Friday , February 24 2017

Ausdroid's News

Polar M200 — Australian Review

There’s a lot of emphasis on Android Wear devices here at Ausdroid, but there’s a big wide world of wearables out there and to be honest they’re pretty great. The latest is the Polar M200 which was launched last month, I took a look at the Android Wear running M600 …

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LG G6 Actual Photo Leaked

LG had a lean year in 2016 with the G5 not selling well at all but ended the year with a modicum of success with the impressive V20 and this year are hanging their fortunes on the G6. The G6 is getting a little bit leaky lately, which is not …

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Telstra connection issues? There’s a good reason

Given their far too publicised connection issues over the last 12 months, the last thing Telstra needs was another problem, but a fire at one of Telstra’s exchanges in Sydney is causing just such a problem for many customers nationwide. A fire at one of our exchanges is impacting some …

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