Google’s URL shortener gets a nifty new Android app

Considered by some to be part of the glue of the social web, URL shorteners may have fallen a little by the wayside since the earlier days of Twitter and Facebook, but they still have their place. They take an often long and unsightly URL (for example, a Google Maps URL) and present it in a much shorter, easier to share form. Google has such a URL shortener, called simply, and with this service, you can take those large URLs, and shrink them to one that will probably be much smaller, and easier to tap out in a message... Continue reading

Samsung’s Knox 2.0 brings new security features for enterprise

Samsung's Knox product may not be particularly well known outside enterprise IT circles, but the product is now just one year old, and received a major update at the recent Mobile World Congress. For those who don't really know too much about it, Samsung Knox is basically a mobile security platform designed mainly for enterprise which allows business and personal apps/data to co-exist in the same handset, while maintaining the security of the business information and ensuring it can't be inappropriately used or accessed, all the while protecting both sets of data against security risks. This is just a brief... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with up to $500 worth of free ‘gifts’

Samsung is pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure the Galaxy S5 is full of incentives to people looking to purchase a flagship smartphone, offering some bonus offers from services like the Wall Street Journal, Runkeeper, Box and Evernote as sweeteners. The list of services is detailed on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gifts micro-site and seem like a good variety of bonuses with a fitness and business heavy focus : Runkeeper - 1 year free premium service ($20) Skimble - 6 months free premium service ($42) Wall Street Journal - Free 6 month subscription to Wall Street... Continue reading

NRL updates their Android team Apps for the 2014 season

Mount up NRL Fans, the NRL has updated their Android offerings in Google Play releasing a whole new lineup of Apps for the 2014 season. Just ahead of this weekends official start to the 2014 season the NRL has released a new App for each team. The App descriptions state that the 2013 Team Apps will not be updated and users will need to uninstall the 2013 App and install the 2014 version. There's an App for each team playing within the NRL, as well as one for each state - NSW and QLD - for the... Continue reading

Nokia X gets root, Google Apps, Google Play store and Now Launcher

With the launch of the Microsoft/Nokia services focused Nokia X series of phones, the race is seemingly on for the first person to get as many Google services working on them as soon as possible. At least one has found its way into the hands of the CyanogenMod team, but other developers have the Nokia X in hand and are apparently hard at work with at least one being successful so far. Senior Member - Kashamalaga - over on the XDA-Developer forums, has worked out a process for gaining root access on the Nokia - thanks to... Continue reading

Trend Micro unveils new mobile security solutions for smartphones

It seems odd to be reporting on mobile Internet Security after this morning reading about how Google is addressing malicious Apps on Android, but Trend Micro has just unveiled two new mobile security solutions for Android (and iOS) devices that they believe will help mitigate threats to devices from cyber attacks. There is of course great value in Google advertising how secure that Android is, but on the flip side there's just as much value in security companies advertising insecurities within Android (and iOS). Trend Micro... Continue reading

The next Google Play Services update will increase security by constantly scanning Apps

Google Play Services, the background service which allows Google to update almost ALL devices running Android(approximately 99% of them in total) with features and fixes is about to get another update and this one will be looking further at App security. JR Raphael from ComputerWorld spoke with Android Lead Security Engineer, Adrian Ludwig, the same engineer who last year reported at Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin that due to the systems in place in Android that less than an estimated 0.001% of app installations on Android are able to evade the system’s multi-layered defenses and cause harm to users. Mr Ludwig... Continue reading

Any.Do releases Cal 1.1 with new heads-up feature

Any.Do have released a new version of their popular calendar application, known simply as Cal, which brings the new 'HeadsUp' feature to the masses, after testing in beta for the last couple of weeks. HeadsUp will pop up a special settings screen before, during, and after a meeting. Here's what you'll get on each one of them: Before a meeting: Navigate your way with Google maps Let participants know you’re running late Get an Uber and arrive on time Email a message to the invitees During a meeting: Mute your phone to avoid interruptions Add tasks as they come up in conversation Take photos of white board drawings, diagrams,... Continue reading

Google Now launcher now in Google Play for all Nexus and GPE devices

When Google updated Google Search for Android which introduced the Google Now launcher, they put in place the functionality and ability to be a standalone launcher that hinted at a possible launch to Google Play at a future date, and that date is today, with Google releasing the Google Now launcher to Google Play. The description stipulates that the Google Now Launcher is only 'Available on Nexus or Google Play edition devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat)' so if your Nexus is still lagging behind on updates, or isn't compatible with Android 4.4 - sorry Nexus One, Nexus S and... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] HTC ‘Power to Give’ lets you use your phone’s idle CPU time for good

Distributed computing projects are nothing new, but so far none have leveraged the ubiquity of the modern smartphone. During their press conference at MWC this morning, HTC announced the 'Power to Give' programme, which will initially target unused CPU cycles on the latest HTC phones, but will eventually expand to all Android devices. Distributed computing projects involve breaking large calculations or analytical processes down into small pieces, which are each performed on separate devices, reducing the need to rely on expensive supercomputers. Participants will download some software to their computer, which when not in active use, starts crunching... Continue reading

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras finally brings its Android app out of the closet

Well its that time of the year again where curling wands are flying around, glitter fills the night sky and music beats out loud to the sound of the nightlife folk. Yes it's the annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival which began back on February 7 through to March 2 and now thanks to their new Android (and iOS) app, you can keep up to date with all the latest that is happening in and around Sydney City. The App, which is free to download now from the Play Store, is very much a direct native port of... Continue reading

Google Currents now merged with Newsstand in recent update

Well its official, Google Currents, which was a beautiful looking newsreader App, which allowed users to keep up to date with their favourite leading publications, from breaking news headlines to blogs all in one neat package has finally bitten the dust in a recent update. The update which is available through the Play Store now, users are prompted to click through to Newsstand when trying to access their library but before you fret over what will happen with all your subscriptions because Google has covered that for you, as all current subscriptions are ported over automatically to Newsstand. When... Continue reading

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $US19b, nets 400 million daily users

It must be nice to have billions of dollars to throw around. That's just what Facebook has done, announcing today the purchase of WhatsApp Inc (and its eponymous cross-platform messaging app) for a cool $US 19 billion in cash and stock. That sounds like a lot, and it is: contrast with Facebook's acquisition of Instagram for just $US 1 billion not all that long ago, and you can see very quickly that Facebook wanted WhatsApp bad. Why? WhatsApp claims to have around 450 million regular users which Facebook, as part of the acquisition, can now count amongst its own. WhatsApp will,... Continue reading