Android Quick Start Guide for 4.4 KitKat

We previously reported that the Android 4.4 Quick Start Guide for was only available on the US Google Play Store. That has changed recently, with the guide now being posted on the internet in its entirety, and after perusing the  document, we think that the name "Quick Start Guide" is a bit of a misnomer. The usual two page guide that is  included in the package that is often referred to as a "Quick Start Guide" has been replaced by a 48 page in-depth review of most of the functionality of Android 4.4. Shown above is... Continue reading

KitKat Arrives With New Runtime in Tow

Everyone reading this no doubt loves Android, but how many of you know how Android runs? Android apps are written in the Java programming language but how is that converted into a language that can be read by our devices, considering the hardware is not powerful enough to have its own Java virtual machine? Way back when Android was created, a mobile virtual machine was also created, the Dalvik VM. The Dalvik VM is a virtual machine that runs apps written in Java, the runtime. Android often struggled with multitasking in the early days, due to the... Continue reading

A users’ guide to Android 4.4′s new developer features

In the wee hours of this morning, after much speculation and more leaks than you'd find in a Californian bar, Google finally released Android 4.4, more commonly known as Kit Kat. The latest version of Android largely improves on what was already there, with better support for things like printing and NFC card emulation, but also adds a host of new features and APIs designed to improve performance and battery life across all devices. Performance Google claim to have designed Kit Kat to run on devices with as... Continue reading

Updated:Android 4.4 heading to AOSP now, Factory Image for Nexus 5 coming today Nexus 4, 7, and 10 in coming weeks

With Android 4.4(Kit Kat) now officially announced, we all want to know when we can get it. Ed Heyl, who appears to be the new JBQ has announced that the Android 4.4 - Build KRT16M - is now being pushed to AOSP with Factory images and Binaries for the Nexus 5 due up on the Nexus Factory images page later today. Today, Google took the wraps off the Nexus 5 and the Android 4.4 KitKat release. Now we're happy to announce the matching open source release. You can read more about what's new in Android 4.4 KitKat on our... Continue reading

Nexus 5: More Alleged Photo Leaks and a Reddit Ask Me Anything

In a very recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) on popular site Reddit, a user going by the name of throwawaynexus5guy has been busy answering questions about the Nexus 5 that he alleges to have spent some time with recently. As proof he uploaded pictures as proof. He didn't have time to delve deeply into the device, but here is a summation of  his answers poised to him by his fellow Redditors: Always on microphone similar to the Moto X Improved camera, but not vastly so Hangouts has SMS and IMS integrated into the one threaded conversation The Nexus 5 updates to Android 4.4.1... Continue reading

Rumour:Android 4.4 to aim at low-end devices as well as wearables, TV and NFC

According to a leaked document that was sourced by Amir Efrati from the upcoming version of Android will be aiming at a few things in particular - low-end phones, TV, wearable computing and NFC. The document which is reported to be shared with Google hardware partners lists the very hot new consumer range of wearable computing, with Kit Kat expected to support three new sensors - geomagnetic rotation vector, step detector and step counter. The new sensors will possibly be used in Glass and very likely the rumoured Smartwatch that Google is rumoured to be gearing up to... Continue reading

NVIDIA Shield Android 4.3 update now rolling out

For those that have imported an NVIDIA Shield, we have good news. An Android 4.3 update is rolling out now, and it brings support for "thousands more Android games" according to the NVIDIA Blog. NVIDIA says: Fans of big-screen gaming and entertainment can check out the new Console Mode, which turns SHIELD into a portable living room game console. PC enthusiasts will be thrilled to know PC streaming, now called NVIDIA GameStream, has officially launched. Our over-the-air update also brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to SHIELD. And then there’s SHIELD Gamepad Mapper – which turns touch-based Android games into... Continue reading

Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5 rolling out to international HTC One in Europe

If you have an international, unlocked version of the HTC One, then an update to Android 4.3 which includes Sense 5.5 could be rolling out to you shortly. Several sites are reporting that the 675MB update is now hitting HTC One owners in European countries in Nordic regions as well as Russia and countries in Eastern Europe. HTC Rom developer @LlabTooFeR supplied a screenshot of the update Changelog, which includes the ability to turn Blinkfeed off entirely : As well as tweeting a link to the OTA, for those wanting to attempt the update without waiting. As usual for... Continue reading

Samsung advises list of devices that will be compatible with the Galaxy Gear

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear at IFA in September, the compatability was limited to Samsung Galaxy devices and at that a limited selection, limited to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1(2014 Edition) initially, but they advised that an update would come soon to the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II in October. The rollout has begun for the Galaxy S4 - at least in Germany - but the other devices will be coming soon and Samsung has now extended the list of devices that... Continue reading

Google Play to possibly add Newsstand app in Android 4.4

Android 4.4(Kit Kat) could have a surprise entrant in the Google Play store with AndroidPolice reporting that Google is indeed looking at placing newspaper subscriptions within the Play Store, at least according to code found in a tear-down of the latest Google Play APK that's rolling out to Android users now. While this isn't exactly brand new - The rumour of a News section within Google Play first surfaced back in March this year - but the more up to date code found in this most recent update makes the section's debut look more likely. Whilst their is no... Continue reading

Google+ Hangouts US iOS update – hints of what to come soon for Android in Australia?

We don't normally report on iOS news, but this one is special. Google Product Manager Kate Cushing recently announced an update to their US  iOS Hangouts app. The update integrates Google Voice into Hangouts. In Australia we don't have access to Voice, but with the anticipated major overhaul to Hangouts in Android 4.4, that could be about to change. We previously reported that with the Android 4.4 update, Hangouts will become a unified messaging app, bringing SMS under the Hangouts umbrella. Recently leaked Nexus 5 Google Play (US) images clearly show... Continue reading

Nexus 5 makes a surprise US Google Play appearance

Earlier today the Nexus 5 accidentally appeared in the US Google Play store, then Android Police dug around and found a high resolution copy of the device pictured in Google Play. The Nexus 5 is listed as starting at US $349 for what we presume to be the 16GB version. We anticipate the 32GB model to be US $399. The listing reads: Nexus 5 - Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at (US) $349. Here are the high resolution shots of the Nexus 5 - straight from Google themselves - with the top speaker uncovered,... Continue reading