Telstra Uno (ZTE – T12) — Review

The Telstra UNO came out of nowhere a couple of months ago, launching without fanfare into Coles stores where we saw it advertised at a price more usually occupied by the 'dumbphone' end of the market. At $44.50 - 50% off its usual price of $89 - it seemed as though it could only be a really bad phone. I was in the market for a cheap Android device with which to track my running and play podcasts, as I'm swapping phones fairly regularly, this seemed to fit the bill. I purchased one, and have been living with it... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Go — Review

The Sony Xperia Go is the active, tough and "rugged" member of the Xperia family. It features similar styling and features to Sony's other Xperia devices, but has the added benefit of being dust- and water-resistant. For people who require such a device, there are limited choices in the market short of encasing your phone in a bulky shell. We think the Xperia Go performs well without making too many compromises. The Go is a stylish, good-looking phone that's clearly a member of the Xperia family. The 3.5 inch screen has a resolution of 480x320 pixels, a... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M — Review

Motorola delivers a solid 4G LTE phone with a 4.3 inch edge-to-edge screen. Motorola’s second release this month, the RAZR M is a 4.3 inch 4G LTE device. In many ways, it’s the RAZR HD’s little brother, using mostly the same internals (CPU, RAM, graphics). Where the HD brought a 4.7 inch display, huge battery and a focus on media, the M brings a smaller 4.3 inch display with minimal bezel and a respectable 2000 mAh battery. The M also misses out on HDMI output and has a lower resolution front-facing camera. Ausdroid tested the RAZR HD earlier this month... Continue reading

Jetway 7″ Alfar Pad — Mini Review

We don't review enough cheap tablets, so we reviewed one for you! The tablet market used to be dominated by the iPad. Nowadays, just as Android has taken over the smartphone market and has a huge market share, Android is making inroads into the tablet market. While the original Galaxy Tab missed a few marks and wasn't all that popular, things have certainly changed now, where the Nexus 7 is a very popular tablet, and the price is pretty good too. However, at $300-ish, this is not exactly a 'go out and just buy one' purchase. Some folks, for... Continue reading

Nexus Q – Initial Thoughts

I wanted the Nexus Q as soon as it was announced at Google IO and about 2 months ago I finally caved and purchased one from eBay, it cost $300 plus $65 in shipping to get it here and since then it has sat on my entertainment unit waiting for me to plug it in and set it up. Well as of this morning, the Nexus Q is alive!! The first drawback on the Nexus Q is the Android app, it is limited by region to the United States so I couldn't even get the app through the Play... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note II — Review

Is it just a bigger version of the Galaxy SIII? So many people are confused right now with a seemingly never ending choice of phones on the market. I understand. In fact, we at Ausdroid go through the same difficulty ourselves in trying to choose our next smartphone. What we’re looking at here is the biggest phone you can buy. That makes it significant, and worthy of our attention. There is no getting around the fact that the Note II is a big Galaxy S III. It’s pretty clear that the design language is the same and it makes a... Continue reading

S-Note — Review

Note: This review was written by Juliet Fieldew - wife of the Jedi - and complements our Galaxy Note II review. Creatives everywhere have been enthused by the fabulous functions of the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen and S Note software. Whether you’re into fashion sketches or productivity presentations, there’s a lot that can be done on the Note II once you know how. My job as the creative half of the review team, was to put the Note II through its paces and find out what I could do with such a yummy piece of hardware. One thing I... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR HD — Review

The "All Day Phone"... so does it really go all day? The RAZR HD is the latest phone from Motorola. Tagged as the "All Day Phone", 4G capable, with a Kevlar body, internal and external splash guard protection, Corning Gorilla Glass and a 2500mAh battery, the RAZR HD really is built to be a hard-wearing and efficient phone. Motorola have also set up the software on this device to be simple to use straight out of the box. So the target audience is much wider than some other offerings on the market, as far as... Continue reading

IM+ Pro — Review

Looking for an all in one instant messaging app? Look no further. I had looked around for quite some time for a really nice, easy to use all in one instant messaging program. There were plenty that came close but they didn't: Offer a smooth user experience Have all the IM protocols I wanted to connect to Have appropriate customisation and of course there were plenty that just didn't make the cut. I've found one that I really like finally: IM+ Pro by Shape. It's a clean interface, connects to all of the IM services I use regularly and offers a really... Continue reading

Redbull Mobile in SA — Review

If you're looking for a way to save money on your mobile bill without compromising the service you've got, here's a great option! Redbull Mobile are a new player in the mobile space and have yet to develop a reputation in the market, but I can now tell you from my personal experience, they're worth a very close look! Chris did some testing a while back in Sydney and found that (due to the hilly surrounding areas) much like Vodafone, Redbull was a bit hit and miss with the supplied handsets,... Continue reading

Huawei Honor — Review

Huawei shows off Ice Cream Sandwich on a budget Huawei first started releasing quite low end Android phones in Australia and have recently started to build progressively better and higher spec'd models until we now have the Huwaei Honor which presents a lower end price tag with some fairly decent specifications such as a Dual-Core 1.4GHz CPU, 8MP HDR camera and 1900mAh battery running Ice Cream Sandwich. The Honor is the second phone from Huawei I've reviewed, the first the Huawei Vision was a pretty nice Gingerbread phone with decent looks and some fair specs. When you first pick... Continue reading

tTorrent Pro – Review

In the age of digital file sharing we’re always on the lookout for a newer, cleaner, more effective way to share our legally acquired files with each other. Here’s another one that could save you stress and potentially a bit of money! Let me explain: Many ISP’s have peak/offpeak plans which leads to customers leaving their PCs on overnight to make use of this offpeak data that is at their disposal. Even with offpeak power rates this can end up being a costly adventure for people to have their PCs on overnight for extended periods of time. ... Continue reading

HTC working on a 5-inch Nexus device? GSM Arena thinks so.

GSM Arena has reported a tip off, received from one of their own tipsters funnily enough, about the next possible phone in the Nexus brand coming from HTC. This tipster suggests that the 5" HTC "phablet" which we've been following could become the Google Nexus 5, running Android 4.1.2. This release of Android should include a number of bug fixes and tweaks beyond the current release of Jelly Bean. This Nexus 5 is claimed to have a 1080p screen, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with LTE support, and... Continue reading