Nexus 5: More Alleged Photo Leaks and a Reddit Ask Me Anything

In a very recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) on popular site Reddit, a user going by the name of throwawaynexus5guy has been busy answering questions about the Nexus 5 that he alleges to have spent some time with recently. As proof he uploaded pictures as proof. He didn't have time to delve deeply into the device, but here is a summation of  his answers poised to him by his fellow Redditors: Always on microphone similar to the Moto X Improved camera, but not vastly so Hangouts has SMS and IMS integrated into the one threaded conversation The Nexus 5 updates to Android 4.4.1... Continue reading

Rumour:Android 4.4 to aim at low-end devices as well as wearables, TV and NFC

According to a leaked document that was sourced by Amir Efrati from the upcoming version of Android will be aiming at a few things in particular - low-end phones, TV, wearable computing and NFC. The document which is reported to be shared with Google hardware partners lists the very hot new consumer range of wearable computing, with Kit Kat expected to support three new sensors - geomagnetic rotation vector, step detector and step counter. The new sensors will possibly be used in Glass and very likely the rumoured Smartwatch that Google is rumoured to be gearing up to... Continue reading

Google Helpouts to launch on 5 November

On the back of this morning's Google Hangouts news, it looks like the Google Helpouts service (discussed in August of this year) is now much closer to reality, with a mooted 5 November 2013 launch date. If Helpouts sounds unfamiliar to you, don't worry. Google (somewhat quietly) announced Helpouts back in August. The basic premise is that it's a different take on Hangouts, where users can receive help directly from experts via video chat for a fee, or free of charge. No... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to have 4GB RAM, 64-bit CPU

How good are rumours? They give us something to dream about while we wait for devices (*cough*Nexus 5*cough*) to launch. In the rumourmill today are some tidbits about the Galaxy S5; it may be a good 6 months off, but that hasn't stopped Korean media from reporting that Samsung will aim to put 4GB of RAM into the device along with their upcoming 64-bit Exynos SoC. From the (badly) translated Korean website, Samsung looks to be putting 4GB of RAM into the Galaxy S5 purely to... Continue reading

Google’s own smartwatch centred around Google Now to launch within months

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google's acquisition of WiMM Labs will bear fruit within months, with the launch of its own smartwatch centred around Google Now's at-a-glance services. The Journal's source indicated that the watch will be able to communicate with other devices such as your phone -- this likely for tethering in order to gain network connectivity. The use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE is almost certain in this case, due to its low power consumption -- battery issues have plagued recent... Continue reading

Nexus 5 in white press render leaks with rumoured November 1st launch date

As shown in this leak below from serial leaker @evleaks, the tradition started with the Nexus S and continued through the next two Nexus phones, the white Nexus 5 will again be a Panda Nexus with a black front and white rear, eschewing the all white render which appeared on a Chinese site a week ago. In white. 11/1.— @evleaks (@evleaks) October 27, 2013 This leak matches up with the leaked packaging for a white Nexus which popped up last week, which also showed off the White Nexus with a black front. Unlike the leaked... Continue reading

Leaked shots of the Alcatel onetouch Pop 7 tablet

A new 7 inch tablet from Alcatel has leaked. The Alcatel onetouch Pop 7 is a white tablet with colourful cases in red, pink, yellow and blue. Nothing is known of the specifications, but we can see that it has front and rear cameras, on screen navigation buttons and runs Android underneath Alcatel's user interface. If this tablet stays true to the Pop series of devices, then we would expect it to have medium level specifications with a low price to match. Dick Smith and Coles currently stock the Alcatel onetouch Pop series... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 might be powered by a 64-bit Exynos SoC after all

Not to be outdone by Apple's 64-bit CPU inside the iPhone 5s, Samsung is looking to power its next-gen flagship device, the Galaxy S5, with an Exynos 64-bit SoC of their own. Korean media is reporting that Samsung have completed the "most complex tasks of the development process and is now dealing with technicalities and logistics." This is positive news as Samsung previously didn't believe they'd have the SoC ready in time for the Galaxy S5. As for Android's support for 64-bit chips, KitKat is likely to have all the needed changes to ensure they work flawlessly with any... Continue reading

Rumour: Nexus 5 to launch on Google Play on October 31st

We're all getting a little antsy regarding a launch of the Nexus 5, we've seen it over and over again - mostly 'accidentally' from the official source - we've seen it's internals and externals multiple times and we even know a starting price; but we don't have an official release date yet. What we do have is rumours, and today there's one more. There's been multiple rumours regarding release dates for the Nexus 5, we received a tip that it would be announced October 14th, but it seems that, that was apparently the technical... Continue reading

Nexus 4 LTE Version Coming Soon?

With all the rumours of the Nexus 5 circling lately you could be excused for missing the occasional rumour regarding a Nexus 4 LTE version coming soon that will sit alongside the upcoming Nexus 5 as a budget model for those either not requiring the grunt of a Nexus 5 or just want an affordable phone. We have seen the 8GB Nexus 4 model drop to $250 on the play store recently and the 16GB version dropping as well. There was a lot of speculation earlier this year that a LTE version of the... Continue reading

Samsung patents its own fitness “Google Glass”

Samsung has recently dived into wearable devices, such as the Galaxy Gear smart watch. Samsung has now been approved a patent in South Korea for a Google Glass type of eyeware for the FitBit generation. The device will have a forward projecting camera onto a small screen, with in-built earphones and a curious micro-USB link. According to the patent filings, Samsung describes the device as: This design is of a type with earphones integrated, allowing to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts It is expected that the device will be tethered to... Continue reading

YouTube readying a music subscription service of its own to launch alongside a new YouTube mobile app

According to a report from Billboard, YouTube is readying its own music subscription service with a video component that will be launching later this year alongside a new YouTube mobile app. Just take a moment to let that news sink in. YouTube, a Google owned entity, is launching its own music subscription service that is likely to compete against Google's own Google Play Music All Access service. 'Compete' is probably the wrong word, instead Google is likely to capitalise on the people that see YouTube as an easy way to access their favourite tunes and music videos. "We're always... Continue reading

Moto G rumoured to be the Motorola DVX, a lower-end 4.5-inch Moto X

In September we say a device go through the FCC in America that was rumoured to be a 4.5-inch lower-end variant of the Moto X -- a device which still hasn't found its way to Australia -- dubbed the Motorola DVX. Any further news on the device disappeared until recently when Motorola applied for a trademark on the term 'Moto G'. Now appears that this is all the same device, the Moto G will be the low-end Moto X with its 4.5-inch LCD display (no AMOLED here), quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, and it's likely to have dual-sim capabilities.... Continue reading