Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini — Review

Making the right compromises for it’s target market, mostly. The Target Market Isn’t Small! Not everyone is keen on a big five-inch phone. Plenty of friends have asked me what I’d recommend as a smaller Android phone. Although the big phone segment of the market is hot right now, many people (myself included) are not appreciating the higher prices and hand gymnastics that are part of the package. Samsung realised this last year when they released the Galaxy SIII Mini, but frankly, that phone was underpowered and therefore unworthy of the Galaxy SIII moniker! Not fazed, Samsung tried again... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z1 — Review

Sony's second 2013 flagship phone doesn't disappoint. Earlier this year, we rather enjoyed our time with Sony's Xperia Z. The company's waterproof, dustproof, “lifeproof" device proved popular despite being the underdog in the annual HTC-Samsung duopoly of mega powerful flagship phones. It's thought that the device's popularity may have been assisted by the release window, which saw Sony get the Xperia Z to market a month or two before the One and the Galaxy S4, but the device wasn't without its flaws. Sony's breaking with the accepted market trend of releasing one-flagship-per-year, taking a second bite at the... Continue reading

Oppo R819 Dual-SIM Smartphone — Review

Oppo's Dual Sim followup to the Find 5 Oppo attracted the eye of media and consumers alike with their Find 5 earlier this year, a device that was - and still is - seen as a worthy flagship device in both specs and style. The Chinese manufacturer’s attention now seems to be shifting towards the growing dual SIM smartphone market with the R819. Taking a quick glance at the R819’s peers, you might ask why dual SIM devices are targeted towards the lower end of the market with some average to low specs - it seems likely that some users might... Continue reading

Philips Hue — Review

One small step towards Home Automation The dream of a completely automated home has been inching closer for the last few years, when Google announced Android @Home a few years back at Google IO, it seemed like an idea that had finally reached the mainstream, but it failed to materialise in any meaningful way shape or form. Thankfully, there have been other companies working towards this goal and one of those is Philips who have created the Hue lighting system - a set of WiFi enabled LED Bulbs you can control from your smartphone. The Hue 'Personal Wireless Lighting' as it's... Continue reading

Game Review: Monster Mash Saga

It's Halloween in Australia - let's not get into the whole US only holiday thing - so why not try out a monster game like Monster Mash Saga from Australian developers Hovel Games. Gameplay Monster Mash Saga is a game that falls into the 'match three' genre, which sees you matching three or more Ghosts, Zombies, Devils, Mummies or Vampires to clear them. The game is objective based, with each level assigning a goal to reach in a set time period or a set number of moves, which gets harder as you progress through each level. The... Continue reading

Nokia 925 — Review

Ausdroid takes on the Nokia Lumia 925 This is a little out of the norm, we normally stick to the Android based handsets and devices that are available in Australia, but a recent challenge by the team over at TechGeek to review the Lumia 925 had us intrigued. With limited experience of the WP8 OS, I felt it was time to take a closer look. Don't worry, this won't be a regular thing but it's nice to look at the competition sometimes. Nokia Australia has kindly supplied a 16GB Black Lumia 925 to us to complete this review. Phones from... Continue reading

Sony Smart Watch 2 — Review

Want a new wrist based accessory? The Smart Watch 2 could be it. The Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) is Sony's third generation smart watch, and the successor to what Sony simply called the Smart Watch. The current model is an advance in all aspects from the previous edition. The SmartWatch 2 is perhaps more properly described as a second screen for your phone, as it's not a standalone item, it relies on being tethered to your phone via Bluetooth to receive its smarts. In the box you get the SmartWatch 2 with a black silicon band, a quick start guide and... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z Ultra — Review

Sony's 6.4" phablet dwarfs the competition, but is bigger really better? Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is an impressive phone - in physical size, style and technical specifications. On paper the phone looks fantastic and has probably attracted the interest of anyone who likes a large phone. But how big is too big? People scoffed at the Galaxy Note when it was released, but it spawned one of Samsung's - and the industry as a whole's - most popular line of phones. Can the Xperia Z Ultra help Sony pull off the same trick? When I first laid eyes... Continue reading

Game Review: Long Run bursts onto Google Play

A new game from a new company - 2D Tap, Long Run a new take on a side-scrolling endless running games has just arrived on Google Play. Long Run sees you take on the role of an agent who is escaping from a dangerous high security building, it's a pretty normal state of affairs for the endless runner genre - you'll run, slide and jump to avoid the various lasers, missiles and traps along the route all the while collecting coins and attacking guards. Attack You automatically begin with a Baton, which you can use to beat up the... Continue reading

LG G2 — Review

Hardware, hardware, everywhere, is the LG G2 the king of the smartphone heap? LG has made some really good moves in the last couple of years, clawing their way out of relative obscurity in the Smartphone industry to a place where the upcoming launch of their latest handset - the LG G2 - was actually building the same sort of hype and consumer interest normally seen only for devices from Samsung and HTC - often seen as the leading manufacturers in Android. The LG G2, is the first phone to be released with all of the buttons on the back... Continue reading

Game Review: Neon Shadow, a blast from the past

Neon Shadow is an intense and exciting first person shooter that copies draws inspiration from Quake and Doom. You are a heavily armored Space Marine Commander who has to save a space station overrun with robotic alien creatures that are out to draw blood -- your blood. To say that the setting - confined corridors and swooshing cargo doors that you have to negotiate whilst laying waste to the alien hordes with your trusty shotgun - is similar to Quake/Doom is being generous to the developers, Crescent Moon Games. It's almost exactly like those previous games, though to their credit they... Continue reading

ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 — Review

Asus and Intel join forces in this mid range pitch for the large tablet market. The Asus Intel Proposition Asus has good market credibility in the Android tablet space. With successes like the Nexus 7 and Transformer line of tablets they are probably as well known as Samsung for innovation with larger Android tablets. Intel, on the other hand, are yet to really make their mark with a successful Android product. Reviewing this tablet has been a good opportunity for me to see what these two long time partners in the Windows world could come up with on a new... Continue reading

Game Review: Pinball Rocks HD

Sony Music Entertainment have opened the gates of hell and unleashed their most head-bangingly awesome game yet - Pinball Rocks HD. As the name may suggest, this is a pinball game, but with a twist. The usual tings, dings, thwacks and buzzers of a normal pinball table have been pushed to the background, replaced with heavy rocking music by the likes of  Three Days Grace, Red, The Sword, Queensryche, The Virginmarys, Filter, Norma Jean, For Today, Anvil, Krokus, Lordi and Richie Kotzen. This is a free game, so there has to be a catch, right? Well, you usually don't get something... Continue reading