All New HTC One Mini (M8) in the works – outed by Swedish telco

HTC has only just launched their flagship for 2014 - the All New HTC One (M8) but already thoughts are turning to other phones along the lines of the original HTC One which saw a Mini and Max version released throughout 2013, and it seems a Swedish telco has outed the existence of the mini at least on a list of phones compatible with HD Voice. The original One, One Mini and One Max are listed as well, just to allay any fears of confusion : According to Droid-Life, the specs are expected to be along the lines of a... Continue reading

Google reportedly working on ‘Business Features’ into Android

Google hasn't had the greatest of relationship with the corporate and business world with Android, with many executives still either holding onto their Blackberries or maintaining that Apple can best serve their needs, but according to a report from Paywalled site - TheInformation, Google is apparently looking to move Android more into the business world. Head of the Google Chrome and Android teams, Sundar Pichai, is apparently leading the charge on the new features which will include 'APIs, enterprise apps, data encryption, and more'. The added encryption will apparently include hooks in APIs for bio-metrics(fingerprint scanners) as well as... Continue reading

Rumour: Chromecast could launch in Australia in May

After what appears to be the beginning of a successful launch of their HDMI dongle in Europe, it's being rumoured that Google will begin sales of the Chromecast here in Australia on May 7th according to sources who've spoken to CNET Australia. When launching in the US and in Europe, the key has been relationship with content providers and it appears that Google is continuing this trend in Australia. With one of CNETs' sources apparently from a TV Network, which has been corroborated independently by a 'third party developer' who both pointed to the May 7th Launch date. CNET contacted Google... Continue reading

Rumour: Moto 360 will feature OLED display, sapphire glass, wireless charging

Motorola caused quite a stir this week when it announced the extremely good looking Moto 360 smartwatch. However, aside from a few renders and a launch window of 'Summer 2014' (Winter for us Southern hemisphere folk), there was not much in the way of useful information. Instead, we've had to turn to unofficial channels to find out more. G For Games claims to have information from a Motorola source that says the Moto 360 will feature an OLED display, sapphire glass and magnetic induction wireless charging. While these details are still just rumour... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 Mini User Agent Profile possibly spotted

The Galaxy S5 hasn't even launched as yet, but the rumours surrounding a mini version have already cropped up fueled by the discovery of a User Agent Profile(UAProf) which describes a lower specced version of the Galaxy S5. While it's still uncertain if this phone will in fact be a Galaxy S5 Mini or Neo, the specs are inline with a phone of this nature. The phone, with model # SM-G750 as it appears in the UAProf, will come with a 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor, 720x1280 resolution display - no screensize listed - and will run Android 4.3. The fact the... Continue reading

Is LG preparing for a June launch of the G3?

LG has been rumoured to bring the G3 launch forward to a May/June launch date for a few months now, with the leak of screenshots purported to be from the device it's looking more and more likely that there's working prototypes out there at the very least and according to, their sources are telling them that LG is arranging training for the phone under the guise of a training and over-view session for a non-existent handset with the model #: B2. The invite went out to the 'entire company' apparently indicating that the information is quite... Continue reading

Details on the LG built ‘Nexus’ smartwatch from Google leak out

Details on the as yet unannounced Nexus Smartwatch which is being built for Google by their current favourite Nexus hardware manufacturer LG, are starting to leak out with EvLeaks overnight advising some specifications that could arrive in the watch. According to EvLeaks, the specs for the Smartwatch include a 1.65" IPS LCD with a resolution of 280x280, a SoC for the watch has yet to be determined but it will come with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Sundar Pichai announced an Android wearables SDK will be launching in the coming weeks at last weeks SXSW conference in... Continue reading

LG G3 could possibly come with a QHD screen

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement now completed and the All New HTC One just about leaked in its entirety, focus is shifting towards other flagship phones coming down the pipe, and after the last couple of years we are more and more interested in what's coming from the 'other' South Korean electronics manufacturer - LG. A User Agent Profile for the LG D850. The progression of model #'s for L's flagship G series has progressed from the LG D802/803 for the LG G2, D820/821 for the Nexus 5. The progression points to the LG using the model number D850... Continue reading

Rumour: LG to make the 2014 Nexus phone for the third consecutive year

According to legend, it's this time of year that Google looks at their Android hardware partners and begins to choose the manufacturer of the next Nexus phone, and according to a 'business related source' that spoke to at Mobile World Congress, that manufacturer will be LG - for the third consecutive year. After the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, it was widely rumoured but never confirmed that Lenovo would be manufacturing the next Nexus phone, but this new rumour tips the South Korean electronics manufacturer who has already made two well crafted phones for Google on what must have... Continue reading

Rumour: Lenovo could possibly bring their phones to more markets including Australia

Lenovo first entered the smartphone market back in 2012, but it's been a fairly limited release with the majority of their phones released in Asia. This strategy has been fairly successful so far with Lenovo currently the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China. But they've been looking to expand their market to western countries - as evidenced by their purchase of Motorola back in January - and Australia could be one of the markets they try to expand into. Last night Lenovo posted a picture of the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone to a number of their social media channels... Continue reading

Press render for the All new HTC One in Grey leaks

There's just over a month to go till the launch event in London and New York but that doesn't mean you have to wait till then to see the All New HTC One or the M8 as it's been known up until recently in the new Grey colour. EvLeaks has posted this press render on his Twitter feed for your perusal : This Grey colour matches the picture that EvLeaks released the other day of the M8 sporting a bumper : It's a decent looking phone in Grey, and we've seen the phone in Gold, but we still await the... Continue reading

Check out the press render of the All New HTC One in Gold

With a launch event on the 25th of March, the PR crew at HTC are working over time getting the renders up and running in time for the announcement and first to leak is the Gold version of what has been known up until today as the M8, but could be known once released as the 'All new HTC One'. The leaks comes courtesy of @evleaks and shows the front and back of the phone in the Gold colour which will surely be named Champagne Gold. The BoomSound speakers are there in all their glory as is the dual... Continue reading

Upcoming HTC M8 to be called ‘The All New One’ – bumpers coming too

This morning we saw HTC begin inviting press to the launch of their new phone, known currently as the M8. But EVLeaks isn't done leaking information about the new flagship this morning releasing our best, clearest look yet at the upcoming phone, but encased in a bumper cover. They've also advised that the phone won't be called the One+ or another iteration but will take a line out of Apple's naming convention and refer to it as 'The All New One'. The M8 was shown off a few hours ago encased in the bumper case, which gives us our... Continue reading