Tuesday , September 27 2016


Moto 360 — Smartwatch Review

moto 360 cradle

There’s little doubt in my mind that smart watches have really exploded this year; we’ve gone from an environment where there were a couple of watches that paired via Bluetooth and didn’t do a great deal beyond vibrating occasionally, to the era of the Pebble about this time (or a …

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HTC Desire 610 — Review

Since launching as their ‘Premiere’ device, the HTC Desire fell on some hard times. HTC resurrected the brand as a low-mid range series of devices, capitalising on the inherrent good will towards the brand name. HTC has been outsourcing production of the Desire series of phones to save costs recently, …

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HTC One E8 — Review


As HTC’s flagship efforts have intensified on their hardware design, the premium attached to that design has seen the purchase price of the phones go up. The One (M8) left consumers with little change out of $1000, owing to its head-turning aluminium body and fancy UltraPixel follow-up, the Duo Camera. …

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Oppo Find 7 — Review

Oppo Find 7 Headre

Oppo has just entered the market in Australia, they’ve arrived with four phones to sell through their OppoMobile website, offering phones from the budget conscious Neo 5, up through the N1 mini, Find 7a, all the way to their current flagship phone, the Find 7. Oppo has the distinction of …

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LG G Watch — Review

G Watch Title

LG is no stranger to smartwatches, having made an early attempt at the market with the LG-GD910. It wasn’t terribly successful, but neither were most smartwatches in those days. When Pebble launched on Kickstarter, the enthusiasm with which the public embraced the project sent a clear signal to OEMs and …

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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet — Review


Sony’s mobile evolution in the last 18 months, together with their experience in screen production with their television range, puts them in a really good position to produce quality hardware. After an unfortunate run of lackluster devices the company has rebuilt its reputation in the mobile space, starting with the …

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LG G3 — Review

LG G3 Header

As we approach the end of the US summer, the big guns of the Android ecosystem — HTC, Samsung and to a lesser extent Sony — have played their hands. These manufacturers traditionally square off in the early months of the year launch their annual flagships, and for the most …

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ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C) — Review

As a top 10 manufacturer of tablets, Asus has been a powerhouse when it comes to providing Android tablets. Asus has provided a full range of tablets in varying from factors, from Transformers to Fonepads, Padfones, and MeMO Pads, they know what they’re doing when it comes to tablets, especially …

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Plantronics Backbeat Fit — Review

The old 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t as widely used as it once was, at least for plugging in headphones, thanks to ever improving technology in the Bluetooth headphone market. The latest bluetooth headphones to be released in the Australian market are the Plantronics Backbeat Fit – a pair of over-ear …

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HTC Desire 816 — Review


There’s long been a split in the market between the “flagship” phones manufacturers launch with much pomp and circumstance like the Galaxy S5 or One (M8) and the second-tier devices like the Galaxy Ace or F Series. While expensive high-end phones allow manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest …

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