Thursday , January 19 2017

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Nova Launcher Prime On Sale For 99c

Every single time I review a device, I lament the lack of options available to the launcher employed by the manufacturer. Inevitably I turn to my launcher of choice after a few days of pain — Nova Launcher. With the Prime (Paid) option Nova Launcher becomes a launcher packed with …

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TeamWin Release Official TWRP App

There have been quite a few custom recoveries over the time but these days the majority of users will use TWRP custom recovery. There is a reason for this — it is stable (mostly), feature packed and the developers are extremely active and knowledgeable. Now they have released their first …

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Ok Google Now Available For All On Android Auto

Déjà vu anyone? Welcome to two weeks ago Google. In a tweet that Google’s @Android account sent out yesterday they announced that “OK Google” now works for everyone on Android Auto. Apparently Android Auto now works with any car too. Starting today: Simply say 'Ok Google' to instantly access thousands …

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