Evleaks hints at a late March Launch for the HTC M8 in NYC

It certainly seems that the rumours are beginning to ramp up for the potential launch of the HTC M8 and it seems that Evleaks have gotten its hands on a potential launch timeframe for the mysterious device. According to a Twitter post earlier yesterday, Evleaks who's posts have been somewhat spot on most of the time, posted the following: https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/430100761783988224 This correlates with a post from Dan back on January 14, in which Bloomberg reported that sources close to a project consider the M8 to be the successor to the very popular HTC One, with a launch in late March. The... Continue reading

Could this be the HTC M8′s on-screen buttons?

We have heard rumours over the last few months that the new successor to the HTC One, the so called HTC M8, would come with on screen buttons instead of the usual capacity buttons the company normally uses for its device lineup. As per the picture above, it shows the standard back, home, and multi-tasking Android buttons. This design fits with the Nexus 5 and Motorola devices like the Moto X and RAZR line which also exclusively use on-screen buttons. Having on-screen buttons instead of capacitive buttons would be a welcome break away from the norm for HTC's flagship... Continue reading

Google convinces Samsung to drop own App suite and tweaks to Android

The Touchwiz or Nature UX designed software on Samsung's line of devices has been getting demonstrably worse as years go by, departing from the look and feel of stock Android by a large margin and the latest Magazine UX release on the Note and Tab Pro line launched at CES seems to have started talks between Google and Samsung which may lead to the brokering of a deal which will see Samsung to drop its own suite of competing Apps and tweaks to Android, at least according to a report from Re/Code. While the companies have declined to comment, sources... Continue reading

HTC M8 alleged to have on-screen navigation keys

We're starting to get a few leaks about HTC's upcoming successor to their 2013 flagship, which at this stage is only known by its internal name, the M8. One of the more interesting points is that the M8 would have no capacitive buttons, and notorious tech leakster @evleaks has backed up this rumour in a tweet this morning. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/427783956495609856 One of the few criticisms that we had of the HTC One was the odd-button layout, and that HTC persisted in using capacitive buttons, which added to the already large bezel size of the device. If @evleaks'... Continue reading

Colourful new HTC Desire phones possibly coming this year

It appears that 2014 could be a colourful year for Android, with a possible update to the colour range on Nexus devices coming it seems HTC is also looking at expanded the colour options from their Windows Phone lineup to Android with a leaked series of photos showing that a new Desire range of phones could come in red, yellow, orange and blue. The Desire series has remained afloat as a low-mid range series of devices and the trend looks set to continue with this latest round of Desire handsets apparently upping the spec game from the recently released... Continue reading

Rumour: Nexus 5 to come in Red and Yellow colour options soon?

Yesterday a website put up a slideshow of a supposed 'leak' of the Google Play store showing new colour options for the Nexus 5, while those pictures appeared to be quite fake and poorly rendered; today we see a picture of a Red Nexus 5 apparently hanging out in the wilds of Vietnam and it's apparently not alone with sources indicating a yellow version could be on the way as well. The Red and Yellow options fit perfectly with the Google's colour choices for their accessories on the Nexus 7 sleeve as well as the Nexus 5 Bumper... Continue reading

Sony D6503 prototype surfaces – possibly the ‘Sirius’ handset update of the Z1

The latest rumours for upcoming Sony devices point to a new phone - codenamed Sirius - and a tablet - codenamed Castor - to be launched at Mobile World Congress next month and an XDA Member - iRimas - appears to have gotten their hands on an as yet unreleased Sony handset with the model # : D6503 which could possibly be the Sirius. Specs rumoured for the Sirius include a 5.2″ screen with a Qualcomm based MSM8974AB SoC – a variant of the Snapdragon 800 with higher clock speeds, iRimas also confirms a 20.7MP Camera on the... Continue reading

LG looking to bring the launch of the next G series phone forward to May

With rumours beginning to circulate for the 2014 flagship phone launches, a new report out of Korea, is indicating that LG is planning on switching up their release cycle on their premium G line of smartphones, aiming for a May launch. The report from Asiae has indicated a launch is set for May 17th for the LG G3. The LG G2 was launched at an event in New York in August 2013, with sales beginning in the US in September and Australia in November, so this would be a slight ramp up in release schedules, possibly with LG trying to... Continue reading

HTC to launch the One successor in March with larger screen and dual rear cameras

With the financial situation still not as steady as they'd like, HTC is planning to release the upcoming M8, the latest version of thier flagship device in March with a similar design to the HTC one but with a larger screen and dual-cameras on the rear. The information is pretty scarce, but the report from Bloomberg, which features information from a person they've spoken to 'with direct knowledge of the plans', the Taiwanese company will use an updated Qualcomm processor in their latest model, although it's not specified as to whether that means a Snapdragon 800 or whether it will... Continue reading

Possible Nexus 10 successor surfaces via @evleaks

Update: It looks as if this render might be a hoax. Evan is now reporting that he's aware the same render was sent to a number of publications, with different corroborating evidence, which he believes (and we'd tend to agree) is the sign of a not-too-elaborate hoax. Sorry folks. Nexus 10 update goes back to the rumour pile. We've seen some pretty terrible 'leaks/renders' over the last couple of months of supposed successors to the now 14 month old Nexus 10, but this morning we have seen a pretty credible leak from noted internet leaker @evleaks. While Evan Blass,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumoured specs supposedly confirmed

With CES 2014 now out of the way, the next big thing on the mobile devices landscape is Mobile World Congress at the end of February, and many had been anticipating a discussion of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at this event. It seems, however, that Samsung will be skipping an announcement at MWC, instead favouring an announcement to be held in London in March. https://twitter.com/flapic/status/422315349154213888 While we might have to wait a little longer for an announcement, the folks over at SamMobile have supposedly had confirmed a number of specifications for the upcoming 2014 flagship, as well as some... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo specs leak

Late last year we mentioned that Samsung have been rumoured to be working on a lower-powered follow-up to the Galaxy Note 3. According to the leaked specifications at the time, the Note 3 Lite (now known as the Note 3 Neo), would be the lower powered brother to the Galaxy Note 3. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, GSMArena have recently acquired official Samsung documents detailing most of the final specifications and features of the Note 3 Neo. As you can see from the specifications listed, there are still a few small aspects of the... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 to launch in April with iris scanner

Samsung are staying true to their history of announcing flagship phones in March, with intention to begin sales in April according to Lee Young Hee - Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile who advised the Galaxy S5 launch would follow this pattern, in an interview with Bloomberg; at the same time advising that the follow up to the Galaxy Gear will be coming at the same time. "We’ve been announcing our first flagship model in the first half of each year, around March and April, and we are still targeting for release around that time. When we release... Continue reading