Rumour: Chromecast could launch in Australia in May

After what appears to be the beginning of a successful launch of their HDMI dongle in Europe, it's being rumoured that Google will begin sales of the Chromecast here in Australia on May 7th according to sources who've spoken to CNET Australia. When launching in the US and in Europe, the key has been relationship with content providers and it appears that Google is continuing this trend in Australia. With one of CNETs' sources apparently from a TV Network, which has been corroborated independently by a 'third party developer' who both pointed to the May 7th Launch date. CNET contacted Google... Continue reading

Registrations for Google IO open April 8-10

While announcing their annual developer conference earlier this year, Google addressed the problem of the yearly rush by developers to gain tickets for the event by announcing that potential attendees would need to apply for the opportunity to purchase a ticket, today they've announced that there will be a two day window to apply opening in April. The opportunity to put your name forward as an interested party, will open on April 8th and remain open till April 10th, after which time Google will randomly select applicants and forward ticket purchase confirmation emails. The process was defined in a... Continue reading

Samsung’s Australian Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 Launch – and how you can be one of the first to try it out

Tonight, Samsung hosted its launch event for the Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 range at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. Samsung Australia's Arno Lenior held the stage - dominated by a large screen - for most of the presentation, introducing guest speakers to cover specific details of the Korean giant's new product offering. While we already knew much of the information from last month's global launch event, it's clear that Samsung sees the nascent mobile payments as a huge target for the Galaxy S5 in Australia with the phone's NFC functionality offering integration with Westpac's and Commonwealth Bank's... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 leaks on Twitter possibly arriving April 24th

Samsung has an ever growing line of tablets, from their recently released NotePRO and TabPRO series, to their high-end Note they cover all bases, including the low end in their basic Tab series and now the Tab 4 is on its way. The Galaxy Tab 4 series first showed up in Samsung doco, on the micro-site for the Samsung Galaxy Fit, where the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″, 8.0″ and 7.0″ were all listed as compatible with the fitness tracker. EvLeaks has just posted a pic of the 7.0" on Twitter and with his history we expect more to come along... Continue reading

iFixit tears down the All New HTC One (M8)

The trusty crew over at iFixit has wasted no time in getting access to the latest HTC flagship the All New HTC One (M8) and torn it down to the bare metal. Unfortunately for those who like to repair their own phone, this is not a repair friendly device. Inside the phone there's a heap of tape covering components which makes it quite difficult to access components in the phone. But plus side is that the new HTC One is actually easier to open and the display is easier to remove thanks to new spring contacts. The usual video accompanying iFixit... Continue reading

Australian carriers announce Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just around the corner, Australian carriers have announced their pricing and availability of the much-anticipated 2014 addition to Samsung's flagship Galaxy S line. To start with, the Galaxy S5 will be available for $929.00 outright and will be available for pre-order from tomorrow morning (March 27) at the Samsung Experience Stores in Melbourne and Sydney. The Galaxy S5 itself will go on sale in Australia from April 11th. We've given you all the info we've got in relation to the three major carriers - Telstra, Optus and Vodafone - as well as Virgin... Continue reading

Sony turning down Android Wear for now

When Google announced its Android Wear SDK last week, everyone seemed to turn to the encumbents in the Smartwatch area - Pebble and Sony, both of whom are on their second hardware iterations of their respective smart watches. Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky told Android Central they welcomed Android Wear, and so what about Sony? Well, it seems they're sticking to their Sony made guns for the Smartwatch. In an interview with CNet, Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile's US arm has stated that instead of adopting Android Wear the company will stick with their own Android-based SmartWatch platform. Nookala... Continue reading

Moto 360 Coming with 7 wrist band options

Android Police received a tip that the Motorola 360 product page was (albeit briefly) home to an image that shouldn't have been there. The image shows 7 different band options for the newly announced wearable technology. From the announcement last week, Motorola gave us a peek at a metal and a leather band for device; now we see the potential for as many as 7 options. As noted in the Android Police article, the image is clearly in a draft form and should not have been made available publicly. The Latin (lorem ipsum)... Continue reading

All New HTC One launching April 1st in Australia

It's all about the All New HTC One (M8) today, and the most interesting news is going to be where to get the phone in Australia. We know that Optus, Vodafone and Telstra will be offering the phone on their Network so, what are the details? Vodafone Vodafone have advised that Pre-Orders for the All New HTC One (M8) will be available to pre-order online from 9am today through their website, with the phone arriving in-stores from April 1st. Vodafone will be offering the All New HTC One (M8) for $10 a month on a $65 Vodafone Red 24-month contract, this... Continue reading

Check out the All New HTC One (M8) in these official videos and commercials

We've been introduced to the All New HTC One (M8) and now HTC is onto the hard sell. They've begun releasing a series of videos onto their YouTube Channel which includes a Playlist featuring videos showing off the M8 and its features, they've also released two commercials featuring Gary Oldman (Hey, what happened to Robert Downey Jr.?) First up there's the introduction video : Introducing the HTC One (M8) Followed by the first look video : First Look: The HTC One (M8) Next, get up close with the most intriguing design feature of the HTC One - the Duo Camera : First Look:... Continue reading

HTC Announce the Dot View Case for the All New HTC one

HTC last night unveiled the All New HTC One (M8) and of course the next thing you want to know about is the accessories. HTC has announced the Dot Case, which was teased on Twitter prior to the release by @Evleaks. The Dot Case is a retro looking Flip Cover for the phone, the case will be available in five colours - Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis and Baton Rouge. The case is mentioned in the official PR release with the description : HTC Dot View case – protect your phone with retro flair Taking that sixth... Continue reading

PSA: If your HTC One (2013) takes photos like this, it might be a hardware fault

After all the leaks leading up to this morning's launch event, the all new HTC One is finally here officially. Considering the effort HTC have put into the new One's camera, I think we're all a little eager to see how well it performs. Last year's One was lauded for its stellar low-light performance, but if you are like me, the low-light performance of the One's camera seemed to get steadily worse over time until the point where it... Continue reading

HTC announce the One (M8), launching in April on all 3 major carriers

After months of speculation and leaks, HTC have officially announced their next flagship device, the HTC One (M8), at an event in New York. Last year's One proved to be quite popular, and ended up being HTC's best-selling device ever, so they have opted not to mess with the design too much. Once again they've gone with an aluminium body to house the device, which features a 5-inch Full-HD 440 ppi LCD display and Snapdragon 801 processor. The big new feature that HTC is hanging its hat on this year is the... Continue reading