Tuesday , August 22 2017

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View all news about FitBit, all of our FitBit reviews (incl. reviews by Neerav, and Scott) and all the FitBit rumours.

Fitbit smartwatch will launch before years end

Fitbit is a name synonymous with fitbands but they have been looking to expand their lineup into the smartwatch market. Their purchases of Pebble and Vector last year signalled this intent. Now it has been confirmed in their quarterly earnings report. Our smartwatch, which we believe will deliver the best …

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Fitbit Alta HR – First Impression Sleep Stages Tracking Data

Fitbit’s new Alta HR fitness band takes sleep tracking to the next level by showing you data about your Sleep stages. Leveraging their PurePulse heart rate technology, Fitbit’s Sleep Stages data goes beyond tracking how many minutes you slept to breakdown the data into light, deep and REM sleep. Once it gathers enough data you’ll be given personalised sleep insights to …

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Fitbit Charge 2 – Review

Fit bands seem to be a dime a dozen these days and yet the only brand that a majority of people know is the Fitbit. Fitbit were not the first to make a fit band but they were the first to make it usable and bring it to the masses. …

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