Vodafone unboxes the HTC One

With the HTC One hitting the streets today, Kieran Mcilwain from Vodafone has kindly provided an unboxing video which shows off the phone in all its glory. The unboxing shows off the phone as well as the accessories included, Spoiler Alert it has comes with a USB Cable, Charger, headset, SIM eject tool and warranty card. Kieran also takes us through a quick look at the setup and the first screens on the phone including a brief view of Blinkfeed. It appears that some lucky Vodafone customers began receiving their HTC One pre-orders yesterday, judging from the tweets sent out... Continue reading

Google Glass code reveals possible gestures; is powered by magic

The official way to take a photo using Google Glass is to touch the side, or nod your head to wake the device, and then saying aloud 'OK Glass, take a picture'. Not very cool or discrete (if you're into that thing). According to Reddit user fodawim, the Glass companion application contains some interesting pieces of code that suggests that Google plan to include spacial gestures to make interacting with the device easier. Examples of the gestures include HEAD_GESTURES_HEAD_WAKE (which we already knew about), EYE_GESTURES_WINK_TAKE_PHOTO, and BROWSER_TWO_FINGER_ZOOM. EYE_GESTURES_WINK_TAKE_PHOTO is an interesting idea, and I'm not sure how... Continue reading

Galaxy S 4 Gorilla Glass screen survives attempted mugging

With the Samsung Galaxy S 4 sporting a very tough Gorilla Glass 3 front, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to put the phone to the test and with phones starting to be found more commonly in the wild a Romanian reviewer has attacked his review unit with keys, knives, coins and a pen. The end result of this test is that the screen seems to hold up extremely well to the punishment. Micro scratches aren't visible on the screen in the video, however these are usually only visible when examined extremely closely. The materials used... Continue reading

Google Glass ‘probably a year-ish away’ for consumers

Despite the recent release of Glass' explorer edition to developers, it seems that the rest of us aren't likely to get our hands on a consumer edition of Google's Android-powered augmented reality headset for a while yet. In an interview for BBC Radio 4's 'World at One' programme, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that a consumer release of the device is 'probably a year-ish away', and that Google will be making changes to the device based on feedback from the thousands of... Continue reading

eBay reports upswing in Galaxy S3 listings in anticipation of Galaxy S 4 launch

With the launch tonight of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, ebay has advised that Australian Galaxy S 3 owners appear to be preparing to get their hands on the latest Samsung flagship. Ebay reports that they have seen an increase in the amount of listings for the Galaxy S 3 with 'roughly 65,000 listings for the S3 and its accessories' in the days leading up to the launch of the Galaxy S 4. The interest in the Galaxy S 3 is also prevalent with 235,000 searches being run on eBay for that handset alone in the first three... Continue reading

HTC One on sale in Australia today

Today is the day that many Android users (and would-be Android users) have been waiting for. HTC's much anticipated, and well reviewed Android flagship - the HTC One - for 2013 is due to hit the shelves (so to speak) of the major carriers today, and those of you who've pre-ordered will probably be receiving these handsets very soon. While Ausdroid hasn't yet reviewed the HTC One (rest assured, it's coming soon) we believe that it is probably one of the best Android handsets you'll see this year. It may even best the Samsung Galaxy S4 -- indeed, from... Continue reading

Slate 7 available for preorder from HP’s Online Store

HP's Slate 7, its first entrant into the Android tablet market, is almost ready for its Australian debut, with both the silver anded editions available for preorder on HP's site for $199. Ausdroid reader @miracleboi received a promotional email from HP's Australian online store this afternoon. By following this link, you'll be able to see the red and silver Slate 7 devices, which would otherwise remain hidden. It appears that the Slate 7 will miss its initially-advised April launch window, with the promotional email advising that "soon" means "mid May". Shipping appears to be free... Continue reading

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launches tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 23, sees the launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 in Australia with an exclusive media event being held at the Sydney Opera House. Ausdroid will of course be attending and we will -- at least, we are hoping to -- be live-tweeting the event so you can find out what we know shortly after we come to know it. The Galaxy S4 is widely anticipated to be as popular as (if not more so) its predecessor the Galaxy S III, which was probably one of the top phones of 2012. While the Galaxy S4... Continue reading

JB Hi-Fi launches NOW Books

Well it looks as if the eBooks space has a new entrant -- JB Hi-Fi appears to have launched a new eBook service called, simply, NOW Books. Sporting an accompanying app that works on both iOS and Android, it looks like they're at least opening up their wares to the widest possible segment of mobile device users. A quick glance through suggests the prices are not particularly remarkable -- for example, Lancaster Men by Peter Rees is shown on the front page of NOW Books for a list price of $27.98 AUD. Kobo Books lists the same title at... Continue reading

Google introduces new Drive chat for non-native Google Drive files

Another day, another step toward the unified messaging system known currently as 'Babel'. This time the new step appears to be in the form of a new messaging system built into Google Drive. Google+ user Name redacted at their request has noticed the new chat when looking at a file he uploaded to Google Drive. He posted about it on the Google Docs and Drive (Discussion) community. The chat only appears to be available when viewing files uploaded to Google Drive not files created using the Native Google Drive client. Redacted describes the chat as 'VERY... Continue reading

Touchpad gestures in ChromeOS

One of the multiple sacrifices that are made with Chromebooks in order to minimise their footprint and maximize mobility is the physical size of the device, depending on the device you purchase the touchpad size can be one of these sacrifices. With the smaller touchpad comes the need to reduce buttons so the manfacturers rely on gestures to replace otherwise normally button based functions. There are a number of "how to" and "get to know" guides both on the web and within Chrome OS to assist you on your journey, the internal guide on ChromeOS is in your apps... Continue reading

Files App for ChromeOS about to become a packaged app with new UI

The Files App for ChromeOS is a much maligned piece of software, mainly from reviewers who start looking at ChromeOS and Chrome devices for the first time. Now, according to Fran├žois Beaufort, Google open-source Chromium Evangelist the Files App is about to not only become a fully fledged Chrome platform Packaged app it's about to get a new UI. For comparison here is the new Files App UI(Left) and the current Files App UI : There isn't much to look at apart from the above screenshot but if you want you can check out the commit in the Chromium... Continue reading

Kernel source code for international variants of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 now available

Good news for developers and modders alike, with the welcome news of both HTC and Samsung releasing the Kernel Source Code for the international variants of their current flagships -- the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. While this has no effect on your everyday user, modders and developers can use this source code when cooking up custom ROMs to tweak with deeper level stuff on the phones. And who doesn't love that. If you're interested, you can grab the source code from the links below. Continue reading