Adobe Touch Apps — Review

It's not all that often that a high quality app is available exclusively to Android (well initially anyway), but the people who brought Flash to Android now bring you six more of them in the Adobe Touch app family. Adobe Touch apps are a suite of creative apps designed for tablets, but not restricted to them, since you can share files through Adobe Creative Cloud allowing you to share work between your tablet and Adobe Creative Suite software on your computer. These apps will not appeal to everyone but they will be very popular with the creative types... Continue reading

The Adventures of Tintin HD movie tie-in game – Review

The wait is over, the official Tintin movie tie-in game from Gameloft is now available to purchase. The movie, which is due out on the 26th of Decemeber is fantastic and Tintin fans can get a look at the storyline by playing through this game. It follows the general storyline of the film but doesn`t spoil the movie experience when you watch it. After the initial purchase and install of the game, when you first launch it you are prompted to download 898mb of files, so i’d suggest completing the download on Wifi. Once the download is completed you watch... Continue reading

Stick Cricket for Android — App Review

Arriving just in time for the Cricket season is a game that my brother has been telling me about on iOS for ages, Stick Cricket. This game has been hugely popular on iOS for a long time and apparently has seen a huge amount of community pressure to release an Android version which Stick Sports has now done. Stick Cricket is free in the Android market, allows you to practise a few overs with different bowlers before trying your skills out in the World Domination section where you can pit your cricketing skills against some of the worlds best bowlers... Continue reading

Official Hotmail App – Now on the Market: Review

Hotmail, the worlds longest standing free cloud email solution has finally delivered an official app in the market for Android. With a reported 355 million active Hotmail accounts worldwide at the end of 2010 (compared to Gmail figures of 193 million), it's surprising that it's taken Microsoft so long to deliver an app for Android devices. But does it tick all the boxes? (more…) Continue reading

Minecraft Pocket Edition for Xperia Play — Mini Review

I recently got my hands on the Xperia Play (thanks, Sony Ericsson!) to have a play with some of the new games that had been announced exclusively for the device. One of those games was Minecraft Pocket Edition. Being a massive fan of Minecraft on the desktop I was interested to see what the mobile edition of the game was offering. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game is exactly how you see it on the desktop (although the shadowing and lighting effects aren't as good), it's not a game the kind of looks like Minecraft and... Continue reading

Viber: Free Calls and Messaging — Review

A free app that allows you unlimited messages and calls through your data connection can be a bit of a trap for new players. But for those of us that have either a high data plan, or understand that VoIP connections can chew through a lot of data are in the box seat to use Viber to its full potential and save ourselves some money! (more…) Continue reading

Platinum Air Hockey — Review

It's not often we review games on Ausdroid, but when they are made by Australian developers, we're keen to make sure we take the time to play them and show our support for the developers where we can. As the name would suggest, Platinum Air Hockey (made by Australian Developer, Platinum Apps) is a simulated Air Hockey game available only on Android tablets. It has all the parts needed for a great Air Hockey game, 2 paddles, a puck and a table. (more…) Continue reading

Google Music — Review

iOS has iTunes native to it, although there are a number of ways to get your iTunes library onto your Android phone none are truly native with an app that is designed for the device. Nokia (prior to the downward spiral that it's currently riding) had the Ovi Store, now Android has Google Music. Although it's still in Beta and will be for quite some time if their previous efforts in Gmail and currently Google Plus are anything to go by, Google Music is a really well thought out use of the cloud to really enable users to... Continue reading

App Review: JAGEN

Ausdroid's Aussie App Review has been on hiatus for a little while, but now we have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 in the Ausdroid head office, it's time to get back into them when we have time. The first app we decided to have a look at was JAGEN, a game from The Grey Studios. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not much of a gamer, but I found this game a bit of fun. It's described on the Market as: JAGEN is a new and exciting arcade game where... Continue reading

App Review: Pocket Casts

    We have featured Shifty Jelly apps on Ausdroid before, with our review of their Pocket Weather AU app. This time around we review the Podcast player, Pocket Casts. Let's get started. Pros... Easy to use Download or Streaming options Great playback options No need for PC/Mac software Cons... No widget support - yet Small issues regarding to playback and calling (more…) Continue reading

App Review: Quota for Android

The next installment in the Ausdroid Aussie App Review series has landed, and today we're looking at Quota from SouthFreo Software. Quota is a simple app, and yet another which has made the transition from iOS to Android. Quota is an app which checks your usage of your mobile account, including data and call usage, as well as checking usage on other items, such as ISP/broadband accounts, toll accounts, and loyalty cards. It offers two easy ways to access your data and check your usage - two widgets (shown to the right) which either... Continue reading

App Review: PerthTT – Perth Transport Timetables

When Chris got this nifty little app across his desk, as part of our Aussie App Review series, he gave me a shout straight away. It was a Perth based transport app, called PerthTT or Perth Transport Timetables, it was very similar to what Chris had reviewed earlier with TripView Sydney. So lets hit it off. Much like the TripView Sydney app, PerthTT displays all the timetable information for buses, train and ferries within TransPerth's transport network. It contains the following features: Searchable via keywords or Stop IDs Data is downloaded on first launch and is stored locally, meaning no... Continue reading

App Review: Pocket Weather AU

Today in our Aussie Apps review column we're looking at Pocket Weather Australia, from Shifty Jelly. We've loaded it up on the HTC Desire HD from MobiCity and given it a test toast! Pocket Weather AU is one of many apps that has (finally) made its way across to Android having started live as an iOS app. I have an iPhone for work (though my Android phone can access Exchange just as easily), and I have only a few apps installed on it, and Pocket Weather AU is one of them, because it (in my assessment) gives the... Continue reading