Australian carriers announce Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just around the corner, Australian carriers have announced their pricing and availability of the much-anticipated 2014 addition to Samsung's flagship Galaxy S line. To start with, the Galaxy S5 will be available for $929.00 outright and will be available for pre-order from tomorrow morning (March 27) at the Samsung Experience Stores in Melbourne and Sydney. The Galaxy S5 itself will go on sale in Australia from April 11th. We've given you all the info we've got in relation to the three major carriers - Telstra, Optus and Vodafone - as well as Virgin... Continue reading

All New HTC One launching April 1st in Australia

It's all about the All New HTC One (M8) today, and the most interesting news is going to be where to get the phone in Australia. We know that Optus, Vodafone and Telstra will be offering the phone on their Network so, what are the details? Vodafone Vodafone have advised that Pre-Orders for the All New HTC One (M8) will be available to pre-order online from 9am today through their website, with the phone arriving in-stores from April 1st. Vodafone will be offering the All New HTC One (M8) for $10 a month on a $65 Vodafone Red 24-month contract, this... Continue reading

The All New HTC One outed by Rogers Wireless in Canada ahead of tonights launch

In the lead up to any phone launch the phone is susceptible to leaks from all parties involved in the phone, from the manufacturer themselves through to carriers and in this case, the carrier is Rogers Wirless, a Canadian carrier who has put the details of the All New HTC One up on their website briefly. The specs have been confirmed as being a 5" 1080P Super LCD3 display and will have an 'Ultrapixel' camera on the rear with a 5MP Front-Facing camera - no information on the specs of the secondary camera. Features like the LTE will be changed... Continue reading

Alcatel OneTouch M’Pop now available on Vodafone Pre-paid for $89

We here at Ausdroid understand that not everyone can afford to fork out hundreds of dollars for a top of the line smartphone and it has come to our attention that Vodafone are offering the Alcatel OneTouch M'Pop on their pre-paid service for $89. The OneTouch M'Pop is not particularly memorable spec wise, and is very much aimed at the entry level smartphone market, but it seems to be powerful enough to be serviceable. The full list of specs include: 4" display - 480x800 (233ppi) Dual-core 1GHz Processor 4GB Memory - expandable to 32GB via microSD card 5MP rear facing camera, VGA front facing Bluetooth,... Continue reading

Vodafone lights up Tasmania with their 4G network

The rollout of the high-speed Vodafone 4G LTE network continues unabated, this time into the Apple Isle, lighting up our southern most state with 4G LTE in five areas after running successful trials south of Bass Strait. The network has been switched on in West Moonah, Cambridge, New Norfolk, Warrane and Hobart Airport but with more markets coming soon, with Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen promising an accelerated rollout in the coming months. In the coming months, Vodafone will commence phase two of its rollout, adding new 4G (LTE) sites in the Hobart CBD, Bridgewater, Claremont, Howrah, Huonville, Kingston,... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Gold, Exclusive to Vodafone UK

It's all about the exclusives sometimes in the mobile phone market and more so when the phone is hotly anticipated, so Vodafone UK announcing an exclusive Gold coloured handset is kind of a big deal. The latest flasgship in Samsung's Galaxy range of phones is going to be launched in Australia on Wednesday Night, and most of the Australian Carriers are taking expressions of interest in the handset as are online and physical retail outlets. Spec wise, the phone is the same, but Gold in colour. Obviously with direct links to Vodafone in the UK, the question is... Continue reading

Vodafone announces cuts to international roaming prices

Vodafone already offers some of the most competitive international roaming prices via its Red plans, with access to your ordinary mobile plan (and inclusions) for just $5 a day when in one of 46 supported countries. When outside those 46 countries, though, roaming costs can still be quite high, as much as $15 per megabyte of data, and that's before you even get to making calls or sending/receiving text messages. With today's announcement, Vodafone has removed the tiered pricing which could hit a customer with one of twenty differential rates depending on where they are, and replaced it with a simple... Continue reading

ALDImobile takes the wraps off new plans; not quite so good

Customers of ALDImobile, presumably wooed initially by the promise of unlimited plans, face yet another bit of bad news today, with newly released plan information showing that inclusions have been cut, yet again. Today's new plans show that the maximum data inclusion in the plans is just 1 GB, with extra data available at a cost. Other inclusions also seem to have reduced a little, decreasing perhaps what once was pretty decent value. The new plans are set out below: In addition to the data packs set out above, you can also purchase a $30 data pack which offers an extra 3... Continue reading

Samsung has pulled the Android 4.3 update for the Vodafone branded Galaxy Nexus

When the Android 4.3 update was finally delivered to Australian carriers there was much rejoicing from owners who have been waiting for an update to their phones which have been left languishing on Android 4.1.2 for over a year. But the celebrations appear to be short lived with Vodafone advising in their latest Software update that Samsung has pulled the Android 4.3 update. The Software Update Weekly Wrap - 13th March 2014 shows the following message with the current Android version for the Galaxy Nexus listed as Android 4.1.2 and the Future version - Android 4.3 crossed out with... Continue reading

Virgin Mobile begins offering double data deal for a limited time

Virgin Mobile has announced today that they will offer double data when you sign up for a 24 month contract on their $60 and $90 plans, including their BYO plans from today until the 11th of May. While there's a whole host of phones available to sign up for - They're using their Galaxy S4 4G option on the $60 plan to highlight the offer. The skeptic in me says they're possibly trying to clear some Galaxy S4 stock before a launch of the Galaxy S5 next month. If you want the Galaxy S4, it is available on the... Continue reading

Motorola Moto X coming to Telechoice in Black or White for $599

At Mobile World Congress, during a Q&A Session on Twitter, Motorola announced that they would finally be releasing their higher end phone the Moto X in Australia. The first sign of the phone arriving here has come in the form of a tip that Telechoice will begin carrying the Moto X in their stores. Motorola Australia has so far declined to comment further on the announcement of the Moto X arriving locally, but the tip we've received says that Telechoice will begin selling the Moto X for $599. Unfortunately, there's currently no release date for the phone, but we... Continue reading

Vodafone brings shared data plans and $5 per day roaming to Business customers

When Vodafone launched their international roaming deals last year, which allowed customers to pay $5 per day to use all their usual plan inclusions while visiting 46 countries across the US, UK, NZ, Europe and Asia the business sector surely looked on with envy. But now, Vodafone is offering the same deals to their Small to Medium Enterprise(SME) customers. The announcement gives access to the $5 per day roaming as well as access to the local support line that Vodafone also introduced with their Red plans last year. Businesses will also be able to add additional data SIMs to their... Continue reading

Update: Telstra, too! Optus and Vodafone to roll out Kit Kat update to HTC One in mid-March

Anyone looking at buying an All New One, will likely consider how HTC handles updates for older phones. Historically, the short answer is 'not well'. Owners of the HTC One X likely still feel the pain of being told that 4.2.2 was the last version of Android the 2012 flagship would ever receive. HTC have committed to at least two years of updates with 2013's phones though, but although Ones throughout the... Continue reading