Game Review: Ball Of Woe

New Sydney-based developer Doppler Interactive recently released their first Android game Ball of Woe to the Google Play store. The game is the brainchild of Joshua - the developer, and Jessica - the graphic designer. The storyline behind Ball of Woe is that the citizens of 'Nicetown' have balled up all their sadness into a 'Ball of Woe' that you - as God - must guide through a physics-based puzzle maze on a suspended track using Puffs of air. You have to keep the ball on the track and avoid obstacles like holes in the track in order to... Continue reading

Lexathon Word Jumble – Addictive word fun

XandarMob is an Australian indie game developer based in Brisbane who have released Lexathon® word jumble onto Google Play. The game is basic in concept but addictive in nature; playing the game is simple -- there is a 3x3 grid of letters, which you must use to create as many words containing at least 4 letters as possible, with all words including the letter located in the middle square and you can only use each letter once. You are able to shuffle the letter positions of the 8 letters surrounding the central letter at any time using the... Continue reading

SoundGecko – Listen to websites, PDFs and RSS Feeds

121Cast is an Australian software production company based in Melbourne. Founded in February 2012, they've released a number of applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Chrome. Today I'm looking at their Android offering, SoundGecko. SoundGecko is a combination of local app and cloud-based service that allows you to listen to things that you would normally read, like posts from websites or your RSS Feeds. It's an interesting idea which, at first, I didn't see much need for. However, after using it for a few days I have found it to be an invaluable tool. The theory behind SoundGecko... Continue reading

S-Note — Review

Note: This review was written by Juliet Fieldew - wife of the Jedi - and complements our Galaxy Note II review. Creatives everywhere have been enthused by the fabulous functions of the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen and S Note software. Whether you’re into fashion sketches or productivity presentations, there’s a lot that can be done on the Note II once you know how. My job as the creative half of the review team, was to put the Note II through its paces and find out what I could do with such a yummy piece of hardware. One thing I... Continue reading

IM+ Pro — Review

Looking for an all in one instant messaging app? Look no further. I had looked around for quite some time for a really nice, easy to use all in one instant messaging program. There were plenty that came close but they didn't: Offer a smooth user experience Have all the IM protocols I wanted to connect to Have appropriate customisation and of course there were plenty that just didn't make the cut. I've found one that I really like finally: IM+ Pro by Shape. It's a clean interface, connects to all of the IM services I use regularly and offers a really... Continue reading

tTorrent Pro – Review

In the age of digital file sharing we’re always on the lookout for a newer, cleaner, more effective way to share our legally acquired files with each other. Here’s another one that could save you stress and potentially a bit of money! Let me explain: Many ISP’s have peak/offpeak plans which leads to customers leaving their PCs on overnight to make use of this offpeak data that is at their disposal. Even with offpeak power rates this can end up being a costly adventure for people to have their PCs on overnight for extended periods of time. ... Continue reading

Critter Escape – App Review

You're a test-subject critter and you need to escape the secret research laboratory! Planet Muck brings us an action-packed 3D maze chase game, with an overlay of undeniable cute, Critter Escape. You play the part of the "Test Subject" critter, and you have to escape the secret research laboratory, where you are being detained. The storyline through the levels is engaging, and teamed with great graphics, the game-play is smooth. You have the choice of two types of input, a tap to path, or a virtual joystick. Both are single touch controls, so it can be easily... Continue reading

Checking out with Google Wallet

One of the coolest (and hence, most hyped) uses of NFC would have to be the use of it for contactless payments.Just like your MasterCard or Visa card with PayPass or payWave. The most widely known example of using your phone as your wallet is probably Google’s Wallet app. After installing it on your Android phone, you’re all set to tap away. But the problem with Google Wallet is that Google wants to control the whole experience, so you can only install it officially on a handful of devices, has only integrated tightly with Citibank, and so only a handful of customers... Continue reading

Whirldroid — App Review

If you're a frequent visitor to Australia's most popular internet and technology discussion forum Whirlpool then you would know the mobile interface can be unreliable at times. Aussie developer and Whirlpool enthusiast Greg Smith has created a free app 'Whirldroid' which makes viewing the Whirlpool forums on your Android phone or tablet a breeze. The app is still relatively new and being updated quite frequently with new features added and bugs squashed every few days, we reviewed version 1.3 of the app on a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7. To begin you need to log... Continue reading

Holo Launcher HD – App Review

Since getting my Google Nexus 7 tablet, I have been loving the pure Android experience of Jelly Bean.  It's simple, clean and nice to look at.  I’m eager for it to roll out to my Samsung Galaxy S2, but I just don't feel comfortable rooting and flashing my phone to get it now.  So I went looking for a launcher that gives me that Jelly Bean feeling, without potentially turning my phone into a brick. Holo Launcher HD, from Mobint Software, is a free app in the Play Store that gives... Continue reading

Stick Tennis – App Review

One of my favourite games on Android is Stick Cricket which I reviewed when it first came out on Android. Today Stick Sports has released another game into the Google Play Store : Stick Tennis. Following in the same graphical style of play seen in Stick Cricket, Stick Tennis offers players the chance to play an addictively challenging game of Tennis against a vast array of opponents on many different court types. It's Free to download and play although there are in-app purchases which I'll list as we go. The game arrives a couple of months after it... Continue reading

Pinterest for Android — App Review

For quite some time there has been an app available for the iOS users of Pinterest. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was an app. Android users have had to put up with a rather lacklustre mobile site, which actually stopped me from using the site when I wasn’t at my computer. That changed this week when Pinterest released an updated iOS and a brand spanking new Android App. I downloaded it as soon as I found out about it. I love Pinterest. It has been a source of inspiration on more than... Continue reading

Beanhunter for Android — App Review

Beanhunter is an app that has been released by a company based in Melbourne, having released their Beanhunter iOS app a fair while ago, they have received many requests for an Android version which they released just in time for Christmas last year. The app which allows you to find cafes near you (or anywhere in the world), read and write reviews about cafes in their extensive database or add cafes if they aren`t, it also allows you to save your favourite cafes for quick access on your phone or online. I've been playing with it for a while... Continue reading