Sense 6 ported to Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is easily one of the most moddable mobile devices out there. Everything can be unlocked with minimal fuss, and there are more custom ROMs than you could count. Most of the ROMs that are available though, are based off AOSP or one of its derivatives. OEM-specific ROMs are usually pretty-well locked to the handsets made by that OEM. For example, you don't see Touchwiz ROMs for HTC phones, or vice-versa. It's interesting then to see this morning that some enterprising developer has managed to get a Sense 6 ROM up-and-running on a Nexus 5.... Continue reading

Unlock your HTC One (M8) in moments with S Off from Firewater

This will come as a surprise to no one... HTC lock their devices to prevent users who don't know what they're doing from messing with the system and doing silly things that could lead to bricked devices. On an HTC device, there's two kinds of lock these days. First is the locked bootloader. In a nutshell, this ensures that the phone only boots a signed version of the operating system. Unlocking the bootloader is widely considered necessary to obtain root access, and is definitely required to load up a custom recovery. For many, an unlocked bootloader is all that's... Continue reading

Source Code for HTC One M8 available on HTC Dev

Now available on HTC Dev, you can grab the kernel source code for the HTC One M8. This is for both the Sense 6 version of the device for a variety of international carriers as well as the Google Play edition of the phone which we sadly won't see in Australia (at least, not officially). Developers and hackers will be thrilled to see this source code as it's going to give the third party ROMs a shot in the arm for the new generation of flagships, no doubt it won't be long before we see nightly builds... Continue reading

Nokia X gets root, Google Apps, Google Play store and Now Launcher

With the launch of the Microsoft/Nokia services focused Nokia X series of phones, the race is seemingly on for the first person to get as many Google services working on them as soon as possible. At least one has found its way into the hands of the CyanogenMod team, but other developers have the Nokia X in hand and are apparently hard at work with at least one being successful so far. Senior Member - Kashamalaga - over on the XDA-Developer forums, has worked out a process for gaining root access on the Nokia - thanks to... Continue reading

Project Ara moves forward with Google hosting a developer conference in April

Project Ara, the lego-like snap together modular phone project which moved over to Google under the Advanced Technology and Projects Group as part of the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, is picking up steam with Google announcing a developer conference will be held in April at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California near to the Google Campus. This is the first in what Google plans to be a series of three conferences involving Project Ara to be held during 2014, with this conference specifically looking to standardise the Module Developers’ Kit (MDK) for an Alpha release. The conference... Continue reading

CyanogenMod team has at least one Nokia X in hand and Fastboot works just fine

Well, that was fast. It seems that at least one member of the CyanogenMod team has gotten their hands on the Nokia X and are reporting that things are looking promising. Abhisek Devkota, listed as the Head Public Relations Liaison & Forum Administrator for Cyanogen Mod has posted a picture of the Nokia X on Google+ saying 'Let's see what CM can do on this thing...'. The post which has only just gone up, doesn't say much but he has continued in the comments, advising that : The notification bar only comes down 50%. There is only 1 button: back.... Continue reading

MotoTool All In One allows you to convert a Motorola Moto G to a Google Play Edition

The Motorola Moto G already comes with a fairly close-to-stock Android experience, but if you're wanting to live life on the bleeding edge, and any modification to stock Android is too much for you to bear, well there's now a way to convert your standard retail Moto G into a Google Play Edition. Over at XDA Developers, a user has released a tool called MotoTool All In One (AIO) which allows you to perform a number of functions with your Moto G handset, including flashing stock and custom recovery loaders, installing drivers to access the handset, and last... Continue reading

Upgrade the Acer C720 Chromebook with a 128 GB SSD

If you've recently bought a new Acer C720 Chromebook, or in fact, any Chromebook, you may have noticed that the built-in storage is only 16 GB on most models. For a Chromebook, this is (usually) more than enough; all your storage is supposed to be in the cloud, and you really shouldn't have anything running or stored locally beyond Chrome and maybe a few cache files. However, if you're a power user and wanting to have a lot more local storage, or you might be wanting to experiment with Crouton, you're definitely going to want to upgrade from a 16... Continue reading

AOKP Founder Defects to Cyanogen Inc., will continue to work on AOKP

Lately Cyanogen Inc. seem to be going from strength to strength on the back of positive news each and every. Just yesterday OnePlus were revealing connectivity details of the new OnePlus/Cyanogen Inc. phone and that it would arrive in the second quarter of 2014. Today it has been revealed that the founder of the second most popular custom rom AOKP, Roman Birg, has been lured over to join the team at Cyanogen Inc. Those who follow the custom ROM community will know that Roman is an incredibly talented developer who has brought many unique and useful features... Continue reading

CyanogenMod Installer now available for Mac OS X

CyanogenMod, the popular custom ROM of choice for many Android users looking for something a bit different than what their handset came with, has now released its Installer app for Mac OS X. Previously only available on the Windows platform, the Installer has come across to the Mac platform, allowing Mac users that simple couple-of-clicks-to-install functionality. Apart from the platform, and perhaps looking a little nicer because it's Mac, the installer does the same thing on Mac as it does on Windows. For those unfamiliar, the CyanogenMod custom ROM runs... Continue reading

The Cyanogen Mod Installer – A real experience

CyanogenMod are making a very big effort to commercialise their venture lately. Initially announcing that they were moving from the crowd-source code that has dozens of contributors to a more commercial model, then onto the CyanogenMod phone (the Oppon N1 CM Version) and the installer that makes installing CyanogenMod a breeze even if you don't know what "root" is, how to boot into recovery on your Android device or even what a custom ROM is. Having been a CyanogenMod (CM) user for some time... Continue reading

Want to change your Android boot-up animation? Boot Box makes that easy.

Android offers you many ways to customise your phone or tablet. Wallpaper and ringtones? Of course you can change those. You can change your home-screen, app-launcher, and replace most of the built in applications with something else if you like. Most Android phones also display an animation when turning on. Carrier-sold devices will usually have a carrier logo animation, and un-branded devices will usually feature something else, e.g. a Samsung logo or in the case of Nexus devices, some coloured dots doing weird and wonderful things. However, if you want to change these, it has previously been a bit difficult. Doable,... Continue reading

New snapshot release CyanogenMod 11 (KitKat) adds support for more devices

Just shy of a month ago, the CyanogenMod team published their first public releases of CyanogenMod 11, running Android 4.4 KitKat, for some selected Nexus devices. Now, in the first days of 2014, the CyanogenMod team has progressed CM11 along to the second snapshot release (also known as an M release). While still not a stable release, the M releases are generally better tested and more stable than the nightly (N) releases, and may provide a good option for those looking to bring their devices across to CM11. You can see the full list of supported devices at the Continue reading