Galaxy Note 3 rumour wrap-up

Recent rumours suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which we reviewed last week, would be getting a few new colours, red and rose gold. Today Samsung has officially announced that not only would the new colours, Merlot Red and Rose Gold White, be coming to the Note 3, but new accent colours would be launching as well. The Rose Gold White Note 3 will have Rose Gold Black accents and the Jet Black and Classic White  will have Rose Gold highlights. This brings the colours of the Note 3 to five, with Jet Black,... Continue reading

Rumour: Specs revealed for HTC’s 2014 flagship

HTC's One was one of the Ausdroid team's favourite handsets of 2013 with its sharp full HD screen, "BoomSound" front-facing speakers and the "Ultrapixel" camera that finally delivered a camera that performed well in low-light situations, albeit 4 MP at a time. As we approach the end of the year, we're starting to see information released (or "leaked", if you prefer) for its successor. AnTuTu is reporting that a device identified as htc_m8-userdebug|4.4|KRT16O has shown up in the AnTuTu database. The device in question seems to have been turning in some impressive results: The device specifications, from AnTuTu's report: Snapdragon... Continue reading

Is Huawei preparing a successor to the Ascend Mate?

Huawei News claims that Huawei is preparing to introduce a successor to the Ascend Mate phablet. They're so sure, they've even posted pictures of the new device: The Ascend Mate 2 is said to come with the following specs: 6.1-inch 1080p IPS display 1.6GHz, quad-core - Cortex-A9 CPU Kirin 910 Chipset 2GB RAM Mali-450 GPU 16GB internal storage (no note to say if there will be expandable memory or not) Android 4.2.2 Camera specifications are currently unknown, but something similar to the original Ascend Mate (though updated for 2013/2014) would be welcome in a budget-friendly device like this. Should it come to market in this guise... Continue reading

Nexus 10 Rumours: Is there fire where there’s smoke?

There's been a flurry of rumours and renders recently about a new Nexus 10 tablet, as you'd expect at the one year anniversary of the availability of the original Nexus 10 (13 November 2012). Ausdroid has been ignoring much of the speculation and "artist interpretations", because we try to only bring you probable and strong rumours, rather than every render that someone bakes up at home and then tries to pass off as the real deal. Many sites are publishing material that they claim to be leaks of a new Nexus 10 (apparently due to be released on November... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z1S leaks – could launch in late November

The Sony Xperia Z1S has leaked, being photographed next to its larger brother, the Xperia Z1. You may be wondering why you haven't heard of the Z1S before - that's because it is the international version of the previously seen Z1F . The Z1F apparently is the Japanese only version, with the Z1S being the international model. The Xperia Z1S is the mini version of the much admired Xperia Z1, but unlike other manufacturers mini versions, the Z1S packs all of the hardware of the powerful Z1, except the screen has shrunk to a 4.3" display... Continue reading

HTC M8 initial specifications leak

Image courtesy of The next flagship device from embattled HTC - codenamed M8 - that we first reported on back in July, has had its purported specs leak. Serial news breaker @evleaks is claiming to have the low down on the main specifications, and they are unsurprisingly high-end, though nothing that we haven't seen in other flagship devices. @evleaks tweeted: In previously seen photos, the M8 looks very similar to the current HTC One, though the current leaks suggest a screen bump to 5" from the 4.7" on the One. Could the... Continue reading

Telstra to begin selling the Nexus 5 starting November 26

According to a source of ours, Telstra could be selling the Nexus 5 as soon as November 26th -- a little over a week and a half away. Details remain scarce for now, however, this source has been good to us in the past. Pricing is not yet confirmed for both on-contract plans and any outright costings, however, Telstra has a proven track record of beefing up the prices well and truly beyond any meaningful cost. So we'll see how that pans out. It's also unclear how software updates will work. Overseas the Nexus 5 will be updated by... Continue reading

Moto G press photo leaks – or does it?

Serial rumour breaker, @evleaks, has recently posted an image of what they claim to be a press shot of the upcoming Moto G. After studying the images, it looks almost identical to the Moto X - even the time and date are very similar to the Motorola released press shots of the X. Here is an official Motorola Moto X press shot: And here is the @evleaks images of the Moto G: There are some very subtle differences between the two above images, there is an extra icon in the status bar of... Continue reading

Rumour: Google Wallet to come to AU and UK in January or February 2014

Google Wallet promised to be the solution that would allow us to use our Android powered smartphones with NFC hardware as a virtual credit card, paying for goods without needing to use cash, our credit cards, or even pulling out our wallets. Last year, Beau Giles wrote up an excellent story for Ausdroid on how Google Wallet works, and how (at the time) it could be massaged a little to get it working in Australia. Sadly, things have changed since back then, and Google Wallet no longer works in Australia in any measurable way. Since this time, many an... Continue reading

Pictures of the back panel of the HTC 2014 flagship model codenamed ‘M8′ leak

The HTC One, launched early this year was known quite early on by it's internal codename 'M7'. At an end of year party last year, video was taken of HTC CEO Peter Chou on-stage at an event holding up the phone while scores of HTC staff yelled and chanted 'M7, M7, M7' and now it seems HTC have continued the naming convention with the M8 now on track for release next year as the successor to the well designed handset, and the fingerprint sensor from the One max may be showing up here too. The back plate for the 'M8'... Continue reading

¨Nexus 8¨ picture touched up to resemble the Nexus 7

The rumours of a Nexus 8 tablet are quickly being squelched by Google with the image that sparked the first round of rumours about Google launching an 8" tablet being updated overnight to look like the Nexus 7. The image originally showed up with the launch of Android 4.4 and the shortened bezels on the device and slightly odd aspect ratio did cause a bit of a division between people wanting to believe and people pointing out issues with the device pictured such as some issues with the aspect ratio of the tablet, the fact that the tablet did not... Continue reading

Rumour: Could a tablet from LG that just got Bluetooth certified be the Nexus 8?

The tablet in the picture above, which was found on the Android Kit Kat website on Sunday, caused a bit of a stir with many people divided between decrying the picture as a photo-shopped mismatch and something that they would be happy to look into purchasing, but if Google is indeed working on an 8" Nexus tablet to compliment their Nexus stable of devices then the LG V510 which just passed through the Bluetooth SIG is a definite possibility. The device which passed through the Bluetooth SIG is an LG device with the model # LG-V510, very similar... Continue reading

New Nexus Rumour: the Nexus 8

Just when you thought that you were safe from the barrage of leaks and rumours that was the Nexus 5, we have a new Nexus rumour for you. A Verge forum member, Britoid, has spotted a promotional image of a young lady using a tablet on the recently updated official Google site. The tablet looks to be larger than the Nexus 7, has much smaller top and bottom bezels, and judging by the white icons in the status bar it's on Android 4.4: Google are not averse to teasing new models in promotional materials,... Continue reading