Rumour: Moto 360 will feature OLED display, sapphire glass, wireless charging

Motorola caused quite a stir this week when it announced the extremely good looking Moto 360 smartwatch. However, aside from a few renders and a launch window of 'Summer 2014' (Winter for us Southern hemisphere folk), there was not much in the way of useful information. Instead, we've had to turn to unofficial channels to find out more. G For Games claims to have information from a Motorola source that says the Moto 360 will feature an OLED display, sapphire glass and magnetic induction wireless charging. While these details are still just rumour... Continue reading

Xperia Tablet Z2 and Xperia Z2 Phone user manuals now available to download

If you're waiting for the launch of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 and the Xperia Z2, and if you're wanting a nice bright, large screened waterproof tablet or phone then why wouldn't you be? Then by now you'll know what the tablets will cost at least, but now you can check out the user manuals with both the WiFi and LTE Tablet manuals and the Xperia Z2 manual now available to download. All the manuals are in PDF form and available from the Sony support page on the Sony Website. The Xperia Z2 Phone has the largest manual at... Continue reading

Google Search now supports ‘Ok Google play me a song’ to launch I’m Feeling Lucky instant mix

There's been quite a lot of movement in the development of Voice commands in Google Search/Now recently, first with multiple new languages packs being added which support the 'Ok Google' commands, and then voice commands that load the Camera to take a photo or video, now Google Search can load up a music mix for you on the go. Simply saying 'Ok Google Play Me A Song' or 'Ok Google Play some music' will launch the option to load up an instant mix from songs based on your device or in your cloud music service. But, if you're a Google... Continue reading

Newsbeat – a News app turned personal radio app

A new app launched yesterday has shown it is possible to create a personal news radio feature that captures everything you want compared to listening to various podcasts to hear just what you want to hear. Newsbeat, which was released yesterday by the Tribune Company, has access to over 7,000 different sources ranging from big-time papers to smaller blogs. The app is able to get the types of news stories you're interested in hearing from at the beginning of the app, from which the app seems to utilise some sort of Pandora-like artificial intelligence to create the perfect newscast radio... Continue reading

PayPal App now incorporates ‘Pay At Table’ service into their app

PayPal has added a new feature to their mobile payments app - 'Pay At Table', a service which PayPal hopes will keep them ahead in the lucrative mobile payments industry. The new Pay at Table, feature allows PayPal users to check into a restaurant on their mobile, then the restaurant can generate a specific code number for them after entering in their table number and then pay their bill right from the app. It also allows users to add an additional tip (you can tell PayPal is an American Company can't you?) on top. The announcement of this new feature comes... Continue reading

Retailer Roundup: Weekly Specials

It has been a couple of weeks (maybe more give or take) and we thought it was time to bring it back. So, what's on-sale around the traps? Woolworths Available now until Tuesday 25 March LG L3 II Telstra pre-paid mobile: $59 Coles Available now until Tuesday 25 March Samsung Galaxy Y Telstra pre-paid mobile: $59 Remember Coles now also have Google Play Gift Cards (Unfortunately not on-sale though). Dick Smith Available now until Wednesday 26 March Mobiles LG G2 4G Smartphone Unlocked: $567 LG Optimus L7 II Smartphone Unlocked: $199 Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Mobile Phone Unlocked: $89 Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo Mobile Phone Unlocked: $119 Samsung... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet pricing available now, actual stock still not available

Announced alongside the Xperia Z2 phone back at Mobile World Congress last month, the Xperia Z2 Tablet is a beautiful, thin and stylish, though some would say over-bezeled tablet, while we haven't seen any launch date for the device, the Sony Australia website can now provide pricing for the three models that will launch here. There will be three models, a 16GB and 32GB model both of which will only support WiFi connectivity and a 16GB LTE model. All three will have the same 10.1" FullHD Triluminous Display, 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core processor with 3GB RAM, and of course... Continue reading

HTC set to stream media event releasing the new HTC One

Following in the large footprints of Samsung, HTC have signalled their intent to stream their launch event for the all new and improved HTC One. The excitement will build over the next four days while the countdown timer that HTC have posted on their launch page ticks down to zero and we (hopefully) see a really slick media event which is designed to increase the hype and market their device. Unfortunately there's probably not any surprises left in the release of the new device since the information leaks out of HTC over the last few weeks have... Continue reading

Opinion — Android Wear is the future of the wearables market

We saw the launch of Android Wear this week which has seemingly launched Google to the forefront of the wearable market. A market they had already begun pioneering with Google Glass, but with smartwatches from other manufacturers starting to appear, Google decided that it was time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and address the burgeoning wearables market, and with Android Wear, they may just have nailed it. Like it or not, wearables are the ‘hot’ thing at the moment. Manufacturers have... Continue reading

Vodafone lights up Tasmania with their 4G network

The rollout of the high-speed Vodafone 4G LTE network continues unabated, this time into the Apple Isle, lighting up our southern most state with 4G LTE in five areas after running successful trials south of Bass Strait. The network has been switched on in West Moonah, Cambridge, New Norfolk, Warrane and Hobart Airport but with more markets coming soon, with Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen promising an accelerated rollout in the coming months. In the coming months, Vodafone will commence phase two of its rollout, adding new 4G (LTE) sites in the Hobart CBD, Bridgewater, Claremont, Howrah, Huonville, Kingston,... Continue reading

Alpha, Beta and live apps can now have independent changelogs

For developers who are harnessing the power of Google+ Beta groups, Google have added an extremely useful new feature: Changelogs for each version of the App that the developer has. In previous versions, the changelogs for Beta versions were generally posted in private Beta testing groups as the changes made would publish to the production version of the app that's available in the play store for all to see. The blog post on Play Support states: Keep your users informed about recent changes and updates to your app by providing What’s New text for each app version you distribute. Which speaks... Continue reading

Aldi to launch new Onix Android phone and FullHD Android Media Box on March 26th

Aldi's special buys which begin on Wednesday next week include a variety of electonics, TV's, Windows tablets as well as two Android products to peruse, an Onix branded phone and FullHD Android Media box. The Onix branded phone is their second handset to sell through Aldi, although their first Android phone. With the first being the basic feature phone that was sold when Aldi first launched 'Aldi Mobile' in March last year. The phone is nothing particularly memorable, and is very much aimed at the entry level smartphone market. While it is Dual-SIM compatible the rest of... Continue reading

Qik video shutting down at the end of April

Qik, the social video sharing app, has overnight announced that its services will be shutting down from 30 April 2014. Qik, which was purchased by Skype/Microsoft 3 years ago, has lived on as a standalone app since the purchase, however Microsoft has announced that Qik's features have finally folded into Skype, meaning there's no reason to offer a duplicate product. Qik have stated that users should download their videos, as these videos won't be saved past the April 30th closure. If you have received a video through VideoMail within the Qik app/service, the company did state that these video's from VideoMail... Continue reading