Samsung releases the Galaxy S5 experience App to Google Play – Try before you buy

LG did it prior to the launch of the G2 and now Samsung has decided to give it a go, they've released an App into Google Play which lets you sift through the features of the Galaxy S5 and get a better idea of what to expect if you're interested in their latest flagship. The App let's you take a look at five features of the Galaxy S5 - Camera, Speed, Fitness, Life and of course their Gear accessory lineup. You're not going to be happy if you're wanting to look at the Gear 2 and Gear Fit though,... Continue reading

Google Keyboard bringing personalised suggestions

With an update which began pushing out through the Play store today, Google Keyboard has taken another step towards taking over the mantle of favoured keyboard for many users. Many users sought out alternatives to the stock Google Keyboard such as Swiftkey to take advantage of features such as personalisation which have so far been missing from the stock keyboard. Today Google introduced swipe and now personalised suggestions based on input from Google Apps installed on your phone. The option to update your dictionaries is on by default and takes words and phrases you use in apps such as... Continue reading

“OK Google, Take a picture”

The Google Search App (integrated with Google Now) has received an update that allows you to give voice commands to your device to take photos and videos. The "take a picutre" and "take a video" commands are the latest to be added to an ever increasing number of commands you can input by voice such as: "Remind me when I get home to" - Location based reminders "Remind me tomorrow morning to" - Time based reminders "Set an alarm" "Send an email" These are just a few of a whole host of voice commands. You can see the full list at While there... Continue reading

Skype update brings better battery life

Regular Skype users throughout the Android world have been looking to alternative apps to connect to the popular messaging client for sometime because of the battery life when using the official app because, well... it sucks! With the release of Skype version 4.7 for Android, your battery can let out a large sigh of relief. The official Skype blog states: With Skype 4.7 for Android, we are introducing aggressive battery savings that will allow most of our users to leave Skype running without noticeably affecting battery life. It has been a challenging process, because to do this we’ve had to... Continue reading

Swiftkey Beta updates to include Evernote and Google+ learning integration

The Swiftkey beta that first introduced Emoji to one of the smartest Keyboard replacements available on Android has added a new trick to its repetoire, the ability to learn from your Evernote Archives and Google+ posts. The introduction of the option to learn from your Evernote Archive was actually brought about by 'great feedback' from users from the recent iOS launch of 'Swiftkey Note', Swiftkeys first foray into the realm of iOS. An interesting place to get the idea, but if it works, we'll take it. Also introduced is the ability to learn from Google+, but only your public... Continue reading

Cast Store lists and highlights Chromecast compatible Apps

Google hasn't historically done a fantastic job of highlighting Apps for specific platforms - their Tablet Apps highlight only really came into the fore in November last year, a couple of years after the introduction of tablets. Their Chromecast App highlights have similarly been lacking, with their current selection still limited to those launched 'officially' up till last December, and even then, those aren't featured in Google Play. A third party developer has seen this void and created Cast Store for Chromecast to highlight Chromecast compatible apps. The app contains a Chromecast themed news feed front and... Continue reading

HTC talks Zoe in their latest Technical Translation

In the last in the line of Technical Translations which HTC has been using to both explain to potential new customers about the features of their One phone, while at the same time trying to hype up their new phone; we get a run down on one of the lesser known but nonetheless cool features of the HTC Sense software - HTC Zoe. Zoes - a word which seems to be a shortened version of the word and meaning for Zoetrope - are basically the way HTC takes and collates your pictures, movies and shows them in a highlights which... Continue reading

Pocket Casts 4.5 headed to Google Play – Chromecasting included

Our very favourite podcasting app, Pocket Casts is being updated to version 4.5 in Google Play as we speak. The new version brings about a number of improvements but it's the Chromecast feature that we've all been anticipating ever since they first announced it. Chromecasting from Pocket Casts is delightfully easy to use; load up a podcast while connected to the same network as your Chromecast and the icon appears just like in any other Chromecast enabled App. Simply tap it, select your Chromecast and off you go. There has also been a massive improvement to the way that... Continue reading

Network Ten finally brings TenPlay to Android

After launching its TenPlay catch-up TV service last year on the web and iOS, Network Ten has finally brought us an Android app. You'll be able to watch shows like Elementary, Neighbours, 90210 and Ten's news and live sporting events in the app as of today. The app features on-demand streams of TV shows that have aired on the Ten, Eleven and One channels and can also stream live news and events (like yesterday's F1 race). You'll also find a fairly well-featured TV guide included, which covers not just Ten's own channels but also other free-to-air and pay TV... Continue reading

Chromecast App updated with support for 50 languages as stock arrives in UK stores

Google has updated one of the most useless Apps in their repotoire - the Chromecast App. The latest update which should be available to update now via Google Play lists support for over 50 languages within the App now as well as improved support for Samsung devices. They've added a Settings button into the hamburger menu now hinting of possible real settings being included in the App in the future. Outaward facing changes to the App, outside of the addition of the Settings option to the menu, appear minor but under the hood there could be more with... Continue reading

Latest Plex update adds Chromecast support for all users

Plex has updated overnight to add the long awaited Chromecast function for all users. Plex first added the feature in the second wave of Chromecast Apps which arrived in December 2013. At the time a Plex Pass subscription was required to enable the Chromecast support but this recent update does away with that requirement. At $5.52 the Plex for Android is not the cheapest of Apps, but Plex is one of the better looking apps on the market and the information you get on-screen when playing a video through Plex is possibly the best looking available. You also... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Apps pulled and posted on XDA to download

If you're champing at the bit to get access to a Galaxy S5 to try out all the new features and Apps, then perhaps you won't actually have to wait till the April launch. XDA-Developers member Albe95 has posted a thread over on the forum which contains links to the APKs for a whole host of the apps that will be included on the S5 when it launches. There are some issues with the Apps - the S Health App apparently doesn't work - but apparently most of the others work with no issues. He's put the APKs for... Continue reading

Google Search update brings fixes for NRL and Cricket Google Now Cards and Notifications

An update to Google Search began rolling out today, version 3.3.1064617 for those playing at home, and while not a massive change in terms of features, the update brings about fixes that will help those OCD Australian NRL and Cricket Fans who use the brand new Google Now cards and notifications to relax. The 'boring' stuff included in the update includes a more comprehensive view of stocks which offer a greater amount of detail. There's a new section for hotword detection whcih allows you to turn it on and off as well as disable it for those of you running... Continue reading