Sunday , March 26 2017

Device Archives: Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is a device made by made by Samsung (click to view other devices from Samsung).

Daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks roundup

Although there is still just under two weeks until the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ there are still multiple leaks every single day. Unless there is something extremely innovative and exciting such as today’s 1000fps slow-motion video capture we will roll them into a single post. Aside …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks continue

The team over at Slashleaks clearly have a good source because they’re getting a lot of information on the no longer secret; but soon to be launched Galaxy S8 from Samsung. Today they’ve got a couple more images and a video of the device. The first tweet is linked to …

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Even more Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks

It seems a bit remiss of us to go a day without posting any Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks but yesterday that occurred and we apologise unreservedly. All the leaks occurred overnight so here they are, all in one post. We have more pics, we have supposed front displays showing all …

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