Optus and the software update process.

Last year at Ausdroid we took the opportunity to approach our three major telecommunications companies - Telstra, Vodafone and Optus - about their software update processes. We had a great talk with Kieran Mcilwain from Vodafone on episode 30 of our podcast and interviewed Craig Ruhan from Telstra. The one carrier we haven't spoken to is Optus. I first approached Optus about interviewing their Software Updates manager on the 8th of August last year, and they advised they would see what they could do. There was some back and forth, but Optus was unable to arrange a... Continue reading

LG Australia: Nexus 4, Optimus G and Miracast

Last week, Dan was invited to a meet-and-greet with LG Australia in Sydney, where he was able to spend some hands-on time with the Nexus 4 and Optimus G. During that meeting we enquired about a more in-depth look at Miracast and LG kindly invited us out to take another look. This week, LG invited us to its office for the promised hands-on demonstration of Miracast, and a further chance to get familiar with the devices in question. It's one thing to meet with company representatives in a press-friendly, neutral location. It's another thing entirely to visit... Continue reading

Ausdroid goes hands-on with the LG Nexus 4

I was in Sydney yesterday to take advantage of an invitation from LG Australia. I met with Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager - Mobile Communications, Content and Applications and Josh Corin, Local Product Manager - Mobile Communications. We spoke for some time about some upcoming products - the Nexus 4, Optimus G, and the L-Series (which is currently on-sale). The interview included a chance to spend some quality time with the Nexus 4. LG has spent a while off the beaten path - so to speak - with their phone offerings. Recently however, the company has made an effort to... Continue reading

Exclusive: Ausdroid talks to Trend Micro’s Aman Chand about online risks and Android

A little while ago we told you about Trend Micro's new online security suite that covers traditional technology such as your home computer and your laptop, but also includes features relevant to your mobile devices. With today's news that Android devices could be vulnerable to a certain USSD exploit, we thought it was high time we talk to someone about other online risks that face us as Android... Continue reading

Talking updates and Android with Telstra

I was in Sydney almost 2 weeks ago for the Asus Transformer Infinity launch and Telstra were kind enough to set up some time for me to speak to one of their Mobile Software managers Craig Ruhan. He sat down and spoke to me for a while about Android Updates and the processes that they go through to approve the updates and roll them out. I transcribed this myself so any omissions or mistakes are my own for which I apologise in advance, so that said you can either listen to the interview or read the transcript below Listen to... Continue reading