LG G Pad 8.3 — Review

Can LG supersize the excellent G2 smartphone and weave the same magic in tablet form? We haven’t seen a lot of activity from LG in the tablet market, despite its relative maturity. Looking back, LG last dipped its toes into the nascent Android tablet market when Honeycomb was officially A Thing with a number of devices that never really set the market alight. The company likely burned itself so badly with those devices that it removed itself from the Android tablet race altogether. It’s interesting that the company chose 2013 - when it was known to be working closely... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) — Review

Samsung have been making some impact in the tablet market in the past 12 months but does the 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 stand out in the ever-growing crowd of premium tablets? Samsung are the big success story when it comes to Android, they dominate the market with sales figures, profits and a huge market share with their “Galaxy” range of devices; the Galaxy S range of phones and the Galaxy Note range of phones and tablets. Apple’s iPad has held the lion's share of the 10” tablet market since its launch, so there’s no surprise that... Continue reading

Motorola Moto G — Review

Motorola's release of the Moto G marks the first handset released onto the Australian market from the mobile giant in quite some time. While it was hoped the Moto X would make it to Australia, it seems this was not to be, and after the mostly impressive release of the Moto RAZR M and RAZR HD in late 2012, it's fair to say there was a fair bit of anticipation for what might come next. The Moto G is a curious release for an Australian market that's... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Gear — Review

How does Samsung's smart watch stack up? The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first entry into the smart watch, or "wearables", market. It joins the Pebble and Sony's Sony’s Smartwatch 2 in what seems to be a developing market. It's arguable whether there is a need for this new generation of wearable technology - there is in fact no real ‘need’ for a watch at all these days, so a "smart" watch which tells the time and performs a few other functions really is a product that's trying to find a market. The Galaxy Gear isn't an... Continue reading

Game Review: Formula Legend – F1 Management

When we attended the EB Games Expo back in October, we met Nathan Harper from Beer Mogul games who showed us his Formula Legend - F1 Management game for Android. It was actually lauched at that time, but we've only just managed to get around to giving it a full workout, but we have so here we go. Gameplay Your first task in Formula Legend is to enter your name and then complete a driving test. This will grade your driving skills, which then takes you to a screen where the F1 teams will offer bids for your services to... Continue reading

Review: Car Dock Qi Charger

Last year when Google introduced Qi charging for the Nexus 4 we were all super excited to be able to charge our phones sans wires. At the time though, Qi charging for phones was relatively new and many people were burnt (along with suppliers and sellers) with Qi chargers that were less than perfect. They heated the phone up to dangerous levels, they stopped charging at 80% and several other issues were reports we heard on the grapevine as well as experienced ourselves. Fast forward 12 months and while there are still not many Android devices with Qi... Continue reading

Nexus 5 — Review

Not just for Nexus fans Since the Nexus One was released in 2010 Google have been using the Nexus line to cater to lots of different use cases and needs. Nexus phones have served honourably as Android Developer phones. Nexus phones have been the poster child for the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) too. If you wanted to modify your phone with a Custom ROM, it’s always been easy to do that with a Nexus. Nexus phones are also used to highlight Google services and a Nexus phone is a great vehicle for the ever developing Android ecosystem. Although we... Continue reading

HTC One Max — Review

Some say it's just a big HTC One. All we know is.. it's called the HTC One Max. HTC have been on a winning formula in 2013; the HTC One was — without doubt — one of the best smartphones of the year. When Ausdroid reviewed it earlier in the year, we sang its praises which were well deserved. Unlike Samsung, which has (and probably will) release a good number of variants on its winning Galaxy formula each year, HTC is much more focused, and until recently, the HTC One was pretty much it for 2013. We now have... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Review

Is Samsung's third entry in the series still one to take Note of? The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s third iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series, which started with a phone that, on release, was considered "niche" because of its supersized dimensions and S Pen stylus input. That initial ambivalence has given way to acceptance and excitement around the device's now annual revision cycle, after the "niche" device went on to sell over 38 million units over two releases. Updates to the Galaxy Note series are now met with as much anticipation as... Continue reading

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote — Accessory Review

It isn't every day that we get to review things at Ausdroid that are so completely compatible with our lives that we simply must have them at all costs. We review quite a many Android devices that are fantastic, but we give them back at the end of the review and move on with our tech lives. The Logitech Harmony Smart Remote is not one of those devices. It will take something in the order of dynamite and a trained negotiator to get me to give this gadget up, and even then, it might involve prying it from my cold... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini — Review

Making the right compromises for it’s target market, mostly. The Target Market Isn’t Small! Not everyone is keen on a big five-inch phone. Plenty of friends have asked me what I’d recommend as a smaller Android phone. Although the big phone segment of the market is hot right now, many people (myself included) are not appreciating the higher prices and hand gymnastics that are part of the package. Samsung realised this last year when they released the Galaxy SIII Mini, but frankly, that phone was underpowered and therefore unworthy of the Galaxy SIII moniker! Not fazed, Samsung tried again... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z1 — Review

Sony's second 2013 flagship phone doesn't disappoint. Earlier this year, we rather enjoyed our time with Sony's Xperia Z. The company's waterproof, dustproof, “lifeproof" device proved popular despite being the underdog in the annual HTC-Samsung duopoly of mega powerful flagship phones. It's thought that the device's popularity may have been assisted by the release window, which saw Sony get the Xperia Z to market a month or two before the One and the Galaxy S4, but the device wasn't without its flaws. Sony's breaking with the accepted market trend of releasing one-flagship-per-year, taking a second bite at the... Continue reading

Oppo R819 Dual-SIM Smartphone — Review

Oppo's Dual Sim followup to the Find 5 Oppo attracted the eye of media and consumers alike with their Find 5 earlier this year, a device that was - and still is - seen as a worthy flagship device in both specs and style. The Chinese manufacturer’s attention now seems to be shifting towards the growing dual SIM smartphone market with the R819. Taking a quick glance at the R819’s peers, you might ask why dual SIM devices are targeted towards the lower end of the market with some average to low specs - it seems likely that some users might... Continue reading