Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) — Review

Samsung have been making some impact in the tablet market in the past 12 months but does the 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 stand out in the ever-growing crowd of premium tablets? Samsung are the big success story when it comes to Android, they dominate the market with sales figures, profits and a huge market share with their “Galaxy” range of devices; the Galaxy S range of phones and the Galaxy Note range of phones and tablets. Apple’s iPad has held the lion's share of the 10” tablet market since its launch, so there’s no surprise that... Continue reading

ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 — Review

Asus and Intel join forces in this mid range pitch for the large tablet market. The Asus Intel Proposition Asus has good market credibility in the Android tablet space. With successes like the Nexus 7 and Transformer line of tablets they are probably as well known as Samsung for innovation with larger Android tablets. Intel, on the other hand, are yet to really make their mark with a successful Android product. Reviewing this tablet has been a good opportunity for me to see what these two long time partners in the Windows world could come up with on a new... Continue reading

Hisense Sero 7 Pro — Review

The Sero 7 Pro is Hisense's first foray into the ultra-competitive tablet market, and they've chosen to model it on Google's Nexus 7. Since the Nexus 7 proved that there was a viable market for 7-inch Android tablets, almost every OEM out there has been clamouring for a piece of that pie. With the notable exception of Samsung, each manufacturer seems to be in a race to deliver the least skinned UI, while still doing something to differentiate themselves from their competition. Hisense have won this contest hands down, offering a 7-inch tablet with a build of Android so... Continue reading

Hisense Sero 7 Pro – first impressions

Hisense's first foray into the tablet market, the Sero 7 Pro, is very similar to last year's Nexus 7 in looks and specifications - a 7-inch tablet running NVIDIA's Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip inside its minimalistic black glass front and soft-touch plastic rear. I received a review unit directly from Hisense yesterday, and after spending yesterday with the tablet, I have some initial thoughts that I'd like to share with y'all. Let's start with the specifications - a very good place to start: NVidia Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip 7-inch 1280x800 IPS LCD display 8 GB... Continue reading

Nexus 7 (2013) – First Impressions

When Google announced the new Nexus 7 on July 24, I knew I was going to buy one. Heck, I buy every Nexus - even the ill fated Nexus Q. I feel this allows me to compare the original and the new version properly. Google has unfortunately staggered the rollout of the 2013 Nexus 7. We still don't know exactly when the 2013 Nexus 7 will go on sale here in Australia, but indications from retailers are that it will be either late August or early September. Google has remained silent when asked for a launch... Continue reading

Jacobs Portal 9.7″ Tablet — Review

A sub $200 10 inch Android tablet usually spells danger, but does the Jacobs Portal 9.7” device deserve the stigma? As I stated in my recent review of the Leader Tab, there’s two distinctly different segments when it comes to 10-inch tablets. There’s the performance devices, which includes the Nexus 10 and the Sony Xperia Tablet Z; and the “budget conscious” range. There’s no end of contenders here, but there’s even more pretenders. The specs are about right but the optimisation just isn’t there. The optimisation of devices is something... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tablet Z (16GB Wifi) — Review

Sony have a great name, but is the Xperia Tablet Z a great product? There’s some serious competition when it comes to 10 inch tablets currently, both in the budget conscious as well as the performance devices. Sony by way of their price tag have suggested that the Xperia Tablet Z is firmly entrenched in the latter. When looking at the 10 inch tablets, the clear and obvious head of the pack is the Apple iPad; it’s been around the longest and has somewhat of a stranglehold on the market segment. The Nexus 10 is very popular in terms... Continue reading

Leader Tab 10″ — Review

Leader offers a breath of fresh air into a rough and stale market with their 10-inch Jellybean Tablet. When you’ve tested, reviewed and owned top end tablet devices, it can sometimes be tempting to dismiss tablets that aren't in this same category. However, Ausdroid always offers honest reviews on all devices, with criticism and praise given where it’s due. I’ve tested low-cost products in the past and returned them without writing up a review, as the product quality was just too low. So, you can understand that I was a little apprehensive about reviewing a sub-$300.00 10-inch Jellybean tablet,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Wi-fi) — Review

Can the Galaxy Note 8 stand up to Samsung’s high standards? In the last few years, Samsung has created an amazing success story with their Galaxy S phones, and more recently the Galaxy Note range - the first Galaxy Note phone was popular, and the Galaxy Note II was nothing short of a genuine success. After some early missteps with their Galaxy Note tablets, Samsung has started to redeem themselves in the tablet market, starting with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and now the Galaxy Note 8. There’s an ever-increasing number of tablets in the... Continue reading

Nexus 10 — Review

The Nexus program ventures into 10" Territory Traditionally the 10" Android tablet market has been a pretty disappointing affair. The big name tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the Asus Transformer series have both sold in numbers which have obviously been enough to warrant sequels and further investment by their respective companies. But so far however, they have failed to set the world aflame with desire. The announcement by Google that they would be releasing a 10" Nexus tablet was met with some scepticism by the Android community at large. Putting my own scepticism aside, I decided that... Continue reading

Panasonic FZ-A1 Toughpad — Review

Panasonic's first Android tablet! It's rugged but is it worth it? Some of you may have heard about Panasonic's Toughbook Laptops, a range of practically bullet-proof machines. Well, Panasonic have recently released a fairly rugged Android tablet called the "Toughpad"; it's probably not bullet-proof and I'm not suggesting you should test it, but it will hold up well against most of what you can throw at it. Again, no suggestions. When I first heard that Panasonic were going to release an Android tablet, I wasn't sure what to think. Would it be terrible or could it be a... Continue reading

Jetway 7″ Alfar Pad — Mini Review

We don't review enough cheap tablets, so we reviewed one for you! The tablet market used to be dominated by the iPad. Nowadays, just as Android has taken over the smartphone market and has a huge market share, Android is making inroads into the tablet market. While the original Galaxy Tab missed a few marks and wasn't all that popular, things have certainly changed now, where the Nexus 7 is a very popular tablet, and the price is pretty good too. However, at $300-ish, this is not exactly a 'go out and just buy one' purchase. Some folks, for... Continue reading

Google Nexus 7 — Review

Google rolls the dice with their first tablet. For some, the wait for a Nexus branded tablet has been painfully lengthy. So many lovers of Android have been crying out for a slate with Google’s specific hand of blessing on it. But it’s not only the fans who have longed for a different formula from Android. General consumers everywhere who’d heard of Amazon’s Kindle Fire but couldn’t get one (it’s available in the US only) had their appetites whetted for a low cost, high quality alternative to the more expensive offerings in the market. Especially since many of... Continue reading