HTC One Mini — Review

Can the HTC One Mini stand up to it's bigger cousin? I was actually rather excited to be given the opportunity to review the HTC One Mini as I have very much liked what I have seen from the HTC One and was curious to see if HTC could deliver a similar experience with its smaller cousin. If you need a catch up on Ausdroid's thoughts on the HTC One, check out our review from earlier this year. Being a Nexus fan, the one thing that I wasn't too sure about was using a... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active — Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is certainly one of the top three phones of 2013, but can its more-rugged cousin, the Galaxy S4 Active, live up to the ‘Galaxy S’ name? There’s no denying Samsung have been the success story of the Android platform. Even before even Ice-Cream Sandwich was released, they had the flagship phone of the Android fleet with the Galaxy SII, followed by the Galaxy SIII and now the S4. There have been some huge contenders in 2013 with specs advancing at a rapid rate, and now that waterproof and dustproof designs are becoming more aesthetically... Continue reading

Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game – Review

If you're a fan of the old Nintendo handheld LCD games that were released back in the 80's, which allowed you to do some pretty basic gaming on the go before the good old Gameboy really kicked off the mobile gaming revolution, then Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game is definitely something you should check out. Australian developer Andrew Dittmer has launched Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game from his company Appic Win. Plunder Bros is actually a platform for a variety of these LCD based games. There are two currently available - Sink and Coco Nuts - with a... Continue reading

HP Slatebook X2 — Review

The first Tegra 4 device released in Australia, how does it measure up? HP is a company well known for their Windows laptops, in fact they are consistently rated in the top 3 manufacturers of laptops, but with demand for Windows 8 laptops not exactly exceeding expectations, they've taken to dipping their metaphorical toe in the waters of some alternative operating systems such as ChromeOS and Android. The first device from HP to run Android - the Slate 7 - failed to set either us or the world aflame with desire when it was reviewed, but the Slate 7 was... Continue reading

Buy me a pie – Review

Buy me a pie was released onto Android a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been putting it through its paces to see what this app has going for it over the numerous other shopping list apps in Google Play, so let’s take a closer look. There really isn’t much to shopping list apps, they allow you to add items to a list and then cross them off as you pick up those items in the store. Buy me a pie has a couple of nice features that I will get to in a minute, but for... Continue reading

Asus Fonepad — Review

Unequivocally, the most successful Android tablet to date has been Google’s Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus. But what would happen if you took the Google out of the Nexus 7, and replaced its NVidia Tegra 3 with an Intel Atom CPU, adding phone capabilities along the way? Well wonder no more, as the Fonepad is exactly that. Intel has yet to break into the mobile market in any significant way, so it’s interesting to put a device that uses an Intel CPU to the test. The trend lately has been towards larger, and larger phones, phablets if you... Continue reading

New HTC One Max details arrive, 2.1MP front camera confirmed

What you're looking at, above, could well be an official shot of the HTC One Max, shown next to a regular HTC One (middle) and HTC One Mini (left). We've covered a bit of the HTC One Max so far on Ausdroid, and with it rumoured to be announced at IFA in September (i.e. just around the corner), the rumours have only intensified. GSMArena are reporting leaked specs for this new device, including a magnificent 2.1MP front camera (same as the HTC One), and it will launch on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean running Sense UI 5.5. GSMArena is also claiming... Continue reading

ALDI Medion 4″ Smartphone — Review

Ausdroid put's ALDI's low-cost 4" smartphone to the test. This year, 2013, has seen the launch of some fantastic smartphones. So far, we've seen the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One as the real class-leaders, and Ausdroid has reviewed each of them in depth, and even done a large comparison of each of these three super-phones. However these three phones had (at the time of launch, at least) one factor that really countered against them for many, many people. That's the cost. These three smartphones launched with price tags measured... Continue reading

Nexus 7 (2013) — Review

Can Google win hearts and wallets again with this years model? The Google Sales Pitch What if you could have a performance vehicle for the price of a compact city car? Say, a Porsche 911 for the price of a Volkswagen Golf. I’m guessing you would probably go for that, I know I would. This is exactly what Google are trying to offer in their Nexus line. I’m probably straining the car metaphor a fair bit but there’s no doubt Google are aiming for the best Android small tablet experience at the tightest possible margin. Other competitors have been content to... Continue reading

Oppo Find 5 — Review

That display and the audio, does the rest of the phone hold up? Late last year, Oppo announced their latest flagship device, the Find 5 and over the last few weeks, I have been putting it through its paces and seeing what I thought of this 5 inch phone. As smartphones increase in size, more and more companies are releasing phones at or above the 5 inch mark. Oppo decided that a 5 inch phone needed to have a resolution higher than 720p and instead went with a class leading 1080p display which we are now seeing in most of... Continue reading

Live Connected — Service Review

These days with the three mainstream phone service providers offering less and less true useful value in their plans, the chase is on for the many other providers (Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs for short) to get your business.   These MVNOs purchase their underlying services from the big three carriers (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone), with the majority these days using Optus. There are quite a number of MVNOs, such as Boost, Amaysim, Virgin, Vaya, ALDIMobile to name a few, and Live Connected is another of this same crop. Where MVNOs fit -- given they resell someone else's... Continue reading

Dots – Game Review

I love mobile gaming, but most of the games that I have purchased have been relegated to my tablet due to the increased display size, and it is quite rare for me to install a game on my phone now days. The subject of today’s review as an exception to this rule. Dots is a very well designed game that reminds me of the classic match 3 games that have been around for years. You are presented with a grid of different coloured dots and it is your job to connect dots of the same colour. The more dots you... Continue reading

Hisense Sero 7 Pro – first impressions

Hisense's first foray into the tablet market, the Sero 7 Pro, is very similar to last year's Nexus 7 in looks and specifications - a 7-inch tablet running NVIDIA's Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip inside its minimalistic black glass front and soft-touch plastic rear. I received a review unit directly from Hisense yesterday, and after spending yesterday with the tablet, I have some initial thoughts that I'd like to share with y'all. Let's start with the specifications - a very good place to start: NVidia Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip 7-inch 1280x800 IPS LCD display 8 GB... Continue reading