OnePlus to implement voice activation, now taking votes on wake up command

Using a pincode or swipe-pattern to unlock your phone is so passé, these days it's all about voice commands, at least that's what OnePlus want you to believe with their latest feature to be unveiled in their leadup to the full announcement of their first phone the OnePlus One. Today on their forum, they're introducing the voice unlock feature, looking for input on the command that will unlock the phone. But it seems that you won't just be unlocking your phone but also be able to search or tell your phone to perform other functions Tired of unlocking your phone... Continue reading

Angry Birds goes medieval for the next sequel – launching in Australia and Canada First

Thou shall go forth and smite the enemies of the royal bird kingdom, at least that's what Rovio envisage for the next sequel in their massively popular line of Angry Birds titles. The company released a video over the weekend giving us an insight into the next phase of this franchise for all to enjoy. In the video, a variety of upcoming Angry Birds games are being plastered on a wall as an aggressive Razor scooter skater does x-treme tricks. Within one of the scenes, an image of the birds outfitted as a wizard, knight (or viking?), and archer are... Continue reading

The All New HTC One specs confirmed and new features detailed

After they got their hands on a leaked brochure from Telstra, the team at GSMArena were also able to confirm other specs from the device as well as getting a look a the features that HTC is banking on setting the All New HTC One apart from the competition. To start with they've confirmed that hardware wise the All New HTC One will come with a decent list of specs, which will hold it in good stead against the competition coming to market this year. All New HTC One Specs: 5" 1080p 2.3GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm... Continue reading

Humble Mobile Bundle 4 adds three more titles

The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 has today added three more titles to the already excellent selection of games on offer, adding Gunslugs, Colour Sheep and OLO to their locked range. The fact the new titles are locked simply means you will have to pay above the average price which currently sits at US$3.76. Which for a total of 9 games, is a great deal in anyone's book. The full range of titles includes Catan, Vector, Riptide GP2 and Zombie Gunship for whatever price you decide to pay, but go above the average and you'll get BADLAND Premium as well... Continue reading

Gameloft to launch the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie tie-in this April

With Andrew Garfield set to swing into theatres next month as Peter Parker, in The Amazing Spiderman 2, Gameloft have announced that they will once again be releasing the movie tie-in game, following up from their successful original Amazing Spiderman game released for the first movie. The marketing is timely with the Original Gameloft Amazing Spiderman title on-sale as part of the Google Play Second Birthday Sale, selling for an insanely low $0.10. The new game will be once again set in New York City allowing you a fairly extensive playground to practice your web-swinging, wall-climbing and web-shooting... Continue reading

Stop procrastinating with the IN 5 Browser replacement

With all their pluses, our Android devices have their downsides, as windows to the Internet they are a well into which you can sink an enormous amount of time and often emerge bleary eyed hours later after you pick your phone up to just check a Text/Email/Tweet. A new browser replacement from a Sydney based developer called In 5 is trying to change that behaviour by limiting your browsing time. The concept is simple, simply open any link you have in the In 5 browser and 5 minutes later you're reminded that you're supposed to be doing something else. The... Continue reading

Jawbone Up24 now supporting Android – International release coming soon

Jawbone has announced overnight that their Android App is now updated to work with the the Jawbone Up24. The Jawbone Up24 has been an iOS exclusive up until now as well has being limited in sales to the US, however this too looks like it may be about to change. The previous Jawbone was connected via the headphone jack but the Up24 connects via the more widely accepted Bluetooth standard and the Jawbone Up App in Google Play will now allow this with the Jawbone Up24. The Jawbone support Twitter Account also confirmed that an International release of the fitness... Continue reading

Instagram update promises to be sleeker and faster

After launching their Android app back in April, 2012, Android use has grown to cover more than half the install base for Instagram. Instagram is now supported on thousands of different Android devices and today they're announcing a new update, which though devoid of new features, promises to be 'faster and sleeker'. The app has undergone a spit-shine which will look more polished in the design and Instagram promises that it will feel 'native and at home on any Android device'. This new design update also means faster load times, with the promise that your profile screen will now... Continue reading

Woolworths Dreamworks Animation Heroes promotion scores itself an Android App

It's the weekend, you've probably been out shopping and at some stage been past a supermarket. If so, then invariably your kids have accosted you to spend in round $20 amounts to score one of the new Dreamworks Animation collector cards that are being given away for a limited time. This promotion is now backed up by an Android app with some neat features. If by some chance you have no idea what this is about, last year Woolworths ran a promotion that gave away a pack of 4 collector cards with Australian animals printed on them for every $20... Continue reading

Pebble App Store for Android now live with Apps, Watchfaces and more

After launching for iOS devices over a month ago, the brand new Pebble 2.0(.12) App for Android is now finally live in Google Play, bringing with it their App and Watchface store. The Pebble App store launched with some great apps for the Pebble, including FourSquare, Pebble Cam and more. There is six categories in the Pebble App store – Daily, Notifications, Fitness, Tools & Utilities, Remotes and Games - and there's a heap of functionality there, but at South by Southwest or SXSW as it's more commonly known, they've taken the opportunity to launch a few... Continue reading

Motorola’s Touchless Control and Migrate apps updated for certain devices

Part of the appeal of the new software on Motorola is the Touchless controls, and Motorola has just pushed out an update which brings some interesting new options to this feature. The new features are mainly around the talk to action mode, in which users ask 'what's up?' to have their notifications read to them. Although, if you're not quite wanting that term, you can use the more generic phrase 'read notifications' instead. The update also brings additional language support for English, Italian and Spanish to the Touchless App control, with additional languages being looked at for future releases. The... Continue reading

Twitch SDK means apps can broadcast their gameplay

After the massively successful run last week, whereby Twitch played Pokemon, Twitch is quite big news right now. They've just celebrated more than 10 million mobile installs of the Twitch app on Android and iOS devices and have just announced an SDK to allow mobile developers to include their games to the streaming platform. For those unfamiliar with Twitch, it's a community for gamers that allows them to stream games, chat about gaming or watch games in the process of being played. It's a massive service that's extremely popular and is included as a service on most consoles and... Continue reading

Google Text-to-Speech for Android receives huge update to version 3.0

If you've heard that voice giving you updates or reading out information in your Apps before, then Google has just released an update to their Text to Speech service for Android, adding some cool new features which users have been requesting. It's a service that most users don't think about that often, so what is the big fuss? Well first off, the app adds support for high quality voices, this means the voices provided will be updated from a relatively small 5-6MB worth of files to 200+MB. The update gives you the option in the default UK English setting to... Continue reading