Sorry Nexus fans: LG D820 is just a CDMA G2 variant.

You all know that mystery LG phone that made an appearance at the FCC a few days ago, well according to @evleaks this device is nothing more than a CDMA variant of the LG G2. @evliaks also went on to post some information about a couple of other G2 variants as well. I don't tend to pay too much attention to leaks as we still don't know anything about the device in question but the one thing that is bothering me about it all is the camera placement. This may well be a CDMA variant but it... Continue reading

Amazon Refutes Report of Free Smartphone

Amazon today have come out denying reports that it is working on a smartphone for 2013, and stating that it would not offer any such phone freely, instead the device would have to be brought outright, according to an email sent to The Wall Street Journal. The email statement (from an unnamed Amazon spokesman) goes on to state "We have no plans to offer a phone this year," and "If we were to launch a phone in the future, it would not be free". This of course is in direct reply to a report from Jessica Lessin which our... Continue reading

Rumour: Amazon to release free smartphone

In Australia, we're no strangers to the idea of a free smartphone, since almost all of our two-year phone contracts include a fully-subsidised smartphone. The story in the US though is quite different, with customers having to fork out about $200 (depending on the phone) in addition to signing up to a two-year contract. According to Jessica Lessin, Amazon are to be the first manufacturer to give away their smartphone to consumers for free. Although, much like our subsidised handsets, it's unlikely that the phone will be completely free; it's likely that Amazon will require an ongoing subscription... Continue reading

Galaxy Note 3 specs, about screen and Antutu score leaked

With an official announcement just over a day and a half away, the leaks are about to come thick and fast for the latest in the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up. Overnight, serial leaker @EVLeaks has released alleged specs for the device as well as screenshots of the Antutu scores and the 'About device' screen. The alleged specs are : 2.3GHz x4, 1080x1920, 2.5GB RAM. The rumoured specs for the device include a Snapdragon 800 for the SM-N9005 which is shown in the 'About device' screen also included with the tweet, meaning that the 2.3GHz x4 CPU would... Continue reading

Samsung puts out IFA 2013 teaser video Samsung has put out a video teaser for the IFA 2013 event, giving us some insight into what's happening inside the technology giant, showing us where some of Samsung's most popular gadgets come from. As you can appreciate, this is probably a bit tongue in cheek (but who knows, aliens may be involved..) but in all seriousness, we're seeing an increase in the number of leaks coming ahead of the event in a couple of days, including the Galaxy Note III (which we've seen a huge amount of chatter about) which will feature (amongst other models) an LTE... Continue reading

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch may come in 6 and 8GB variants, 10 hours battery life

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch is sounding less and less astounding the more we seem to hear about it, but then again, it's all just rumour until we see the final product. The latest rumour coming from the internet is that the Galaxy Gear will come in 2 variants: one with 6GB of storage and one with 8GB of storage. This seems pretty far-fetched given how close those two are; 4GB and 8GB seems a likely contender. The other rumour is that the device will have 10 hours of battery, which definitely isn't good enough for smartwatch that should be... Continue reading

Purported Galaxy Note 3 digitiser assembly compared to predecessor

Steve Jobs once said 'if you see a stylus, they blew it', but I think that Samsung might have something to say about that. Their Galaxy Note range of devices have been hugely popular, and there's no reason to suspect that the Galaxy Note 3 would be any different. We know that Samsung are going to unveil the Note 3 at IFA on September 4, but we don't really know what the device will look like (other than that it will probably be made of plastic). ETrade Supply, a distributor of OEM parts, has listed the digitiser assembly... Continue reading

Rumour: Galaxy Note III to record 4K video and support Hi-Fi Sound

As each day passes, a new rumour surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note III seems to find its way to the surface of the internet adding to what we collectively believe Samsung will announce on September 4 at IFA in Berlin. According to a post on SamMobile, the upcoming Samsung phablet will be capable of 4K (UHD) video recording. It seems Samsung is trying to trying to match Sony's upcoming Xperia Z1 (also known as Honami) which is rummoured to support 4K video recording capability. It has also been rumoured that the various Note III versions will be powered by the Snapdragon... Continue reading

Sony Honami could be called Xperia Z1, press renders leaked

Sony has announced their pre-IFA press conference on September 4 in Berlin, and it's widely expected that they'll formally announce and possibly launch their latest flagship smartphone, which has been leaking with the code-name 'Honami' which is being called the 'Xperia Z1' by unwiredview. The Honami has leaked countless times so far, but there has never been a solid indicator of what it will end up being called once it goes on sale. There have been mumblings a while back suggesting that it would become the Xperia i1. But according to Twitter member @doomlord_xda and backed up by... Continue reading

Rumour: Security Update JWR66Y heading for the Nexus 10?

It seems that yesterday's report from Dan, regarding the security update for the Nexus 4, JWR66Y, is now rumoured to be heading for the Nexus 10, according to Android Police. Unfortunately at this stage, we still don't know what the heck the update does or brings to the Nexus 10 specifically. Do bear in mind that this report is coming straight out of the US and there has been no indication of when or if the update will begin its phased rollout to Nexus 10 devices here in Australia. There is no sign of the update on any Nexus... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to come in five different colours?

Well it seems that there is more and more rumours each and every day regarding Samsung's rumoured Galaxy Gear, which is tipped to be announced at a pre-launch press event at IFA on September 4 in Berlin. The folks over at Android Authority are reporting that the Galaxy Gear will come in five different colours. The Galaxy Gear will launch initially in four colours; white, black, orange, and grey, although obviously they’ll be named something a little more appealing for the sake of consumers, like they have done with their Galaxy smartphone line up (i.e.: Pebble blue Galaxy... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung to release 12-inch Galaxy Note in October

The evidence for this rumour is sketchy at best, but according to the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung are getting ready to release a 12.2-inch Android tablet. Considering that you can now buy a Samsung Galaxy device in any size from 4-inches to 11.6 inches, the rumour itself doesn't seem like much of a stretch. Both a 10" and a 12.2" Galaxy Note tablet were tipped by @evleaks in late July, indicting that they would carry an Exynos 5 Octa CPU in the 12.2" tablet and a Snapdragon 800 processor in the 10" tablet. User Agent Profiles(UAProf) were... Continue reading

Leak suggests Snapdragon 800 based Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming to all 3 Australian carriers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is strongly rumoured to be announced at the September 4th Samsung Unpacked 2013 – Episode 2 event in Berlin just prior to the start of IFA, has been listed by SamMobile as coming to all three Australian carriers with a Snapdragon 800 CPU. The leak indicates that there will be four specific firmwares for the Galaxy Note 3 released in Australia -- an unlocked model plus a variant for each carrier. The Galaxy Note 3 destined for Australian shores will include a Snapdragon 800(MSM8974) CPU clocked at 2.3GHz and come with 3GB of... Continue reading