Telstra unveils new plans and 12 month upgrade options

Telstra has today announced a new set of plans that will launch on the 4th of March. Telstra has also advised they will launch new upgrade options for customers who like to update their phone more regularly than the standard 24 month contracts normally allow. Telstra has dubbed their new fast upgrade option - which will allow customers signing up to a 24-month contract, to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months - the 'Telstra New Phone Feeling’, to get access to the new phone feeling, customers will have to pay a $10 fee per month($120 per year) on... Continue reading

Virgin Mobile activates 4G for pre-paid customers

Virgin Mobile, has today announced that pre-paid users will now be able to access the Virgin Mobile 4G network, which is powered by Optus, on their 4G capable smartphone, and it's all as simple as pushing a button - well several. From today existing Virgin Mobile customers with a 4G compatible handset will be able to activate 4G on their phone service by dialing '275' and then pushing '2'. This will allow customers to access the faster 4G network to allow for a better internet experience for customers, enabling much quicker downloading of data, streaming of video and sharing of... Continue reading

Australian Carrier branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus to finally receive Android 4.3

The Galaxy Nexus was a pretty popular phone choice for a number of Australians when it became the first Nexus device to be released on all three carriers but part of the carrier distribution agreement was that the updates had to go via Samsung and the carriers before being delivered to phones. After seemingly being abandoned on Android 4.1.2 it seems that carrier branded Galaxy Nexus owners will finally see their Android 4.3 update. All three carriers have updated their software availability pages to indicate that Android 4.3 has been received from Samsung. Optus and Vodafone have already... Continue reading

Vodafone announces 4G international roaming in NZ, UK and Europe

Vodafone has announced today that it will flick the switch on international 4G roaming agreements that will allow Vodafone customers to access high-speed networks in New Zealand, the UK and across Europe from the middle of 2014. This news comes on the heels of Vodafone's $5-a-day Red roaming plans which already give customers access to 3G networks across the globe — in more than 40 countries — for just $5 a day. Vodafone's large international presence no doubt allows them to pioneer deals like this, and they appear to be pretty proud of it. Benoit Hanssen, Vodafone's Chief Technology Officer, has spruiked... Continue reading

Happy Birthday HTC Dream – 5 Big years in Australia

Five years ago today, I was introduced to a phone that would change both my mobile world as well as the mobile landscape in Australia itself - the HTC Dream. Launching officially on Monday February 16th 2009, the HTC Dream (or the G1 as it was known in the US) was instantly a standout to me in what was a vastly different mobile landscape to what it is today. In 2009, dumbphones ruled the Australian mobile market with smartphones limited to older PalmOS devices, Windows Mobile or a heavily feature hamstrung iPhone. At the time, the most popular mobile... Continue reading

Vodafone adds Canberra to their ever expanding LTE network

Vodafone has today announced that they have expanded their existing LTE markets to include the nations capital - Canberra. Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen has announced the new coverage for the ACT, which will offer customers a greater choice for LTE in the suburbs of Canberra which will include parts of Acton, Civic, Crace, Downer, Franklin, Greenway, Harrison, Latham, Lyneham, Mitchell, Reid, Tuggeranong and Turner. Customers are encouraged to try out the Vodafone network, with the carrier offering a Network Guarantee which enables them to try out the network for 30 days and exit the contract with... Continue reading

Telstra says “me too” to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE

Telstra has joined Optus in offering Samsung's 8.0-inch version of its Galaxy Tab 3 tablet on contract. Prospective purchasers can find the device on Telstra's site, where on-contract pricing ranges from $52/month for 1GB of data to $107/month for 15GB of data. The contracts have no upfront purchase cost and run for 2 years (24 months). Telstra also points out that users will get an additional 50GB of storage space for 2 years with Dropbox, in what seems to be a standard offering for Samsung devices these days. You'll find the full specs for the Galaxy... Continue reading

Optus announces completion of its national network upgrade

Optus has announced this morning the completion of its national network upgrade project, resulting in over 4,400 mobile sites nationally to provide significantly improved indoor coverage and call quality for its 3G customers. Part of this project has been the roll-out of 900 MHz spectrum to the 3G network, increasing indoor coverage from 70% to 90% in metropolitan areas. The 900 MHz roll-out completed earlier this month with the upgrade of some 70 sites in and around Canberra. With up to 9.5 million customers accessing Optus' network nation-wide, Optus has committed to retain the focus on 3G improvement and quality... Continue reading

Vodafone’s 4G network reaches 1 million customers

Vodafone has announced today that its 4G network, launched in June 2013, now has over 1 million devices connected. Vodafone claims that its network, revitalised, grown and rebuilt since the debacle of its performance in 2010, is offering great network performance at a lower price point than its competitors. This claim, it seems, has some merit to it. Recent speed comparisons, published by Fairfax, show that Vodafone 4G is comfortably faster than Telstra and Optus in some areas, and while it's 3G speeds might not be as fast, they're still pretty good. These findings certainly mirror what Ausdroid has... Continue reading

Android 4.3 rolling out to Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note II – other carriers to follow soon

Seems that the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has begun rolling out to handsets, at least Telstra branded handsets for the time being, with other carriers promising the update should begin shortly. At 946.94MB it's not a small download so you may want to hit up a WiFi connection before you begin - there's no word on whether it's counted against your data plan - but it includes all the features you'd expect, including Knox update for consumers, Galaxy Gear compatability and improved UI and performance : The update is due to hit both Continue reading

Telstra begins testing data sessions on 700MHz spectrum with unreleased advanced HTC smartphone

In May of last year, Telstra - as well as Optus - successfully bid in an auction held by the ACMA for licenses to use bands in the 700MHz spectrum that had previously been used by the now defunct Analogue TV service. In that auction, Telstra successfully bid on 2 x 20 MHz (40 MHz) of spectrum and while the license to fully use the spectrum won't come into effect until the first of January next year(2015), Telstra began testing out data sessions using the spectrum this week. On Friday, Telstra - in partnership with Ericsson - successfully completed... Continue reading

Telstra is giving away a 24-karat HTC One

Pic Source: Gold Genie To celebrate the launch of the HTC One on their 4G network, Telstra is running a competition to give away a 24-karat gold plated HTC One, valued at $5,000 by simply taking part in their #TelstraGold Australia Day competition. For a chance to win, Telstra is asking people to create a 30 second video which tells Telstra 'how you’ll be celebrating Australia Day in true Aussie Style this year'. To get it noticed by Telstra, share it with them on their social media sites - Facebook, Instagram or Continue reading

Champagne Gold HTC One coming exclusively to Telstra

It's not the 18 karat Gold version that HTC have been showing off to all and sundry at trade shows around the world, but you'll now be able to get your hands on the Champagne Gold HTC One through Telstra. The only difference between the existing Glacial Silver HTC One on Telstra and this new model is the colour, with the same specs and features like HTC Boomsound, Ultra-Pixel camera still in place. Sales of the Champagne Gold HTC One begin today online with free delivery and in-store on January 21st, with the phone available on a variety of plans... Continue reading