Google Play in the fine print of... Continue reading

HTC releases Blinkfeed and Service Pack to Google Play

With the launch of their 2014 flagship only mere hours away, HTC has thrown two new entries into Google Play. One is exciting and the other not so much - Blinkfeed and Service pack. Firstly, Blinkfeed is exciting, in that it will be updated by HTC independently of the Software update process and can now receive new features from HTC in a timely fashion. The entry comes in the 'News & Magazines' category, but has a package name of '' perhap this will end up as a launcher in the end? The Google Play entry describes the functions of... Continue reading

New ‘Australian Made’ category appears in Play Store

This morning, I noticed that the Play Store had a new featured category-'Australian Made', which showcases some of the cool apps made right here in Australia. As you'd expect, it features some of our own favourite local developers, such as Shifty Jelly (Pocket Casts, Pocket Weather) and Chris Lacey (Action Launcher, Link Bubble), as well as some applications for local sports teams and media outlets. It's great that Google are taking this step to promote Australian developers. There... Continue reading

Newsbeat – a News app turned personal radio app

A new app launched yesterday has shown it is possible to create a personal news radio feature that captures everything you want compared to listening to various podcasts to hear just what you want to hear. Newsbeat, which was released yesterday by the Tribune Company, has access to over 7,000 different sources ranging from big-time papers to smaller blogs. The app is able to get the types of news stories you're interested in hearing from at the beginning of the app, from which the app seems to utilise some sort of Pandora-like artificial intelligence to create the perfect newscast radio... Continue reading

PayPal App now incorporates ‘Pay At Table’ service into their app

PayPal has added a new feature to their mobile payments app - 'Pay At Table', a service which PayPal hopes will keep them ahead in the lucrative mobile payments industry. The new Pay at Table, feature allows PayPal users to check into a restaurant on their mobile, then the restaurant can generate a specific code number for them after entering in their table number and then pay their bill right from the app. It also allows users to add an additional tip (you can tell PayPal is an American Company can't you?) on top. The announcement of this new feature comes... Continue reading

Alpha, Beta and live apps can now have independent changelogs

For developers who are harnessing the power of Google+ Beta groups, Google have added an extremely useful new feature: Changelogs for each version of the App that the developer has. In previous versions, the changelogs for Beta versions were generally posted in private Beta testing groups as the changes made would publish to the production version of the app that's available in the play store for all to see. The blog post on Play Support states: Keep your users informed about recent changes and updates to your app by providing What’s New text for each app version you distribute. Which speaks... Continue reading

Qik video shutting down at the end of April

Qik, the social video sharing app, has overnight announced that its services will be shutting down from 30 April 2014. Qik, which was purchased by Skype/Microsoft 3 years ago, has lived on as a standalone app since the purchase, however Microsoft has announced that Qik's features have finally folded into Skype, meaning there's no reason to offer a duplicate product. Qik have stated that users should download their videos, as these videos won't be saved past the April 30th closure. If you have received a video through VideoMail within the Qik app/service, the company did state that these video's from VideoMail... Continue reading

Link Bubble released to Google Play – pre-caching your webpages

Australian developer behind such great applications as Tweetlanes and Action Launcher, today unveiled his latest creation - Link Bubble. The concept behind Link Bubble is simple, we spend an inordinate amount of time on our mobile devices waiting for webpages to load, Link Bubble simply loads a web link in a floating browser which for all intents and purposes appears to be a floating Chat Head, but is really called a yep, you guessed it Link Bubble, that notifies you when your webpage is ready. Once the webpage is ready link Bubble pops up a floating window above your... Continue reading

Samsung releases the Galaxy S5 experience App to Google Play – Try before you buy

LG did it prior to the launch of the G2 and now Samsung has decided to give it a go, they've released an App into Google Play which lets you sift through the features of the Galaxy S5 and get a better idea of what to expect if you're interested in their latest flagship. The App let's you take a look at five features of the Galaxy S5 - Camera, Speed, Fitness, Life and of course their Gear accessory lineup. You're not going to be happy if you're wanting to look at the Gear 2 and Gear Fit though,... Continue reading

Google Keyboard bringing personalised suggestions

With an update which began pushing out through the Play store today, Google Keyboard has taken another step towards taking over the mantle of favoured keyboard for many users. Many users sought out alternatives to the stock Google Keyboard such as Swiftkey to take advantage of features such as personalisation which have so far been missing from the stock keyboard. Today Google introduced swipe and now personalised suggestions based on input from Google Apps installed on your phone. The option to update your dictionaries is on by default and takes words and phrases you use in apps such as... Continue reading

“OK Google, Take a picture”

The Google Search App (integrated with Google Now) has received an update that allows you to give voice commands to your device to take photos and videos. The "take a picutre" and "take a video" commands are the latest to be added to an ever increasing number of commands you can input by voice such as: "Remind me when I get home to" - Location based reminders "Remind me tomorrow morning to" - Time based reminders "Set an alarm" "Send an email" These are just a few of a whole host of voice commands. You can see the full list at While there... Continue reading