Android 4.3 rolling out to international Galaxy S4 starting in Germany

If you've been waiting for the Android 4.3 update to hit your Samsung Galaxy S4 in order to rush out and grab a Galaxy Gear, then you may actually be able to do that quite soon, with reports coming in that Samsung has begun rolling out the Android 4.3 update to owners of the Snapdragon based Galaxy S4(GT-I9505) in Germany. The update brings about not only the Galaxy Gear compatability but KNOX capabilities as well as TRIM support that saw speed improvements on the aging original Nexus 7 when it updated. There are other improvements included :... Continue reading

Kit Kat teases with “This Is It”

On their Google+ page yesterday, Nestle posted their Android KitKat mascot with its arms in the air and the heading, "Everybody dance now!": Today they posted, This Is It, with the line - "Sometimes you have to look for the signs": After putting two and two together and adding that up to 5, sleuths on the Kit Kat page have come up with a very plausible argument that these teasers are referring to an October 28 announcement of Android 4.4. Firstly, yesterdays "Everybody dance now" doesn't mean much by itself, but when combined with today's "Sometimes you... Continue reading

More Android 4.4 KitKat screen shots emerge

In the previous leak of Android 4.4, the surprise Easter Egg was a slice of lime over a large K, representing the Google code name for 4.4 - Key Lime Pie. Things have changed since then, as KitKat has been revealed as the new name for the next version of Android. The latest leak, displayed here on a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, shows an "androidified" KitKat logo - though Key Lime Pie is still evident. Google will be changing this to KitKat before the release of 4.4. To get to the Android Easter Eggs, in the "About... Continue reading

Rumour: Google Experience – Android 4.4 Launcher?

On Google Play you can download almost everything to make most Android devices look and feel just like a Nexus. From Chrome Browser, the Google Keyboard, Play Music/Movies/Books to Google Drive and Keep, plus many more apps that bring the latest Android functionality to the majority of phones. Except there is one glaring omission, and that's the launcher - or user interface. If the latest rumour is to be believed, then that's about to change with the imminent release of Google Experience, Google's own launcher. This will tie together all of the apps that Google has been unbundling from... Continue reading

More Nexus 5 pictures surface along with further Android 4.4 leaks

It appears that Italian site Tutto Android has gotten themselves quite the source on the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat, with more information being published which reveals more about the look and feel of Android 4.4 as well as some accounts on the look and feel of the hardware on the Nexus 5. To start with a picture of the front of the device reveals the rounded speaker at the top of the phone, with the design being similar to those pictures that have already been leaked although a little more squared. The device is said to be 'much lighter... Continue reading

More Android 4.4 and Nexus 5 rumours and another possible release date

Android 4.4 - Kit Kat. It was announced as the next version of Android over a month ago, but with no feature set or indication of what it would include. The single 0.1 step upgrade from Android 4.3 seemingly indicates that no major GUI overhaul will be included but what will be included is the big question and two sources today seem to shed some light on that. As far as rumours for Android 4.4 the sources are a mix of AndroidPolice and Italian site Tuttoandroid, with both showing evidence of different location settings. With the new options seemingly setup... Continue reading

Android 4.3.1 Factory Images available for Nexus 7 (2013) LTE

Only 5 days ago and quite unexpected, we reported that the OTA rollout of Android 4.3.1 started appearing on Nexus 7 (2013) LTE models. Now only days later the factory images have appeared on the Google Developers website. It continues Google's commitment to the Nexus program being on the latest builds (where hardware allows this), timely updates and transparent in the availability of source code and factory images. The latest image, build number - JLS36I - can be downloaded manually if you're yet to receive an OTA for your device. The quick updates is... Continue reading

Reported HTC Sense 5.5 screenshots leaked

If you're a HTC fan, then you may be quite interested in an update to the Sense version of Android that is coming soon to some HTC handsets. From the Android-Revolution site, mike1986 has posted screenshots as well as a quick rundown on what the screenshots represent. First up is the controversial BlinkFeed homescreen widget, it's a love it or hate it feature for most HTC phone owners and from the screenshots delivered, it appears that you will be able to either set BlinkFeed on/off or set it as your home screen. There are also more options to change your... Continue reading

Android 4.3.1 for Nexus 7 rolling out now

There have been a few recent updates for Nexus devices, but they have been so minor that they haven't been deemed to have a "point" added by Google. That is until now. Rolling out to Nexus 7 devices, with the LTE model being the first cab off the rank, Google introduces Android 4.3.1. What this update brings is, umm, Google Keep as a standard app for Jelly Bean. There are probably a few bug and security fixes happening in the background, but the general feel of the update is that it's pretty minor. Here's the nitty-gritty on the Android... Continue reading

Claimed Android 4.4 running on a Nexus 4

The good folk over at gadget helpline had a recent visitor in the form of a phone running Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie, now known as KitKat. This is probably an early version of 4.4 as it is loaded onto a Nexus 4, and the Easter Egg animation is a large white K followed by a slice of lime with cocktail sticks. There was a huge amount of secrecy relating to the Google deal with Nestle, even the developers weren't aware of the name change until the last minute. The images from the Nexus 4 can only be... Continue reading

More Jelly Bean 4.3 leaks from Samsung – this time it’s the Galaxy Note II

We previously reported on a test build of Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now it is the older siblings turn, the Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N1700). This unofficial test update is a very early build, so be warned that it might contain its fair share of bugs and glitches. What this does bring to the Note II is  Samsung Knox, plus core elements of Touchwiz from the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 to bring  the Note II up to date within the family of devices. Knox divides your personal and work... Continue reading

Latest leaked Android 4.3 test firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

The good folks over at SamMobile have snapped up a pre-release copy of  Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505). If you are adventurous and want to flash the new firmware, just be aware that this is a test version, but SamMobile reports that it is stable. They also say that the performance has been enhanced, being faster with less lag. Most of the improvements are behind the scenes, but a few tweaks that you will notice is a new and improved keyboard, a new Reading Mode that optimises the screen for reading, and improved colour reproduction... Continue reading

Supposed Nexus 5 screenshot and bug report log file leaks

The rumoured new Nexus 5 must be getting close, as leaks substantiating previous rumours are starting to flow. In these latest leaks we have a screenshot that displays the white status bar icons we previously reported that could possibly be changed to other preset colours in Android 4.4: There is a slice of Key Lime Pie with antennae that appear to be the debugging icon. Though we now know that Android 4.4 is< a href=""> officially named KitKat, developers within Google have always called this edition of Android Key Lime Pie. The bottom navigation bar is  black, not the hoped for translucent effect. Further,... Continue reading