Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Telstra by sharing a selfie

In the first of what is sure to be many competitions centred around the latest generation of flagship phones, Telstra is offering you the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5. All you have to do to enter is take a selfie showing Telstra your new phone feeling - in whatever form that may take - and upload it to social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) with the associated hashtag on Twitter, tagging the @Telstra accounts. You've got until April 14. It's really not much to ask to get people to post a selfie of themselves looking excited for the... Continue reading

Nokia X – now in-stock at Mobicity

Nokia's Android powered phone has made its first appearance for sale in Australia, with Mobicity advising that the Nokia X Dual-SIM is now available for sale and is in-stock for immediate shipment. The phone is available to purchase in four colours - Black, White, Red and of course Green - for $169.95 + Delivery. There's no sign of the Cyan or Yellow colour options that the Nokia X reportedly comes in, in other markets, with Mobicity advising there's no news on these colour options. EDIT: Looks like the Green and Red are $10 more expensive than Black or White at $179.95each... Continue reading

Virgin Mobile Australia kicks off the April Fools Day madness with a new product

Hold onto your hat folks, the next two days will be rough. Tomorrow marks the beginning of April Fools day, which is traditionally a pretty busy time for a number of companies who like to join the madness by announcing some weird products - but never forget GMail was announced on April 1st. Virgin Mobile Australia has kicked off early announcing that their latest product will be available from tomorrow Virgin Rice®. Rice has definitely almost attained the status of a mobile phone accessory. Rice's ability to act as a dessicant to soak up moisture in a phone/tablet/electronic device that... Continue reading

Vodafone’s Galaxy Nexus will finally get Android 4.3 in April

A couple of weeks ago, Vodafone published information pertaining to the cancelled release of Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This made people sad, so today they've un-cancelled it! In a post on the Vodafone Community site today, Vodafone says: Samsung and Google got together and decided that, in the best interest of its customers (that'd be you lot), they'd release the update anyway. The update will begin rolling out to Vodafone Galaxy Nexus users from April 8 - only a week away now. This is obviously great news for users who are still snuggling up to... Continue reading

New Android gaming console, Equiso Play, launches on Kickstarter

Ouya kicked off the Android-based game console space in 2012 with their Tegra 3-powered disappointment factory, and since that time a number of other entrants, including NVidia and Mad Catz, have tried to compete for a slice of a market that frankly, I'm not sure exists. That's not stopping Equiso from throwing themselves into the ring though with their two consoles that have just shown up on Kickstarter. The Equiso Play is the base model and features Android 4.4 running on the following hardware: 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex A9 r-4 CPU 8-core Mali 450 GPU, clocked at 600MHz 2 USB... Continue reading

Project Ara is hiring

Most of you would by now have heard about Google’s Project Ara, the modular smartphone project that Google acquired as part of the Motorola purchase. Well the project is continuing to move forward with a series of developer conferences in 2014 as previously reported and now they have advertised a couple of positions, a Developer Liaison and a Summer Intern. The Developer Liaison position will involve working with prospective developers to create new modules for Project Ara while the Summer Intern position will assist with Alpha and Beta testing on both Hardware and Software. The skill set listed... Continue reading

Google mandating that ‘powered by Android’ logo to appear on boot-up screen

Android Central recently noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 boot-up screen had one curious addition to the screen, in the form of a somewhat large 'Powered by Android' logo appearing on the bottom of the screen. This also seemed the case for the recently launched HTC One (M8) smartphone as well. There has been a fair bit of speculation that this latest addition to the boot-up screen was the result of a meeting between Google and leading Android manufacturers. However, it now seems this is part of a much larger plan currently playing out. According to an email confirmed... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 features a baby monitor

In what increasingly appears to be a never ending bag of tricks, it's surfaced today that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a baby monitor built into the software. No, that's not a typo! The Galaxy S5 actually does have a "Crying baby detector" built into the software which then triggers vibrating alerts to a paired Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. The theory being that you put your phone close to your sleeping baby and on the chance the baby wakes and requires attention, the crying triggers the mentioned alerts. While the forethought from Samsung is fantastic and I applaud... Continue reading

Possible list of Android 4.4.3 changes leaked

As Android enthusiasts, we often start wondering what changes will arrive in the next version of the OS once the current version is released. While Android 4.4.2 has been around for a while, a number of bugs remain, leaving us to wonder when the next version would arrive and hoping it would fix each little annoyance. Now, it seems that the release of Android 4.4.3 is imminent. The folks at the Chromium bug tracker noticed a build KTU83. Decoding this as per other Android build numbers reveals that the K represents KtiKat, the T Testing, and the... Continue reading

Catch of the Day Technothon offering Sony and Samsung deals

Australian bargain site Catch of the Day is having a "Technothon" sale ending 2pm Sydney time on Monday afternoon which includes a few Android devices. Amongst the usual supply of monitors, laptops, headphones, hard drives, routers and SD cards you'll find some Sony and Samsung devices from the last year - you might be able to save some money on a phone or tablet you've had your eye on for a while. Sony Catch of the Day is offering Sony's earlier 2013 flagship - the Xperia Z in purple and white for $419 - a decent discount given... Continue reading

South Korean carrier breaks Galaxy S5 street date

Two full weeks ahead of its intended simultaneous worldwide release, Samsung's Galaxy S5 has broken its street date and is available for purchase from retailers in Samsung's homeland of Korea, albeit "unofficially". The move has taken a bit of the polish off an carefully-planned marketing build-up for Samsung. The Korean electronics giant is reportedly none too pleased, and is said to be investigating the situation quite closely to discover why this has happened, and prevent it from occurring again. Korean carrier SK Telecom breached Samsung's strict sales embargoes, making the phone available for sale on Thursday - seemingly... Continue reading

Cut the Rope 2 on Google Play Store

I'm almost ashamed to say that I lost many hours of my life to the endlessly frustrating, yet painfully addictive, Cut the Rope. Unfortunately for me, there's a new version out and you'll find it just as addictive getting the candy to Om Nom as you might have the first time around. Full disclosure to readers here, while the app is free to install there are in-app purchases and I'll be surprised if you can get 15 minutes into the game without being prompted to buy something. The game links to Facebook if you're that way inclined, or Google... Continue reading

Image of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

As the year rolls by, with the manufacturers having now dropped their flagship devices on us, the roll continues on to the secondary devices. Some tablets and accessories will launch to no fanfare, whereas others receive a little attention but not so much. Evleaks are a consistent and pretty reliable source for images of upcoming devices and today they've got their hands on renders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (White) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (Black) Both devices "fit" in the Samsung mould for tablets, they look pretty good and will no doubt be pretty impressive when they become... Continue reading