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“Selfie Expert” OPPO F3 Plus leaks

It is hard to escape it but most people take selfies, actually a lot of selfies, using their mobile phone. We have seen most manufacturers take stock of this and improve their front facing cameras to accommodate this fad. Oppo have taken the step of adding a second front-facing camera …

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OPPO launch the R9s Plus in Australia

OPPO are making a name for themselves in the low-mid range segment of the smartphone market. Their hardware is top notch at extremely competitive prices. In a step up into the mid-upper end of the market OPPO released the R9s Plus late last year and today have launched it into …

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An OPPO Find 9 Leaks, Sans Bezels

It seems that everyday we see a new rumour or a leak for a new device. Let’s face it there are a lot of phone manufacturers and they all produce several phones per year so it is hardly surprising. Today via Chinese site Anzhuo we see some leaked images of …

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Back To School Phones For Your Kids

You may remember this post from prior to Christmas where it was aimed at what phone you should buy your Mum. With school starting back in the next few weeks we thought it was appropriate to publish the same piece with a tweak pointing it towards a phone for the …

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What Phone Should I Buy My Mum?

As tech enthusiasts we, and most likely many of you, are often asked what phone should I buy my mother/father/grandmother/daughter/son etc. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you view it, the coverage of low end phones is often far too stark. This is what people want to buy their relative …

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Australian Smartphone Market Falls in Q3 2016

These days it seems that everyone has a smartphone. There aren’t too many people with “feature” phones anymore. The market is seemingly saturated and this may account for the figures that IDC have released for Q3 2016. The third quarter of 2016 saw smartphone market decline for the sixth straight …

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