Nexus 7 — Mini Review

Aside from being a bit of a gadget freak, the tech in my life needs to be useful and used, otherwise it's just clutter. When the Nexus 7 was announced I could feel my inner gadgetgrrl sqee-ing at the thought of a device that had the potential to be complete awesomesauce. That's when my Sensible side spoke up and asked "Is this a USEFUL device?" For the next week I searched the interwebs for as much info as I could get my hands on. (more…) Continue reading

Jelly Bean Review

We were introduced to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) at the June 28th keynote address for the Google Developer Conference IO 2012. Whilst it looked fantastic we were extremely eager to take it for a test drive and fortunately Google handed out Galaxy Nexus phones to attendees which received an OTA update to Jelly Bean while they were still at the conference. As this was a developer conference the OTA package was quickly captured and refined into a ClockworkMod flashable ROM by the team at XDA-Developers and made available to anyone willing to flash it. All the Ausdroid team... Continue reading

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 — Review

Can the style of Prada be put into a phone? The Prada Phone by LG 3.0 is the third phone in a series designed by Prada and built by LG, however the first two phones ran Flash UI and this third phone is the first Prada branded phone to run the Android OS. LG has gone with Android 2.3.7 for this phone however an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich has been promised for later in the year. The Prada phone was released on April 4th online by LG on the Vodafone network in Australia and into stores on the 19th... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III — Review

Samsung's latest flagship is good, but is it good enough to fend off the competition? You may have watched the launch of the Galaxy S III live from London, almost six weeks ago. At some point you may have been horrified with the nature theme (pebbles, water, etc) and the “made for humans” catch cry. Honestly, I still cringe a bit when I see a commercial with those words in it. Perhaps you were disappointed with the plasticky (actually polycarbonate) materials used in its construction or... Continue reading

Logitech Mini Boombox — Review

A great little toy to add to your bag of tech tricks. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Logitech hardware, keyboards, mice, speakers I've had them all. Now tablets are becoming an everyday tech tool, accessories are becoming more important. Logitech have been kind enough to send us another of their mobile device accessories to review and put out the good word to you. I have to say, the word is good, but not brilliant. Lightweight Physical Size is quite small Good but not brilliant sound for a small device Battery life on the speaker is... Continue reading

HTC One XL — Review

HTC has upped its game from the One X to the LTE-enabled One XL and it's worth every cent. The HTC One XL isn't a design we've never seen before; it's the HTC One X with a few tweaks. Well, by "tweaks", we mean some pretty awesome under-the-hood changes. It picks up where the One X left off, but has moved from a Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU to a Dual-Core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chipset as well as an LTE modem for break-neck mobile data speeds (in Telstra's 4G coverage, obviously). Don't let the change from 4 cores to 2 cores... Continue reading

Huawei Vision — Review

Looks aren`t always everything, but sometimes they`re enough I`ve been getting to this for nearly 5 months, but I've finally gotten here. To be fair, this phone came out at the same time my Galaxy Nexus arrived. I attended the launch of the Huawei Vision back in November, which was held at the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney. The Vision was handed out to attendees and was pre-loaded with an augmented reality app which reacted to various QR Codes placed around the gallery on exhibits, quite a novel approach and really got me to focus on the phone and the... Continue reading

HTC One X — Review

The same HTC but with a lot more common 'Sense' In 2011 HTC got really excited about releasing their Sensation phone, however in light of what Motorola and Samsung were doing with their Dual-Core offerings in that year, this phone fell short of the calibre of 2011 devices. Despite the Sensation not quite being the beast that it should have, HTC persisted and released a few more Sensation branded devices that would boast that extra oompf that the original Sensation wasn't able to deliver. At the end of last year HTC were reporting lower than expected fiscal performance, this didn't... Continue reading

Droidax PortaCharge — Review

Being connected is important in the current day, proven by how helpless we feel when our phones and other gadgets run out of battery... Fear not, the PortaCharge is perfect to prevent that connectivity being cut! Like many people, due to employment necessity and personal requirements (ie. Music and Video for entertainment) I carry multiple gadgets to and from work with me every day. Of course they don't use the same charging plugs! My iPod has the proprietary Apple Connector, My Touchpad and Phone have micro USB. I've been caught out before due to heavy use on... Continue reading

Sony Xperia S — Review

Sony Mobile's first flagship device, and it's running a previous generation OS The Sony Xperia S is a phone a lot of people have been looking forward to ever since it was announced by the newly formed Sony Mobile back at CES. It is Sony Mobile's first flagship Android device so I was expecting they would go all-out on it. In terms of hardware, they have; in terms of software, they haven't. To launch your flagship device running Android 2.3.7 when the latest version is 4.0.x is dropping the ball hard. Users miss out on the functionality and... Continue reading

Red Bull Mobile Australia — Review

We review Red Bull Mobile's prepaid service, and found it a mixed bag. The other week, we received an approach from Red Bull Mobile Australia (RBMA). Their proposal? Check out our service, have a SIM card on us, try it in one of our prepaid handsets to be supplied, and let us know what you think. So... We have. Those of you who are longer term readers will know a few things about Ausdroid. Firstly, I don't often do reviews anymore. Secondly, we don't often review carriers themselves - we're an Android blog, and we tend to review things Android related. So you... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 — Review

So good that I bought one for myself The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 really proves the statement that good things come in small packages, with some significant advantages over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and many other tablets on the market in an ideal 7.7 form factor. Our review unit is the 16GB silver 3G model kindly provided by Mobicity and I’ve been using it daily for the past few weeks on my commute to work. The Tab 7.7 looks impressive with a silver metal (or white) rear and a gorgeous 16:10 1280x800 Super AMOLED... Continue reading