Yatango Mobile — Review

New kids on the telco block Yatango Mobile are set to make a splash in the market by “harnessing the power of social media”. I know it sounds cliché and in some aspects it is, but when we looked deeper into the offering it was hard to step back and write them off; there’s some real sense to this business model. To sign up with Yatango you’re required to have a Facebook profile setup and “connect” using it. As a SIM-only virtual operator (i.e. they do not have their own network; they resell the... Continue reading

Video Review: USB Audio Recorder Pro

Android's lack of USB audio support (#5) and high audio latency (#11) have been a couple of the platform's most griped-about and longest-standing issues, starred by 4482 and 2329 users respectively at the time of writing. USB Audio Recorder Pro is an app that represents a significant step toward addressing these issues, as the developers have written a USB audio driver from scratch in order to bypass Android's audio system and allow devices to run in USB host mode. In simple language, that means you can use a USB microphone to record audio straight to your phone... Continue reading

Nexus 10 Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case — Review

The Nexus 10 has been out on the market for just over three months and in that time we have seen precisely zero official accessories made available to owners either by the manufacturer (Samsung), or the seller (Google). Queries to Google regarding accessories are met with silence, so owners such as myself are left to investigate the third party manufacturers. GizmoCentral currently supply the Nexus 10 Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case Stand. The case is made from PU leather (also known as bicast leather) - a split layer of leather with polyurethane applied to the surface... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z — Review

Did Sony bring back the wow, or miss the mark? Ausdroid finds out. Sony Mobile's John Featherstone told an audience of Sydney journalists last week that Sony would 'bring the wow back' with the Xperia Z, after a string of less-than-inspiring mobile products over the last couple of years. "Everybody knows Sony, it's a brand people trust but we need to get the wow back," claims Featherstone. "I believe with Xperia Z using this simplistic type of design and ideology behind it, it really brings the wow back." These are bold claims by Sony, and Ausdroid has put the... Continue reading

Game Review: Ball Of Woe

New Sydney-based developer Doppler Interactive recently released their first Android game Ball of Woe to the Google Play store. The game is the brainchild of Joshua - the developer, and Jessica - the graphic designer. The storyline behind Ball of Woe is that the citizens of 'Nicetown' have balled up all their sadness into a 'Ball of Woe' that you - as God - must guide through a physics-based puzzle maze on a suspended track using Puffs of air. You have to keep the ball on the track and avoid obstacles like holes in the track in order to... Continue reading

Nexus 10 — Review

The Nexus program ventures into 10" Territory Traditionally the 10" Android tablet market has been a pretty disappointing affair. The big name tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the Asus Transformer series have both sold in numbers which have obviously been enough to warrant sequels and further investment by their respective companies. But so far however, they have failed to set the world aflame with desire. The announcement by Google that they would be releasing a 10" Nexus tablet was met with some scepticism by the Android community at large. Putting my own scepticism aside, I decided that... Continue reading

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad — Review

Huawei steps into the world of quad-core devices, but can it find mainstream success? You could be forgiven for not really knowing much about Chinese company Huawei (It’s pronounced ‘wah-way’, in case you were wondering). They are actually the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, but have been relatively low-key in the Australian market, producing a few lower-spec, budget devices. Now they're attempting to make a bigger splash in the market with high-end devices like the Ascend P1 and the Honor. It appears that they've saved the best for last with the Ascend D1... Continue reading

HTC Butterfly (X920e) — Review

The best display on the market, at the cost of battery life I've always had a soft spot for HTC ever since I laid my eyes on the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 way back in the day. They sparked my love for Android and for phone hardware. That was a few years ago now, but even today, their hardware design still excites me, however, their software usually leaves users wanting more battery life or wanting less of HTC all together. It's a real shame, but HTC have no one to blame but themselves. Over the past year and a... Continue reading

Lexathon Word Jumble – Addictive word fun

XandarMob is an Australian indie game developer based in Brisbane who have released Lexathon® word jumble onto Google Play. The game is basic in concept but addictive in nature; playing the game is simple -- there is a 3x3 grid of letters, which you must use to create as many words containing at least 4 letters as possible, with all words including the letter located in the middle square and you can only use each letter once. You are able to shuffle the letter positions of the 8 letters surrounding the central letter at any time using the... Continue reading

HTC One SV — Review

How does HTC's latest instalment in the One line stack up? My love of Android phones has come and gone, and come again. My earliest Android handset was an HTC Magic (the G1 didn't really count) and I loved it -- it had a great form factor, good function, and it worked really well. My next HTC device was the Nexus One, and it was a stellar phone. I had, and used, the Nexus One for a good twelve months before the battery started to fade, and it never missed a beat. Unfortunately, my experience of HTC handsets soured... Continue reading

SoundGecko – Listen to websites, PDFs and RSS Feeds

121Cast is an Australian software production company based in Melbourne. Founded in February 2012, they've released a number of applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Chrome. Today I'm looking at their Android offering, SoundGecko. SoundGecko is a combination of local app and cloud-based service that allows you to listen to things that you would normally read, like posts from websites or your RSS Feeds. It's an interesting idea which, at first, I didn't see much need for. However, after using it for a few days I have found it to be an invaluable tool. The theory behind SoundGecko... Continue reading

Panasonic FZ-A1 Toughpad — Review

Panasonic's first Android tablet! It's rugged but is it worth it? Some of you may have heard about Panasonic's Toughbook Laptops, a range of practically bullet-proof machines. Well, Panasonic have recently released a fairly rugged Android tablet called the "Toughpad"; it's probably not bullet-proof and I'm not suggesting you should test it, but it will hold up well against most of what you can throw at it. Again, no suggestions. When I first heard that Panasonic were going to release an Android tablet, I wasn't sure what to think. Would it be terrible or could it be a... Continue reading

Samsung Chromebook (2012) — Review

Samsung's newest Chromebook is based on the ARM architecture. Can it replace a netbook or a tablet? The Chromebook is an enigma. A laptop that is confusing to some and a Godsend to others. Most people have used a laptop with a Windows or Mac Operating System on it. When I tell people that this notebook has a Google Operating System on it many of them look confused. It’s when I ask them what browser they use that the lights come on. I’m finding that lots of people use the Chrome browser! Many still use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer... Continue reading