TuneIn Radio Pro now allows you to record to SD card

The makers of TuneIn Radio Pro have rolled out a new update which gives users the ability to record radio to their SD card. Of course there are other new features as well, but this is the headline. TuneIn Radio Pro has offered users the ability to record their favourite radio shows before, but this was limited to devices' internal storage. Internal storage can be kind of limited on all but the top-shelf handsets, so the ability to now record to SD cards gives users a lot more space to play with (and record to). Here is a couple of screenshots... Continue reading

LG adds more smarts to Knockon with Knockcode

Last week, LG revealed revealed to Korean press the latest device to follow up from its G Pro smartphone, the LG G Pro 2 The press were invited to have hands on experience with the G Pro 2 whilst also taking a look at the newest software addition, Knockcode. To fresh your memory about what Knock is all about, if an LG device features back-facing keys, users can double tap on the device’s screen to turn the display on and off. Now while this feature is still quite cool, the company has has programmed in a way for users to set... Continue reading

Strava Cycling — App Review

With so many running, cycling and various assorted fitness apps out there at the moment I thought I would take a look at one of the more popular cross fitness styled applications, Strava. Immediately there's a lot to like about the app, regardless of whether you're on Android or iOS (clearly my testing has been done Android, not the latter). The fact that there is an app for both major platforms is a huge bonus, so you're not caged into one or the other and you won't lose your data should you see the light and head... Continue reading

Blackberry’s BBM receives update to 2.0, new features added

Blackberry has begun pushing out an update for its messaging services, BBM, to Android, iOS and Blackberry users which has brought a raft of new and additional features which the company originally announced late last year. The features which the new BBM is bringing to users include: BBM Voice Blackberry are stating that BBM voice will enable iOS and Android users to make free calls to BBM contacts anywhere in the world using your Wi-Fi or data connection. It would seem it is somewhat similar to Google Hangouts and iMessage where free texts or calls can be made over WiFi, or your... Continue reading

Popular messaging app Viber sells for 900 million

The hugely popular cross platform messaging application Viber has sold for a whopping US$900 Million. With 225 Million users worldwide, the purchase (undoubtedly in large part for the userbase) makes users worth about US$4 each to the purchasing company, Japanese internet giant Rakuten. Viber is possibly the most genuine cross platform application of its type, supporting Android, Android Tablet, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian), Windows and Mac OS clients with persistent notifications across all of the above listed platforms for a single login. While all major messaging platforms have their pitfalls, the only other competitors that... Continue reading

Rovio teases new Angry Birds instalment known as Stella

Look, we'll be up-front here, there's not much in this news. It looks like Rovio, the house behind the popular Angry Birds franchise, has another game on its way which is only known at this stage as Angry Birds Stella. There's not much more known, beyond the image released above, and a movie-style poster showing a number of the Angry Birds in silhouette, shown below: Lastly, we have Rovio's statement on the upcoming release which might indicate a slight change in the usual Angry Birds-style gameplay, but exactly what that change will look like, and how it will work... Continue reading

Google Play Music updated to version 5.4, brings new features

Google has updated their Play Music app this week to version 5.4, and with the new release comes a couple of new features and some improvements to existing options. Perhaps the biggest changes are the inclusion of a 'My Devices' interface, offline radio and refreshing your music. My Devices Play Music, like most online music services, limits the number of devices that can be linked to one account, and in this case, the limit is 10. However, there hasn't (previously) been a way to monitor which devices are connected to your account except for an option on the website (i.e. you couldn't... Continue reading

Aviate invites you to rock out with its new “Listening” space

The Aviate team today released an update for the popular launcher replacement which contains a new "Listening" space. Aviate now detects when you plug in headphones and displays your "Music" app group along with music playback controls in the new space. It'll also display additional information like the artist's bio (if it can find it), and sometimes even their top Twitter posts as you can see in the screenshots below. You'll also need to allow Aviate to access and perform actions on your notifications in order to enable music playback controls. The "Listening" space is Aviate's first space that isn't... Continue reading

DashClock developer releases Muzei Live Wallpaper, a museum for your Android

Roman Nurik, the developer behind popular Android lock-screen widget DashClock, has released a new application for Android, called Muzei. Muzei is a live wallpaper which refreshes your home-screen each day with famous works of art. It also recedes into the background, blurring and dimming artwork to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Simply double touch the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps to use on your home screen. To keep your wallpaper fresh, Muzei will... Continue reading

SwiftKey emoji beta updated again, grab the new version today

SwiftKey have updated their popular eponymous keyboard replacement beta yet again, and for those using the previous version of the beta, it's time to upgrade as the previous version will shortly expire. The headline feature of the new beta is a recently used emoji tab, to enable users to quickly re-use frequently used icons. Of course, there are other changes as well, including: Smart emoji layout adapts to different screen sizes Twitter personalisation with Twitter's new API Missing emoji from the first tab now reinstated Fixes of some force-close issues Bug fixes include: Dark theme reinstated Always have emoji at least as secondary on IMEGoKey (eg allows... Continue reading

Secure your Device With TimePIN

Android has several lockscreen security options, each with a varying level of security and success. We have the standard slide to unlock, pattern, PIN and password unlock as well as face unlock and of course no lock at all. The problem with the pattern, PIN and password unlock are that if someone sees you unlock your phone they'll know your password, and sometimes an unlock pattern can be inferred from marks or trails left behind on your screen. Let's face it, these are the only options at present - Face Unlock is a gimmick at best. There is... Continue reading

Gameloft launches their ‘Forever Alone’ Sale leading up to Valentines Day

It's only a few days until Valentines Day and not everyone will be spending it with a significant other, so Gameloft is running a sale to at least give you something to do. The sale actually began on Saturday morning when the price drop first came through in Google Play, but now we know the reason behind the sale. The titles on offer generally sell for AUD$7.49 and are actually pretty decent titles, the graphics and stories are pretty good and the movie tie-in games are quite well done - perhaps the reason why Marvel have again chosen Gameloft... Continue reading

Chromecast: State of Play

The road to general availability of Google's Chromecast has been long and bumpy, but we've seen a promising sign this week with the release of the SDK and now rumours pointing towards an international release. A History Lesson Google's first attempt at TV, the 2010 Google TV, was based around Android and paired with wildly complicated remote control units to better deal with translating the touchscreen OS to a non-touch "big screen" (your TV). It hit roadblocks almost immediately, with a number of content providers blocking users of the devices from accessing their content. The platform didn't... Continue reading