Tuesday , May 30 2017


ITU release draft 5G IMT-2020 Minimum Technical Performance Requirements

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) logo

The International Telcommunication Union (ITU) has released draft 5G IMT-2020 minimum technical performance requirements that aim to be “more flexible, reliable and secure … when providing diverse services in the intended three usage scenarios: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLLC) massive machine type communications (mMTC) These requirements …

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LG G6 leaks in three different colours

The LG G6 may be being announced in only a couple of days time (26th Feb, Barcelona time) but that hasn’t stopped someone from leaking more press renders of it. Today Evan Blass has tweeted out possibly the last leak of the LG G6, a press render of the device …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 official leaks begin

It’s a leaky time of year. Each manufacturer seems to orchestrate hype for their upcoming devices through official and “unofficial” leaks. We have seen many unofficial leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 and today, courtesy of @EvLeaks, we see the first official leak. With the hashtag #itson Evan Blass has …

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TWRP bringing PC backup support soon

There are many of us who like to play around with the operating system on their phones but of course whenever we do this there is a risk that it may all go pear shaped and we end up with a non-functional phone. This is why every single time Ausdroid …

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Lenovo to bring 12 new Moto Mods in 2017

For anyone who wants to know I think that Moto Mods are possibly the most innovative thing to arrive on smarthpones for several years. There are so many posibilities and the implementation “just works”. Of course when someone buys a phone with this sort of innovation you may be concerned …

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ specs sheet leaked

Evan Blass has been busy today. He has leaked press renders of both the LG G6 and also the Huawei P10. Not finished there, here has also leaked out a specs sheet of the other flagship set to be released in the coming weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. According to …

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Sony Xperia XZ — Australian Review

Despite falling short of great market success, Sony keeps trying to bring a commercially successful Android phone to the market. Their latest attempt at the premium tier is the Sony XZ, a 5.2-inch Android 7.0 device sporting all the specs you could really want. The 5.2-inch form factor makes the …

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