Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo specs leak

Late last year we mentioned that Samsung have been rumoured to be working on a lower-powered follow-up to the Galaxy Note 3. According to the leaked specifications at the time, the Note 3 Lite (now known as the Note 3 Neo), would be the lower powered brother to the Galaxy Note 3. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, GSMArena have recently acquired official Samsung documents detailing most of the final specifications and features of the Note 3 Neo. As you can see from the specifications listed, there are still a few small aspects of the... Continue reading

Galaxy S5 to launch in April with iris scanner

Samsung are staying true to their history of announcing flagship phones in March, with intention to begin sales in April according to Lee Young Hee - Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile who advised the Galaxy S5 launch would follow this pattern, in an interview with Bloomberg; at the same time advising that the follow up to the Galaxy Gear will be coming at the same time. "We’ve been announcing our first flagship model in the first half of each year, around March and April, and we are still targeting for release around that time. When we release... Continue reading

Leaked screenshots suggest Samsung might be changing TouchWiz

Samsung's mobile products are extremely popular, but one common complaint has been the performance (or lack thereof) of one of the key components of the Samsung architecture, namely TouchWiz. Even we've been critical of TouchWiz and its lags and stutters, and questionable design sense, and the disconnect between various aspects of the user experience. Complaints ranging from child-like icon designs, cluttered interfaces and bloated design have filled much of the discussion about TouchWiz, and sadly, little has changed. However, from the image you can see above, courtesy of @evleaks, it looks as if things could be about to change. There's a... Continue reading

Rumours start for new Sony Xperia devices to be launched at MWC

With the Sony Xperia Z now a year old - it was launched at CES this time last year - the details could be coming on an updated Phone and Tablet that Sony are working on for a possible release at Mobile World Congress in February. The phone - codenamed Sirius - is tipped to have a 5.2" screen and be powered by a Qualcomm based MSM8974AB SoC - a variant of the Snapdragon 800 which can see slightly higher clock speeds, although there is some speculation that the Snapdragon 805 could be seen instead. While the rumour tips the... Continue reading

Samsung shows off Galaxy Note and Tab Pro advertisement and probable specs emerge

Samsung has been a big presence at CES for the last few years and this year is shaping up to be no different, with a press announcement due to start tomorrow morning AEST it seems their advertising has slipped ahead of schedule and some details on the Note and Tab Pro range of tablets have also surfaced. The banner advertising the Note and Tab Pro range, has apparently gone up in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES is being held this year. Although the size of the device pictured in the banner is unclear, it's... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung to launch Galaxy F metal body along with Galaxy S5

SamMobile has reported that a Korean news publication, ETNews that the South Korean conglomerate, Samsung, is looking to launch the Galaxy F being the first Samsung smartphone to adopt a metal construction, at the same time they launch the Galaxy S5. According to the report and SamMobile, that a metallic prototype of the Galaxy F was currently bring developed in Europe which was then moved to Samsung’s production plant in Vietnam, reaffirming a previous report that said Samsung was developing a metallic casing production facility within the south east asian country. Of course based on this it certainly also confirms... Continue reading

A new set of rumoured specs for the HTC M8 and a new name

After Twitter leaker @evleaks yesterday teased with what was described as 'Preliminary specs' for the HTC M8, the follow up to the HTC One, it seems they may have moved on from those decidedly 'meh' specs and included some more grunt, at least according to HTC ROM developer mike1986 from Android Revolution. mike1986 has previously been able to source some pretty good information regarding HTC devices and software in the past and has shot down the Snapdragon 800 SoC rumour from yesterday instead advising that HTC will be going for the top-shelf Snapdragon processor which is due in the first... Continue reading

Rumoured HTC M8 specs start leaking – 5″ 1080p display and Snapdragon 800 SoC

HTC had quite the niche hit on their hands last year with the very well designed HTC One, although the popular opinion of the tech industry didn't save them from some less than favourable quarterly earnings announcements for their 2013 fiscal year, but they're apparently hard at work behind the scenes on the successor to the HTC One(known while in development as the M7) with a device they've creatively named the M8. According to internet leak superstar @evleaks, the HTC M8 will be coming with some pretty big specs : HTC seem to have gone up in size on... Continue reading

ASUS teases us with a dual-boot hybrid Windows / Android device

It's not uncommon to see manufacturers tease us with hints of new devices before major international trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is set to roll into Las Vegas in just a couple of weeks. ASUS likes to get in on this action with a baffling teaser each year, but this year they've incorporated the Statue of Liberty, of all things. From the looks of the video teaser (below), we're looking at a laptop-come-tablet device which dual-boots Windows and Android, not just in laptop mode, but in tablet mode as well. We can't wait to get a... Continue reading

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) to come pre-installed on LG Smartphones

Blackberry is refusing to fade quietly into the night, and has announced a partnership with (successful) smartphone maker LG to have the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) app pre-installed on certain LG smartphones. This will start with the LG G Pro Lite (not currently on the market in Australia), but may expand to further handsets in future. It seems probable that this will be limited to handsets sold in markets where there is already a high percentage of BBM users, such as the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia. Other markets, where Blackberry and BBM are virtually dead, would... Continue reading

Oppo teases Find 7 on social media

Back in June we posted on a rumour that the Oppo Find 7 would possibly arrive sometime in September. It's now December and we haven't seen definite proof detailing the final specs of the Find 7 , although recently Oppo have hinted that the device is still coming and will be a large improvement on the Find 5 . On Thursday in celebration of the Find 5's First Birthday, Oppo posted to their twitter and G+ social media pages, a teaser of the yet to be released Find 7.... Continue reading

Successor to HTC One, HTC M8 or One Two, passes WiFi certification

Without doubt, the HTC One was one of the highlights of 2013 for Android, and HTC doesn't seem to be backing off the momentum it has built up, with a fairly secretive device just passing WiFi certification. The official name of this device isn't yet known, but it does look like a step in a positive direction. HTC's One Max and One Mini were attempts at extending the HTC One brand, and while neither blew our socks off, neither were bad devices either. However, what we really wanted to see was a true successor to the HTC One, and... Continue reading

LG made Google Nexus 8 tablet rumour surfaces again

Rumours of a Nexus 8 tablet have begun again this morning with a tweet from EVLeaks showing that the LG V510 which had previously been speculated on as a Nexus 8 could possibly be being commissioned by Google. The rumour that has been circulating, is that the LG-V510 is to be an 8" Nexus tablet based on the LG made 8.3" GPad tablet that went on-sale last month in Australia which has the model# LG-V500. With no Nexus 10(2013) being released this year, it's possible that Google could just drop the 10" form factor and concentrate on the 8" although... Continue reading