Upcoming HTC M8 to be called ‘The All New One’ – bumpers coming too

This morning we saw HTC begin inviting press to the launch of their new phone, known currently as the M8. But EVLeaks isn't done leaking information about the new flagship this morning releasing our best, clearest look yet at the upcoming phone, but encased in a bumper cover. They've also advised that the phone won't be called the One+ or another iteration but will take a line out of Apple's naming convention and refer to it as 'The All New One'. The M8 was shown off a few hours ago encased in the bumper case, which gives us our... Continue reading

Xperia Tablet Z2 appears in render form and more rumoured specs

After posting purported specs of the Xperia Tablet Z2 yesterday, @evleaks has followed up this morning with a press render of what the tablet will look like and for those people who were fans of the hard rectangular Xperia Tablet Z, the design of the Tablet Z2 appears very similar. Despite being the best leaker in the business, @evleaks isn't alone however with a new Twitter account appearing with some further information on the Xperia Tablet Z2 and more press renders. @Gadgetleaks only appeared in the last 12 hours and concurs with the specs that EvLeaks released... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch with fingerprint scanner on home button

Beyond Samsung, no one really knows what's coming from their launch at MWC, but plenty are speculating, and that speculation includes the Galaxy S5. The rumours are coming thick and fast, but the latest — and supposedly 'confirmed' — rumour is that the Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint scanner integrated with the hardware home button. This might sound very similar to something that Apple did with the iPhone 5S, and you'd be forgiven for thinking so (because you're right). There's quite a bit of detail to this rumour, so let's get into it. If there's a fingerprint sensor embedded in the... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 to be thinner, faster and running Kit Kat

The Xperia Tablet Z was a surprisingly nice tablet, that Sony launched last year, surprising in that the last two tablets from Sony the Xperia Tablet S and Tablet P weren't generally speaking raging successes but the light, thin, fast, waterproof design of the Tablet Z was quite an attractive package, now it looks like a Tablet Z2 is coming up soon. @Evleaks has just provided the specs for what they believe Sony will call the Xperia Tablet Z2, previously known by the codename 'Castor' : https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/435296244668579840 The specs update the CPU from a Snapdragon S4 Pro to last year's SoC of... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung looking to launch Galaxy Tab 4 and Galaxy Gear 2 at MWC

There are reports and rumours that Samsung are looking at launching the next line up of Galaxy Tab 4 tablets and Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch at MWC. The rumours are that the new Galaxy tab 4 tablets are to come in 3 different screen sizes, much like the predecessors, the Galaxy Tab 3 series. This time round, there are a few changes and added features to the new tablets such as all tablets featuring quad-core processors, and it is likely that they could possibly come with Exynos hardware under the hood. In addition to the Galaxy Tab 4 series... Continue reading

Sony Xperia G coming soon – a mid-range handset with 8MP camera

While the main hype for Sony products is for their high-end flagship models, there's always room in the market for their mid-range devices and according to @vizileaks, that new handset will be the Xperia G. Shown off initially with the Xperia Z to give an idea of the phone's total footprint, ViziLeaks then proceeded to give some possible specs for the device : https://twitter.com/vizileaks/status/434389074237853696 Additionally, you can see the microSD card slot in the first picture and GSMArena believe that there will be no Ingress Protection on the Xperia G. The Sony MWC launch will conflict with the Nokia MWC event with... Continue reading

LG G2 Mini to be announced at MWC with Snapdragon 400 and 4.7″ screen

If the LG G2 had a design you like but was slightly too large for your tastes then LG are about to release a 'mini' version of their current flagship. The teaser above was posted on the LG Mobile Facebook page with the caption Experience the MINI. Mobile World Congress. 2014-02-24 The phone pictured next to an LG G2, shows the same rear mounted volume rocker and power key as it's older, larger and - if specs which have just been posted online are to be believed - more powerful brother. Specs online have come courtesy of Twitter account @Techn_o_world, who... Continue reading

HTC Desire 8 looks like a larger, plastic mid-range HTC One

HTC has recently been re-focusing on their low-mid range phones in the Desire line, releasing quite a number of different devices to compliment their higher end HTC One line. A leaked new device appearing on Chinese site MyDrivers.com possibly shows a new phone in the Desire line - named the Desire 8 - which could bridge the gap between the two lines. The device is apparently fairly large, with a 5.5" screen packed into a plastic body that will be available in a range of colours - red, yellow, orange, blue and green, similar colours to those seen recently... Continue reading

HTC M8 shows up in the wild this time from the front

The same source that brought us the first pictures of the dual camera mounted rear of the HTC M8 has delivered another look at the HTC M8, this time from the front. The Russian source @HTCFamil_RU has seemingly found a source willing to show off the device. As seen above you can see the on-screen software keys which leaked last week. But this time we can see them sitting above a completely, seemingly superfluous black bar, which on the HTC One was for the capacative buttons, but on the M8 seems to just be a strip for HTC... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs reportedly leaked from retail packaging

The launch of the Galaxy S5 is widely expected to be in just a little over a week at Mobile World Congress at the Samsung Unpacked 5 event the company began teasing last week. But, if this leak is to be believed, the closeness of the event means that retail packaging is close to final and has apparently made its way into the wild. With a similar design to the current line of recyclable cardboard packaging of the current Galaxy line of devices, this picture shows a laundry list of seemingly dream specs for the upcoming phone, possibly, some would... Continue reading

Telstra reportedly in talks to bring Chromecast to Australia

Google's super-cheap media streaming dongle, the Chromecast, has been incredibly popular in the United States, but it has yet to be officially sold anywhere else. In the UK, retailer Curry's has announced that they'll be selling the Chromecast as of March 1, and even though you can get it in Australia, it's a bit of a hassle. Business Spectator are reporting that Telstra - who are no stranger to new technologies, and who actually have a multimedia ecosystem of their own - are in talks with Google to bring Chromecast to Australia. The Chromecast sells for... Continue reading

HTC M8 Mini to feature Snapdragon 400 SoC and 13MP Camera

The latest rumour from serial leaker @evleaks is that the Mini version of the upcoming HTC One followup - codenamed the M8 - will feature hardware that could be seen as a very minor spec bump from the current model. The upgraded Mini will see only minor updates from the current HTC One Mini which already features a Quad-Core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. With upgrades mainly going to the front and rear camera and an addition of microSD card slot for expandable storage and AC WiFi. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/432297313558478848 Software wise, the new Mini will come... Continue reading

Chromecast availability to expand to the UK in March, Australia soon after?

The Chromecast, Google's seemingly pretty successful third attempt at conquering the living room(Nexus Q and GoogleTV weren't terribly commercially successful), looks set to officially expand availability outside the US, with UK based Electrical retailer Currys expecting to begin sales of the dongle in their stores on March 1st. A Currys rep said that the date was provisional but the date ties into other rumours that are circulating regarding plans to expand the availability outside of the US, namely even here in Australia. While no dates have been given, there's been talk around Google introducing the dongle into Australia 'within months'.... Continue reading